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Twitter and Digital Marketing


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Published in: Education
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Twitter and Digital Marketing

  1. 1. *By Serena Phillips@Lvserena@ParisianDaySpa
  2. 2. ** Create a unique, short, memorable Twitter handle* Write a brief description of your business * Add your company’s link into your description* Follow relevant users * The more ‘influence’ they have the better * Don’t simply follow or follow back * Twitter will block you! * Local deal companies are great followers to have
  3. 3. ** Become an authority in your space * Have timely relevant information * Keep your topics focused* Not all post are created equal * Don’t anger your other social media followers with non-relevant posts * Posts on Twitter are not always appropriate for Facebook and vice versa* Follow and use Twitter lists
  4. 4. *Create and follow Twitter lists *Great way to geotarget *
  5. 5. * Filter:images ** Filter:verified* Filter:links* Near:(City or Zip) within:10mi* Example: food near:LosAngeles within:20mi filter:images filter:verified
  6. 6. * Posting AT LEAST one time a day* Re-tweeting users ** Responding to Tweets* Live Tweeting * 50% More follower growth * Q & A sessions* Add links* Create interpersonal relationships* Create a unique voice* Using hashtags * Long tail* Listen to what people are talking about
  7. 7. Good Useof #Bad Useof #
  8. 8. *
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