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M.O.S.A.I.C. Church Series, Pt. 1: Introduction (Multicultural Church)


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PerSpectives 12 Training
Level 1 Framework of a M.O.S.A.I.C. Church

All Rights Reserved, Jan Paron 2012

From Dr. Jan Paron
Dean, All Nations Leadership Institute
Director, Perspectives 12

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M.O.S.A.I.C. Church Series, Pt. 1: Introduction (Multicultural Church)

  1. 1. Jan Paron PerSpectives12M.O.S.A.I.C. Church Series Pt 1: Intro Jan Paron All Rights Reserved 2012
  2. 2. Mosaic ChurchCharacteristics
  3. 3. Characteristic 1:A mosaic church supports God‟s intentthat the „called‟ from every culture andgeneration have access to themessage of salvation.
  4. 4. Characteristic 2:A mosaic church values the richdiversity displayed in the tapestryfrom the Christ community
  5. 5. Characteristic 3:A mosaic church has a culture thatmakes room for grace to people fromall tribes and nations
  6. 6. Characteristic 4:A mosaic church has a congregationthat is both multicultural andheterogeneous, showing a stew potblend
  7. 7. Mosaic ChurchLeadership Actions
  8. 8. Mosaic leaders showsix basic actions that support unity of theBody as one in Christ, displayed by theacronym M.O.S.A.I.C.
  9. 9. M MULTITUDES: Intentionally Ministers to the Multitudes O OPENNESS: Views Others With Openness S MESSAGE: Adapts Method, But Keeps MeSSage A ALL: Follows the Call to the All I INCLUSION: Shows Impartiality & InclusionC COMMUNICATION: Uses Value Communication
  10. 10. Intentionally MinistersM to the Multitudes Takes intentional steps to direct the salvation message to different people groups that make up the tapestry of humanity representing God‟s elect.
  11. 11. “And all things are of God, who hathreconciled us to himself by JesusChrist, and hath given to us the ministry ofreconciliation;” (2 Cor 5:18 KJV).
  12. 12. Views Others with OpennessO Invites and embraces the diversity of God‟s chosen. Extends the love of Christ to people within and outside the community
  13. 13. “Let me give you a new command: Loveone another. In the same way I lovedyou, you love one another. This is howeveryone will recognize that you are mydisciples—when they see the love you havefor each other." (John 13:34-35 MSG).
  14. 14. Adapts the Method, but Keeps MessageS Is open and flexible with people from different backgrounds, as well as examines and changes self perceptions. At the same time, holds to biblical truths
  15. 15. “Men and brethren, ye know how that agood while ago God made choice amongus, that the Gentiles by my mouth shouldhear the word of the gospel, and believe.And God, which knoweth the hearts, barethem witness, giving them the Holy Ghost,even as he did unto us; And put nodifference between us and them, purifyingtheir hearts by faith” (Acts 15:7b-9 KJV).
  16. 16. Follows the Call to the AllA Maintains focus on ministering to the all of society, despite conflict or distractions.
  17. 17. “And he said unto them, Go ye into all theworld, and preach the gospel to everycreature.” (Mark 16:15).
  18. 18. Shows Impartiality and InclusionI Demonstrates actions of acceptance through inclusion and holds attitudes that are impartial or unbiased towards others.
  19. 19. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there isneither bond nor free, there is neither malenor female: for ye are all one in ChristJesus” (Gal 3:28).
  20. 20. Uses Value CommunicationC Shows loving, respectful and compassionate communication that crosses culture and displays cultural sensitivity.
  21. 21. "Let no corrupt communication proceed out ofyour mouth, but that which is good to the useof edifying, that it may minister grace unto thehearers” (Eph 4:29).
  22. 22. Mosaic Church Summary
  23. 23. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…” (Matt: 28:19a KJV) M O S A I CIntentional Openness Adapted Call Inclusion CommunicationMinistry to Method to & thatto the Others Retained the Impartiality ValuesMultitudes MeSSage All
  24. 24. Jan Paron PerSpectives12