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Performance Management: An Investment in Enterprise Success


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A brief overview of the BI project PerformanceG2 implemented for client TriNet. This includes the performance management challenges TriNet faced, and the solutions PerformanceG2 brought in order to turn their reporting environment into a competitive liability to TriNet's strategic advantage.

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Performance Management: An Investment in Enterprise Success

  1. 1. Performance Management: An Investment in Enterprise Success
  2. 2. About TriNet Outsource HR solutions to SMB marketplace Delivers a powerful mix of experienced HR professionals, turn-key HR services and industry-acclaimed HR technology Founded 1988 Serving over 22,000 employees in over 1,300 member companies
  3. 3. Company Challenges Rapid growth in number of clients and complexity of client HR needs required time-consuming customization of standard reports Existing reporting system inflexible and inefficient Competitive advantage required the ability to provide custom reporting to each client – in a simple, easy-to-learn tool
  4. 4. Meeting the Performance Management Challenge Improved customer experience Reporting was identified as a major area of improvement Provided custom HR reports to member companies Wide variety of businesses Differing performance metrics Diverse security policies Allowed customer executives to quickly analyze corporate performance Corporate HR performance “at-a-glance” Capability to drill down to the details
  5. 5. Meeting the Performance Management Challenge Supported a large base of users At least 2 users per member company 4,500 users and growing Integrated seamlessly with TriNet portal Improved customer service Enhanced market competitiveness Established reporting as a key differentiator
  6. 6. Results Key reports delivered to TriNet customers are now: Timely Relevant Customized to their specific reporting needs Distributed security model Ensures managers see data limited to their organizations, while allowing definition of cross-organization views Low cost of maintenance Solution Specs Cognos ReportNet, ReportNet SDK, ReportBuilder Solution design, implementation assistance from PerformanceG2
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  8. 8. Q&A- Perform with Intelligence.