Lecture 1 session 2 2013 mk


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Michele Kenworthy's slides from Lecture 1

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Lecture 1 session 2 2013 mk

  1. 1. Career Central Career Central
  2. 2. So how can I help you? (Clarify Career Goals) (Maximise employability) 1) Figure out where you want to go 2) Take the journey to reach your goal Career Development Learning Experience (Work & Life) Degree Subject knowledge, skills & understanding Generic Skills Emotional Intelligence
  3. 3. Something to think about… What you enjoy doing What you’re naturally good at What is important to you and take the first steps towards finding a fulfilling career… Your career starts now, not when you finish your degree So start exploring what your perfect career would look like
  4. 4. DOTS Framework
  5. 5. Self Awareness Abilities Skills Interests Personality Motivators (rewards) Values Passions Think about: • Your degree • Work/career options • People, organisations & industries of interest Do they line up?
  6. 6. Exploring Your Options Public Private NFP Non Govt. What questions will ‘Lucy” raise around the sector, industry you want to target Industry Organisation Size of organisation Small Medium Global What do you hope to experience? High Profile, small, medium, large global – how is this going to influence your career planning Geographical Location High Profile Average Profile Start Up Are you OK commuting to Sydney or prefer local– will this influence your decision on geographical location? Permanent Temporary Contract Graduate Opps
  7. 7. Creative job hunting How do Employers like to hire? Job Seekers do the reverse! ***Your internship moves you into top two categories! 1. Hire from within (already know the worker) 2. Someone a colleague recommends 4. Employment agency 5. Place an ad 6. Read CVs 3. Meet someone by accident
  8. 8. Information Interviewing Talking to your host organisation • What personal qualities do you need for this work? • What are the future prospects or trends and issues? • What are the great things and not so great things about the job? • How did you get into this type of work/why? What is your background? • Does the job allow you to be creative in what you do? • What is the work atmosphere like, relaxed, competitive, exciting, stressful? • What advice would you give to someone looking for an entry level position in this company?
  9. 9. • Develop your personal brand, build your online presence, reputation & credibility – BE FOUND! • Search for past and current classmates, colleagues, clients, business partners, jobs • Expand your network & join groups • Build new professional relationships • Get information, help & advice • Share information, knowledge & expertise • To recommend and be recommended
  10. 10. Get the most from your Internship Self reflection www.surveymonkey.com/s/artsinternship Pre/Post Placement Survey
  11. 11. Reflective Learning: a two-way mirror Student Perspective The Workplace Perspective Before: Before: The student can reflect upon themselves in order to make informed decisions about a suitable workplace experience. An organisation reflects upon their internal contexts, establishing appropriate projects, task and related skills requirements. Identifying current staff who have the right skills to oversee the project who will also gain from the experience. During: During: The student can gain insights into the structure and culture of the workplace and required skills sets and expectations. The organisation gains knowledge and understanding of future workers and their capacities and drivers. After: After: The student uses reflective practices for self development and articulation of experiences and skills for potential job search activities. Organisation reflects on new ideas and approaches brought to the organisation and considers how they can be incorporated into new business processes.
  12. 12. Michele Kenworthy Faculty Careers Consultant Law Humanities and the Arts r: 67.204A p: 4221 3582 e: michelek@uow.edu.au Questions? Career Central