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We’ve created a monster! Demand generation and revenue goals and expectations continue to rise, stretching marketers to create and deliver more and more content. Help is at hand: Powerful marketing tools give small marketing teams new muscle to create and deliver broad-reach marketing programs. Learn how the right combination of marketing automation and content management tools help you pick up the pace and publish content quickly, reaching the right customers faster.

Join Alexis Karlin and Jeffrey Linton as they discuss tips to help you harmonize and leverage your content management and marketing automation for increased efficiency and greater results.

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  • Evolution of Marketing & SalesToday’s Buyer’s JourneyNext-Gen Customer Lifecycle
  • Just a few short years ago, the business world was a very different place.Traditional marketing focused on brand building, name recognition, there was some lead generation, catalogs, direct mail, billboards, coupon strategies they also hired agencies to create radio, television, magazine, and newspaper ads packaging and point-of-purchase displays conducted focus groups and testingTraditional sales on the other hand focused on conducting their own prospecting, dialing for dollars, logging time on the road they also conducted cold calling – dialing strangers or just walking – it was endemicKey Point: There was a distinction between the sales and marketing departments, which had different concerns, different responsibilities, different lexicons, and different ways of measuring success. They were operating in silos.
  • Today – it’s WE and not them – For successful companies – Marketing and Sales is a WE process:We own the leads, We own the events, We use the content, we manager the CRM, we generate Revenue!We hit the number!!! – True Alignment -
  • Today more than ever people are searching for content – learning on their own – they can not get enough….What we are here today to share with you is the importance of Content why it’s important how to use it, and how to manage it..
  • As I was saying, the process has changed – no longer does marketing or sales dictate the buyer Journey, Marketing creates content to inform and educate the buyer and it’s our job to disseminate, manage, score, and track the buyers journey – then pass that data to Sales so they can do what they do best…CLOSE.
  • Integrating marketing and sales systems creates interdependency. Sales and marketing personnel work closely together at every stage in the customer lifecycle, from the nuts-and-bolts of lead scoring to the nuances of creating and applying personas. This technological revolution allows sales and marketing key gains that were for the most part unthinkable even ten years ago.These gains can be broken down into the four categories of – Insight, Intelligence, Engagement, and Inspiration
  • How are you creating content? Why have a content strategy? Who is your customer? What channel should you be communicating in? Content is your best friend – get to know it well.
  • ChallengeB2B marketers say webinar is their most effective content marketing resourceAudiences says - they seek out webinars for valuable information.Solution – use Progressive Case Studya source of rich, useful content that can feed campaigns for weeks / monthsExtract most interesting snippets to create blog and/or social media posts - link back to the archived event.Extended content marketing campaigns - white paper, live webinar, and continue with blog and social media campaigns.
  • Include what to score in talk track:Email clicksWebsite pages visitedWebinars registered for/attendedPhysical eventsVideosWhitepaper downloads
  • Intelligence. Think of this as aggregate data for reporting and trend watching, and aggregate data on an individual that indicates next steps.Campaign Results and Conversions – Marketing automation reports on campaign results and conversions help marketing become accountable for a portion of sales revenue. Traditionally silo’ed form sales, Marketing is now part of the profit continuum.Inbound Marketing – these features can track AdWords conversions, providing intelligence and guidance for media buys, budget establishment, and keyword optimization for organic search.Marketing Database Access – Salespeople can access entries in the marketing database (from their sales force automation dashboard, so it’s not disruptive) to see aggregate data including demographic and behavioral, search terms used, etc. Seen holistically, the data provides intelligence the sales rep uses to take the next step – including knowing when the customer is ready to buy and it’s time to close the deal.
  • Insight. Think of this as insight into individual behaviors and customer needs. As examples:Marketing Automation – gathers information at the individual level, both explicit (someone’s title) and implicit (the web pages they visit), and appends these observations into the individual’s history profile.Lead Scoring – Characteristics and behaviors can be scored, and leads that pass a scoring threshold can be passed from the marketing system to the sales system automatically, perhaps making it onto a prioritized list for the salesperson if the score’s among the highest that day or hour.Nurturing Program – Cold leads can be seen and acknowledged as cold making it a candidate for a nurturing program. But it also keeps them in the marketing bucket and out of the sales rep’s part of the lead funnel. Sales is spared wasting time on leads that won’t ever be sales-ready.Website Visitor Tracking – this of course captures visitor tracking, identifies who visits which pages and from that, sales can get real-time visitor- or page-triggered alerts for follow-up.
  • Where to start:Build multi-stage assets—10 Steps/5 Keys/7 SecretsTie related offers together in a logical progression to educate and accelerate prospects through the buying cycle
  • Today I would like to tell you a story about how. At my previous job, I ran the entire global website experience. After spending 9 months trying update the homepage on a homegrown CMS I said enough was enough it was time to look for an easy to use, affordable, and future forward product.
  • So I went on a hunt. After widdling it down to 2 systems, Percussion and another system. I found that percussion suited my needs Perfectly. I was looking for a solution for my biggest pain points. That honestly aligned with why everyone hates their CMSAnimation on website, CEO 2 years ago came in and wanted to change the experience. The Wikipedia promise has been serviced through custom development not a product. Nothing like iTunes, install upgrades. Everyone hate
  • One of my other pains… was that I was unable to get content to the web fast enough. This diagram here is the process I had to go through every single time that I wanted to publish a single web page.
  • So we had a choice, to blow up the website and start from scratch which if we did it on a homegrown system would have taken past 9 months to so. Or migrate to a new system, have a foundation that works and build from there. As a digital marketer it was highly important for me to own the system. And most people can’t even get out of what they use today because of the migration. And this is where Percussion Solves that problem. So one of the biggest lessons I learned was go live First then worry about changing the website.. You want to set the foundation then work on updating your system….This is why an easy migration is important… With Percussion we have a patent pending technology that allows you to live in half the time of most CMS migrations because they are done manually…LiveFirstWhat the patent is, being able to import IA without the loss of content, importing 1,000 pages per hour. We are redefining go – live. We don’t believe go live should be an 18 month process your website might end up as shelfware.
  • With our patent pending technology LiveFirst you can.Import and publish as is. - Import and apply to new design. Import create new design or templates and drag and drop content to new templates.  Then keep making change without cost.   Needs cleaned up we provide options. One thing to note is that you don’t even have to wait for a redesign….Meaning u don't have to wait for a redesign. All u need is the design and a little CSS and your done. So if u want to do a redesign great but u don't have to wait to empower your team with the ability to get content to the web faster. Regardless of when u will or won't be doing a redesign we believe that u should always be able to make changes to your site and thus all u need is a little CSS. 
  • Once live and good to go. This is when the real work started. Now that I had the tools in hand I had to think about how I was going get content online faster….
  • The best place to start is implementing the following best practices.Thanks to LiveFirst your site audit is done. This will help you with the content audit. So you know how many pages and assets you have. From there create a spreadsheet of all the content you have, who it targets and how well it’s working.Once you’ve done this, work on Personas. This will help you understand who your target audience is and then start mapping your content schedule to your personas. And last but not least. Keep it simple. If you go insane with a 40 page document on personas and an 12 month plan of content you not only will overwhelm your stakeholders you will lose them at first sight of the document. And get approval and get it often.
  • What does your brand stand for?  Answer this question well, and you have an actionable plan towards content marketing success. Content needs to stem from a cohesive and well thought out strategy, which in turn starts from what your brand stands for. Make this document the base for all content creation efforts.Where should you go for content? Armed with the brand persona, the next step is to figure out where you need to go to get the basic material to address your content marketing needs. This is an internal process where teams from marketing, sales, operations, fulfillment, product, customer service etc., need to collaborate to generate enough information on sales, target market, offers, promotions, targets etc.Who will create the content? Writers of course, but will you outsource it? Or search for writing talent in-house? Do both! Use both sources wisely for maximum output. Turn inwards to create unique perspectives on your brand that only a team on the ground can create. Turn outwards to generate infographics, trends, social conversations, and research to give fillip to your content marketing plans. Where will you publish the content? Hate to say it, but it depends! It depends on what your brand stands for, where your target market/prospects are, the content marketing expertise you have, and finally the ability of each channel to convert.What next? Creating a compelling content marketing plan is an ongoing and never-ending process. Reevaluate, redefine, and rewrite.
  • Having laid out what I’ve been through and how I’ve made it work I think it’s important to share with you the lessons I’ve learned. Don’t tackle social and mobile separately. Think of your site as one entity that should work on all platforms. Make sure you look for a CMS that allows you to go responsive and share updates via social media. If you end up with a system that does one better than ever you end up constantly trying to catch up in the other areas and its not worth the effort. And one essential part is to remember that security is everything. Make sure you select a secure de-coupled system that allows you to separate the content on your CMS from the content you have live. So if your CMS goes down, your website doesn’t go down as well. This is essential. With recent hacks of free Content management systems you have to remember that protection of your system is Key. This will make IT happy to hear a CMS that you are looking at is secure.Tying into what I talked about earlier, just remember that selecting a CMS is not all or nothing situation. You don’t have to blow up and start from scratch. Go LiveFirst and then improve your website.And last but not least, what I like to call a Future forward system. Scalability is important. Marketing is changing every single day. And if you go with a system that isn’t agile you end up with shelfware and this will leave you in a stalemate.
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  • Leverage Your Content Marketing Without Losing Your Mind

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    11. 11. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW But the Buyer’s Journey has Changed… Buyers are doing more research before they call you – 78% start the buying process with a web search – 50% turn to social media and peer reviews Source: DemandGen Report
    12. 12. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW than in their own c.r.m. 85% Source: social123 of sales reps trusted their data more in
    13. 13. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW …say digital and word of mouth is most trustworthy …of consumers trust peer recommendations …of salespeople who use social media outsell their peers 78%
    14. 14. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Content is Key to Engagement Develop a curriculum and content plan that matches a buyer’s journey. Become a trusted advisor by educating before selling. Get found by optimizing your content for search engines. Use paid advertising to bolster organic search. Reinforce content across multiple channels.
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    16. 16. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Break Content into Smaller Pieces 10-page Whitepaper 4+ Blog Posts
    17. 17. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Impact of Lead Scoring of survey respondents said that their primary reason for implementing a lead scoring system was to achieve added revenue. Source: GleanSight Lead Prioritization Report, Gleanster Research 84%
    18. 18. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Lead Scoring • Automatically give points to leads based on behaviors or profile attributes • Allows marketing & sales to sort and prioritize leads • Marketing can nurture leads with lower scores before passing off to sales • Learn what’s working
    19. 19. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Intelligence • Use every engagement opportunity to learn more • Build a profile that combines demographic and behavior information • Gathering intelligence will save you time and make you look smarter
    20. 20. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Impact of Lead Scoring Source: MarketingSherpa - Jan 2012 The average lead generation ROI for organizations using a lead scoring process is 138% In comparison to: lead generation ROI from those surveyed who were not using a lead scoring process. 78%
    21. 21. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Engagement & Insight Multiple Channels | Multiple Touches Continuous Engagement with different Content Nurturing: Follow the Buyer’s Journey
    22. 22. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Whitepaper Download Confirmation Email with link to asset Recorded webinar on same topic eBook on similar topic Corresponding Infographic Nurture Campaigns
    23. 23. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Insight • Use the intelligence gathered to understand your prospects needs • 80% of the prospects deemed “bad leads” by sales go on to buy within 24 months • Look for patterns and understand what they mean Source: Sirius Decisions
    24. 24. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Change the Process & See the Results LEADS OPPORTUNITIES CUSTOMERS ENGAGED CUSTOMERS ADVOCATE & FAN Marketing Responsibility Sales Responsibility Engagement throughout the customer lifecycle
    25. 25. Web Content Management Powered by Marketers, Loved by IT Alexis Karlin, Digital Marketing & Operations Manager
    26. 26. Let me tell you a story…. Powered by Marketers, Loved by IT
    27. 27. Why does everyone hate their CMS? •CMS are traditionally a development platform •Not agile •Need for developers and IT department •Hard to use •Not future forward •Too expensive to leave Powered by Marketers, Loved by IT
    28. 28. Biggest Pain – Why We Needed a CMS Click Staging Link Receive Email with Staging Link View Staging Click Publish Link Receive Email with Zip of All Website Files Unzip & Save Files to Desktop Copy Files FTP View Live Pages Powered by Marketers, Loved by IT
    29. 29. Go LiveFirst, then Redesign…. Powered by Marketers, Loved by IT
    30. 30. What is LiveFirst? "LiveFirst is a comprehensive website migration capability. It allows a website theme to be migrated, not just pages, making it unique in the Web Content Management market.” Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research
    31. 31. You’re not done yet… Powered by Marketers, Loved by IT
    32. 32. Time to implement best practices… • Conduct a content audit • Generate personas • Create a content schedule • Engage your stakeholders • Keep it simple Powered by Marketers, Loved by IT
    33. 33. Creating Compelling Content • What does your brand stand for? • Where should you go for content? • Who will create the content? • Where will you publish the content? • What next?
    34. 34. Lessons Learned • Social and mobile marketing efforts put into silos rather than a component of the company’s overall digital strategy, companies ended up picking one or the other to tackle • Security is everything • You don’t have to do everything at one time. Migrate first… • Scalability is important Powered by Marketers, Loved by IT
    35. 35. Tying it all Together 1. Set your goals… 2. Write out what you can live with now and what you can do later 3. Select the appropriate system for you 4. Migrate 5. Create a content plan tied to personas 6. Implement the changes you want 7. Produce content at a rapid pace Powered by Marketers, Loved by IT
    36. 36. www.act-on.com | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Q&A Alexis Karlin Digital Marketing & Operations Manager Percussion Software alexis_karlin@percussion.com @akarlin Jeff Linton Sr. Mgr, Product & Field Marketing Act-On Software jeff.linton@act-on.net @jeffreylinton