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Content Marketing: Make it Work


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In this webinar replay, Pawan Deshpande, CEO of Curata and Aaron Dun, VP of Marketing at Percussion, will walk you through real-world examples of organizations that have tackled the content "problem" and provide you with tactics you can implement today.
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Content Marketing: Make it Work

  1. 1. Content Marketing: Make it Work Presented by: & #ContentWorks
  2. 2. Agenda• What is Content Marketing?• What makes it so hard?• Top 8 Complaints• Conclusions• Q&A #ContentWorks
  3. 3. Poll:What is your content marketing level?• Beginner• Intermediate• Advanced #ContentWorks
  4. 4. What is Content Marketing? #ContentWorks
  5. 5. What is Content Marketing?Content marketing is a marketing technique of creatingand distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understoodtarget audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action. #ContentWorks
  6. 6. #ContentWorks
  7. 7. What Makes It So Hard? #ContentWorks
  8. 8. #ContentWorks
  9. 9. #ContentWorks
  10. 10. #ContentWorks
  11. 11. Poll:What is your biggest content marketing complaint? #ContentWorks
  12. 12. Top 8 Complaints #ContentWorks
  13. 13. Problem #1 How do I pick a topic? “What do our prospects want to read?”“Are people really going to be interested in what I have to say?”“There’s already so much content out there. How can I be unique?” #ContentWorks
  14. 14. #ContentWorksPicking a Content Topic #ContentWorks
  15. 15. Picking a Topic: Competitors• What is a topic that my competition is not covering sufficiently?• Competitors o Marketplace competitors o Trade Publications o Media Outlets o Bloggers• Tools • Google Search • Social Media • Google Keyword Tool #ContentWorks
  16. 16. Picking a Topic: Audience• In which topic is your target audience interested?• On what topic is your company a unique expert and authority?• Tools o Messaging Frameworks o Surveys and polls o Sales Team #ContentWorks
  17. 17. Picking a Topic: Content• What topic has sufficient existing content?• Tools: o Google News / Blogs o Media monitoring list o Twitter Search #ContentWorks
  18. 18. #ContentWorksPicking a Content Topic #ContentWorks
  19. 19. Problem Insufficient Content #2"Our blog has not been updated in 3 months.""I feel like I just finished writing a blog post, and now its time for another??""I cant think of anything new to say.""I wish I had a whole editorial staff" #ContentWorks
  20. 20. The Content Beast #ContentWorks
  21. 21. #ContentWorks
  22. 22. • Blog Posts• News Sites• Newsletters• Social Media• Podcasts• eBooks• Special Reports• Infographics• Polls & Surveys• Video• #ContentWorks
  23. 23. Content Curation“A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups,organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on aspecific issue online.” -Rohit Bhargava #ContentWorks
  24. 24. #ContentWorks
  25. 25. #ContentWorks
  26. 26. Problem Distributing Content #3"I have a lot of content now, what do I do with it all?""What are the right outlets for each piece of content Ive created?" #ContentWorks
  27. 27. Think of Your Content as a Meal Appetizer Entree Dessert - 140 Characters or Less Blog, Community, Forums, WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Micro-sites Pinterest #ContentWorks
  28. 28. #ContentWorks
  29. 29. #ContentWorks
  30. 30. Problem Unlocking Content #4“Our content is silo-ed within our organization.""Not sure how to unlock the content we have within our organization.""How do I empower contributors?" #ContentWorks
  31. 31. Breaking Down the Silos• Empower writers• Write it for them• Do Q/A posts• Video?• Teach writers about the benefits• Enable contributors with topics, keywords, & messages• Show them how their post did afterward… #ContentWorks
  32. 32. #ContentWorks
  33. 33. Problem #5 Quality vs. Quantity"Do I spend the next 6 weeks writing an eBook, or writing 10 blog posts?""I feel like most of my content is regurgitation. I feel like I am in an echo chamber." #ContentWorks
  34. 34. #ContentWorks
  35. 35. #ContentWorks
  36. 36. Problem Measurement #6"Im doing all of this writing, is it working?""What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should I put in place for my content marketing efforts?""How do I justify my budget?" #ContentWorks
  37. 37. Measurement: Beginner• Content Throughput o Who is publishing? o How stale is it? o Where is it getting stuck in publishing process? o How much content are we publishing? o Tracking traffic on ALL sites, channels #ContentWorks
  38. 38. Measurement: AdvancedEngagement • Tracking what content is gaining readers • What blog posts get comments • What is the average time on site • What is the click path • Top content themes that refer to your website • What content items gain the highest bounce rateDashboard • Pick 5 KPIs to measure against monthly #ContentWorks
  39. 39. #ContentWorks
  40. 40. Problem Voice of the Content #7 "What is my voice?" "Who are the voices?""What channels make sense per voice?" #ContentWorks
  42. 42. Finding Your Voice• What does your brand stand for?• What tone do you want to communicate?• What do your prospects/buyers expect?• What tone does your competitors use? #ContentWorks
  43. 43. Carry Your Style Throughout
  44. 44. Problem Putting it to Work #8“I can create content, but how can I get it to meet my marketing goals?”“How can I get people to share it?”“How can I get it to help with SEO?”“How can I get more leads from it?” #ContentWorks
  45. 45. Problem Pick your battles #8What is your goal? o Is it to get more leads? o Is it to get more followers? o Is it to get press coverage? o Is it to grow your email list? o Is it to increase in search engine rankings? #ContentWorks
  46. 46. Problem #8#ContentWorks
  47. 47. What do I do now?1. Unlock the hidden content gems2. Develop your content marketing menu3. Set Your Baseline Content Throughput and Goal4. And Make it Work! #ContentWorks
  48. 48. Free eBook: New Video! 5 Simple Steps to Stop the insanity, get off theBecoming Content web content managementCuration Rockstar merry go round! Download at View #ContentWorks