IBM Cognos Insight the Book - An In Depth Presenation by Author Sanjeev Datta


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Author of the new book, IBM Cognos Insight, Sanjeev Datta provides an in-depth look into the book and provides Cognos Insight demos.

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IBM Cognos Insight the Book - An In Depth Presenation by Author Sanjeev Datta

  1. 1. IBM Cognos Insight, The BookJanuary 23rd, 2013 Click  to  edit  Master  sub1tle  style   Sanjeev Datta Practice Director 9/2/09  
  2. 2. #AnalyticsZone Session Objectives @1dsanjeev Introduction The Book Cognos Insight Features and Benefits Using Analytics Successfully Case Study Using Cognos Insight Use Cases of Cognos Insight Who is this book for? What you will learn from this book? Get your Free Copy Today! 9/2/09  
  3. 3. #AnalyticsZone Introduction @1dsanjeev Sanjeev Datta Author and Practice Director PerformanceG2, Inc www.performanceg2.com9/2/09  
  4. 4. #AnalyticsZone Introduction @1dsanjeev IBM Cognos Insight 10.2 First & Only Publication November 2012 ISBN: 978-1-84968-846-8 Packt Publishing www.packtpub.com9/2/09  
  5. 5. #AnalyticsZoneThe Book – Top v/s Lower (Analytics) Performers @1dsanjeev Customer Experience Market Management Risk Management Workforce Planning New Product R& D 9/2/09  
  6. 6. #AnalyticsZoneThe Book – Cognos Insight & Business Analytics @1dsanjeevBusiness Intelligence - Track, Analyze and present Information Performance Management - Automations around planning, budgeting and forecasting processes Predictive Analytics - Predict future outcomes based on historical data Risk Management - Risk Analysis, Change Management, Regulation and Compliance procedures 9/2/09  
  7. 7. #AnalyticsZone Cognos Insight Features & Benefits @1dsanjeev Desktop Application (Easy Install) In-memory Technology/ Fast Analytics Smart Analytics/Import & Merge Data Drag & Drop Functionality Multidimensional view of data (OLAP) Visually Rich / Compelling Charts Easily Shareable (Compressed Files)9/2/09  
  8. 8. #AnalyticsZone Using Analytics Successfully Ask the Question Adds immediate Business Value High ROIC Business Analytics Roadmap ACE – Analytics Center of Excellence9/2/09  
  9. 9. #AnalyticsZone The Book - Review # 1 Roger Moore, Product Manager“very clear and concise”....”impressive”...”excellent work”“very nice job of weaving a few basic OLAP concepts”“I don’t recall ever before reading a technical book that spans amere 120 pages, yet still manages to fully meet its stated purpose”“Chapter four is my personal favorite”“If you are providing Cognos Insight to your business analysts, you should seriously consider providing this book as well” “This knowledge will be essential to anyone working in a largecorporate environment”“Datta is clearly one of the thought leaders in Business Analytics” 9/2/09  
  10. 10. #AnalyticsZone Installation & Configuration Setup @1dsanjeev 9/2/09  
  11. 11. #AnalyticsZone Cognos Insight Additional Features @1dsanjeev What-if Scenario Modeling Offline/ Disconnected Analysis Sync Up to central server system Publishing Mechanism 9/2/09  
  12. 12. #AnalyticsZone Publish & Distribute Mechanism @1dsanjeev 9/2/09  
  13. 13. #AnalyticsZone The Book - Review # 2 @1dsanjeev Paul Mendelson, Cognos Contributor“book shows a user how to go from raw data to a complexdashboard that meets the user’s needs”“When working with Insight, keep this book open and youwon’t go wrong” “This book is very well suited for analysts” “…(the book)it is split logically in sections” “.. The meat of the book is where it describes how to designand use your cube”“ this book is invaluable and will get them(readers) to theseasoned part” 9/2/09  
  14. 14. #AnalyticsZoneThe Book – Cognos Insight, 5 Pillars @1dsanjeev 9/2/09  
  15. 15. #AnalyticsZone Cognos Insight Features @1dsanjeev 9/2/09  
  16. 16. #AnalyticsZone Case Study using Cognos Insight @1dsanjeevFictitious Company - PointScoreResolve Business Challenges and Technical Limitations fromspreadsheetsAnalyze DataPromote Content to Mature Cognos BI Environment Global Market Conditions Advertising Strategies Consumer SentimentsPricing Strategies9/2/09  
  17. 17. Demo9/2/09  
  18. 18. #AnalyticsZone The Book - Review # 3 @1dsanjeev Armand MizanAustralia Post via LinkedIn “very well organized” “excellent text” “clearly labeled screen shots”“really helped to cement the principles” 9/2/09  
  19. 19. #AnalyticsZone Who is this book for? @1dsanjeev Corporate World Non Profit Organizations Academics (Universities and Colleges) One Version of the Truth Aligning Departments Limited Bandwidth of IT resources Spreadsheet centric, Spreadsheet Silo’s Requested Data nonexistent in Corporate System Mobile Deployments9/2/09  
  20. 20. #AnalyticsZone The Book - Review # 4 @1dsanjeev Marcus BorbaCEOBorba Consulting“covers all the aspects of IBM Cognos Insight”“demonstrates in detail the features”“interesting examples on how to use the tool for Strategic Decision Making” “explains how to share the information in a enterprisecollaboration environment” “well detailed and illustrated, and a good resource toget started with IBM Cognos Insight” 9/2/09  
  21. 21. #AnalyticsZone What you will learn from this book! @1dsanjeev Importing data by dragging and dropping spreadsheets or using the Import Wizard Mapping the data into TM1 cubes, dimensions, and measures Building simple calculations and variances with exceptional highlights Using TM1 rules to build complex calculations Refreshing data using silent or guided refreshes. Share & Distribute workspaces to larger workgroups. Writing back data into cells and spread data across cell sections Designing workplace and adding new widgets9/2/09  
  22. 22. #AnalyticsZone Get a Copy Today! @1dsanjeev   (search:  IBM  Cognos  Insight)   (search:  IBM  Cognos  Insight)   Visit  :   to  get  a  Free  Copy  of  Chapter  1  or  contact  me  on:  hIps://   Email:   Give  away  5  Free  Copies        9/2/09        
  23. 23. Thank your for attending our Webinar! info@performanceg2.com9/2/09