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Why Your E-Commerce Business May Be Losing Customers


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Why Your E-Commerce Business May Be Losing Customers

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Why Your E-Commerce Business May Be Losing Customers

  1. 1. Ugly page design Consumers will likely judge a book by its cover. Web design thus should focus as much on aesthetics as on the site’s functionality. Unexpected costs Finding out there will be shipping costs or additional fees only after the checkout button is clicked can be a big turn-off for many shoppers. Outdated technology If a website forces visitors to update a long-neglected plug-in on their browsers or features content that’s inaccessible due to outdated technology, they’ll likely look elsewhere. Confusing navigation Convenience is one of the key benefits of e-commerce, but a website that’s poorly laid out and confusing to navigate cancels out that benefit for shoppers. Being too clingy Asking customers to provide too much information during their purchase or requiring them to register an account could make them uncomfortable. Unappealing content Product descriptions that are dry or don’t provide enough information can turn off visitors, as do product photos that don’t show enough of the product or are of poor quality. Design not optimized for mobile If a website doesn’t look as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop screen, it’s unlikely a visitor using a smartphone will stick around long enough to become a customer. Too many ads Websites that are cluttered with ads are more likely to be viewed as untrustworthy by visitors. Remove one data field in your online form This will cut down on the amount of time it takes a visitor to convert and could increase the chances he or she will see it through to the end. Invest in mobile design Make sure your website is optimized so that it is easy to read and navigate — no matter what type of device or screen visitors use to browse the site. Switch to HTML5 for video content and animations This more modern platform is easier for visitors to use and won’t require them to stop browsing to update their plug-ins. Use a cleaner page design Keeping the design and layout of your site simple makes it easier for visitors to find what they need. Lay out all fees and additional charges as soon as possible If there are additional costs for customers, make sure they are communicated before the shopper goes to the checkout page. WHY Customers May Be Leaving QUICK FIXES to Make Customers Stay Why your E-Commerce Business May Be Losing Customers