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Digital Marketing Trends 2013



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Digital Marketing Trends 2013

  1. 1. DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2013 By Conor Keenan Perfect Search Media
  2. 2. THE BIG PLAYERS • Social Media • Paid Search • SEO
  3. 3. FACEBOOK • Facebook entered the mobile ad space eariler this year. • “Next year, however, Facebook's U.S. mobile-ad revenue is expected to jump to $387 million, according to eMarketer, or about 8.8% of projected total U.S. mobile-ad sales for 2013. The company's market share, which eMarketer expects to reach 9.5% by 2014” [2] • “Nearly 60% of facebook users are mobile users, up from about 47% from a year ago. [1]
  4. 4. MOBILE USE • Facebook is deeply integrated in IOS 6, and Android Phones • “Apple Iphones account for 53.3% of the smartphone market, while Android phones account for 41.9%” [5] • Ipads are 50% of the tablet market [6]
  5. 5. TYPES OF FACEBOOK ADVERTISEMENTS • Sponsored Stories [1] • Page Post Ads [1] • Mobile App Install Ads [1] • Promoted Posts [1]
  6. 6. TWITTER TRENDS • In 2013, Twitter will build its advertising business, looking to draw bigger advertisers with more ad options, closer targeting, and a better measurement of ROI. [3] • . By 2014, Twitter is projected to make $1 billion in total sales. [3]
  7. 7. HOW‟S TWITTER GOING TO DO THIS? 1. Increasing targeting of ads will increase ad revenue 2. Partnership with Neilsen to create a “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating” [4] • “For example, Jersey Shore is one of the most social shows on TV. A one-dimensional social „rating‟ will tell you that. But if you‟re an advertiser does it mean Jersey Shore is the best social environment for your brand? The answer is: it depends on what the „brand affinity‟ data says and that goes beyond a simple ranking.” [4]
  8. 8. PAID SEARCH What do you think are going to be the trends in paid search?
  9. 9. PAID SEARCH TRENDS • MOBILE & TABLETS • the number of smartphones expected to exceed 1.82 billion worldwide in 2013, and theglobal mobile market is already representing 13 percent of internet traffic (versus only 1 percent in 2009) [3] • Tablets are frequently used on evenings and weekends, specifically in conjunction with leisure activities, television watching, or eBook reading. Because of this, tablet-based search queries are different simply because of the query topics themselves, and in 2013 tablets should be separated into their own campaigns. [3]
  10. 10. PAID SEARCH TRENDS CONTINUED • Social Networking: “Ad campaigns in 2013 will be focused on getting to know the customer—how old they are, what profession they‟re in, and what they do for fun. In other words, expect 2013 to have plenty of demographic and social data filters built into search engine targeting.” [3] • This makes social networks like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook all the more important (but don‟t forget offline networks like sales reps and user conferences, either). [3]
  11. 11. SEO TRENDS Whatcha got cooking in that noodle of yours for 2013?
  12. 12. SEO TRENDS 2013 • Google has been the juggernaut of the search engine market and continues to force internet marketers to cater to it in order to improve their SEO. [3] (Why?) • look for Google + and the Google Authorship program to become integral in their search rankings. The moral: if a brand or blogger is not already on Google +, it‟s time to get there and get ahead. [3]
  13. 13. GOOGLE AUTHOR TAG 1. Add the above link to the <head> of the URLs you‟d like your face to appear on. 2. On your Google+ profile, you need to make sure to have a link pointing back to the site you want the author highlight to work on. 3. Make sure your +1′s are public on your Google+ profile or it won‟t work. [7] (If You Have A WordPress CMS you can download an SEO Plugin to Make this easier) • <link rel="author" href=" /> [7]
  14. 14. Notice How Barry‟s Name is a Link?
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  16. 16. SOURCES CONTINUED 5) Author: Jay Yarow 6) Author: Jay Yarow 7) Author: Joost De Valk