Basic Word Study Tools, Pt. 1: Blue Letter Bible (From All Nations Leadership Institute)


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Module 2-Lecture 1
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Basic Word Study Tools, Pt. 1: Blue Letter Bible (From All Nations Leadership Institute)

  1. 1. Basic Word StudyTools, Part One:Blue Letter Bible Module 2-Lecture 1 2013
  2. 2. Two of My Favorite Bible Study Tools Blue Letter Bible Biblos.comPart one reviews Blue Letter Bible
  3. 3. Let’s research “submit” (NT usage)through basic Blue Letter Bible.orglexicon offerings for word study.The following slides overview the differentBLB lexicon sections you can select for aword study.
  4. 4. Overview: BLB Lexicon Sections Homepage (Screen 1)Enter word into the Lexi/Conc box Lexicon: Results (Screen 2)Click on the desired Strong’s number Lexicon: Word/Phrases (Screen 3)Look over all the occurrences, then click those related to the study Lexicon: Verse Concordance (Screen 4)Go to a specific verse & click on the “C” box Lexicon: Verse Breakdown (Screen 5)Review word meaning in the context of the sentence
  5. 5. Lexicon Section: ResultsScreen One Blue Letter Bible Home Page
  6. 6. Blue Letter Bible: Opening Page http://www.blueletterbible.orgType the word submit in the LexiConc box by arrow.
  7. 7. Screen One…Lexicon Section • You’re in the lexicon section. • A lexicon is a Bible dictionary that lists the word in Hebrew or Greek, with an English definition. • You use a lexicon to learn original meaning of a word in the context of Scripture. • A lexicon alone will not provide a full, original meaning. You also have to study the worlds behind and within Scripture.
  8. 8. Screen One…Lexicon Section Continued • For the word you searched, submit, you find its Hebrew/Aramaic (OT) and Greek (NT) Strong’s number, transliteration, pronunciation and English equivalency • To begin, click on the Strong’s number G5293 • This takes you to the results in the lexicon section. Continue to see the results page.
  9. 9. Lexicon Section: ResultsScreen Two Lexicon Section: Results
  10. 10. Screen Two…Lexicon Section: Results Next, click at the pink arrow to go to Word/Phrase
  11. 11. Screen Three…Lexicon Section: Word/Phrase Vine’s Expository Outline of biblical Dictionary Link usage. You can use this as a starter definition Thayer’s Lexicon – Link opens to a full dictionary entry. Word / Phrase / Strongs Search: Provides derivatives of the word, both previous & next.
  12. 12. Screen Three…Bottom: Occurrences in NTFind all theoccurrences ofG5293 in the NT Click on Luke 2:51. Do look at the various submit in the context of other verses. The meaning changes, depending on context. You want the full picture of the word to construct a definitional entry.
  13. 13. Lexicon Section: ResultsScreen Four Lexicon Section: Verse Concordance
  14. 14. This brings you to a new screen…Screen Four…Verse Concordance You find all of Luke 2. Hone in on 2:51 Click on the “C” box. You’ll find the concordance and lexicon view for this verse.
  15. 15. Lexicon Section: ResultsScreen Five Lexicon Section: Verse Breakdown
  16. 16. Screen Five…Verse BreakdownYou see the You also discoverconcordance/lexicon the Textusbreakdown for each Receptus Greek forword in this verse 2:51 and other information about the roots in this verse Use this page to go through the verse, word-by-word. Make sure to look at the Greek construction…part of speech, phrases, tense, etc.
  17. 17. Summary• Blue Letter Bible has more features than I included here. It’s a powerful, free Bible tool with tremendous range for the beginner to more advanced students of the Word.• Key features for word study are the concordance and occurrences. Use both to form a dictionary entry of your own.• After you do a comprehensive word study, under the Spirit’s illumination, you’ll discover a new richness in meaning. You may also learn that a word has a different understanding than you thought.
  18. 18. ReferencesBernard, D. (2005). Understanding God’s Word. Hazelwood, MO: Word Aflame Press.Blue Letter Bible (2013). The word submit. Retrieved on January 18, 2013, from various pages at http://www.blueletterbible.orgPhoto credit:Power Point background—Sharefaith.comCaptures from Blue Letter Bible
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