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Phoj en 101223

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE 22 Dec. 2010 Per Höjevik Date of Birth 11 April 1962 Nationality Swedish Eduction 1988-91 Licentiate of Electrical Engineering – on the institute of Technical Electron Physics at Chalmer’s University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Subject, Biological effects of electromagnetic fields 1984-88 MScEE – Chalmer’s University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden 1978-82 Electrical and telecommunications engineer – Älvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad, Sweden Languages Swedish, English Profession Consulting engineer, contractor Specialties • Project management • Technical analyses • Technical system- and communication solutions • Mobile Radio systems • AMR, AMM • Technical system design • EMC / EMI Employment Record 2001- SWECO Energuide AB - Consulting Electrical Engineers. Location: Stockholm/Karlstad, Sweden 1998-2001 Netnova Development AB. A consulting firm within the telecommunications industry. Location: Stockholm/Karlstad, Sweden 1991-1998 Ericsson Infotech AB (acquired by TietoEnator in 2002). Product development and consulting within the field of communication. Location: Karlstad, Swedencv01s 1999-09-20 1988-1991 The institute of Technical Electron Physics at Chalmer’s University of Technology. Teaching and Project management 1 (5) PHOJ /home/pptfactory/temp/20101223000222/phojen101223-101222180220-phpapp01.doc
  2. 2. Location: Gothenburg, Sweden 1987 Microcom. Product development within the field of communication. Location: Boston, USA 1986-1988 Telub Service AB. Product development within the field of reduction of unwanted electromagnetic fields. Location: Gothenburg, Sweden Selection of references 2010 – Design Support. Responsible for the development of design documentation on system level for a new offshore Wind turbine. GE Wind Karlstad, Sweden. 2010 – 2010 Technical expert, Communication Development of a net station communication solution for non- critical systems. For a larger net owner, a new net station communication system was established. In this initial development stage three different communication solutions from three different operators was tested. Two GPRS operators and one CDMA operator was tested. The project was ordered by E.ON. Malmö, Sweden 2009 – 2010 Technical expert. Technical support at and development of specifications for delivery control of an AMR system. (Automatic Reader System) This system included ca. 38 500 electrical meters and 2800 district heating meters. The project was ordered by Halmstads Energi och Miljö. Halmstad Sweden. 2006 - 2009 Project management, Technical project management and development. In the scope of the Automatic Meter Management (AMM) project (Fjädern) at E.ON. Subproject Storstad.ka01s 1999-09-20 Area responsible for the exchange of ca, 98 000 electrical meters in the area of Örebro / Närke. This role included project management and responsibility toward E.ONs customer and suppliers. CURRICULUM VITAE 2 (5) Per Höjevik PHOJ /home/pptfactory/temp/20101223000222/phojen101223-101222180220-phpapp01.doc
  3. 3. For the total project (Fjädern) the role also included the development of an action plan including a set of technical solutions and routines to minimize the influence of the meter exchange on customers sensitive to electromagnetic fields. I was responsible for analyzing the customer’s needs and finding the most adequate solution. Responsible performance of the solution, and follow-up toward customer. I was included as e technical expert in a working team created between E.ON and Vattenfall. This team developed an effective electric filter for reducing unwanted PLC signaling on the net. I was also responsible for producing the documentation concerning quality and environment. I was also part of the development of the documentation describing functions, routines and processes on both system level and down to detailed working instructions. This project was ordered by E.ON, Malmö, Sweden 2006 Technical Investigation. In the scope of AMM project at FORTUM an investigation was made. The goal for this investigation was to identify and define alternative meter installations and communication methods. This project was preformed in a cooperation between the organization Elöverkänsligas Riksförbund and Fortum. The aim for the project was to find technical solutions and methods for the handling of measured values at customers sensitive for electromagnetic fields. The project was ordered by Fortum, Karlstad, Sweden 2006 Technical Investigation. A technical investigation and analyze of a selection of communication solutions automatic meter reading. (AMR) The investigation included a number of radio and PLC communication solutions selected by the customer. The investigation comprised a technical analyze to map the strengths and shortcomings for the different solutions. The customer was Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, Eskilstuna, Sweden. 2005 Technical and market analyze of the actors on the AMR, AMM market. In a prestudy for a large AMR system procurement the larger manufactures and suppliers of meters, communication operators, system integrators and system suppliers were analyzed. The actors experiences, strength, stability and solutions were examined bothka01s 1999-09-20 from a technically and a business point of view. The project was ordered by Fortum Distribution in Stockholm, Sweden. 2004- 2005 Project management, requirement specification and CURRICULUM VITAE 3 (5) Per Höjevik PHOJ /home/pptfactory/temp/20101223000222/phojen101223-101222180220-phpapp01.doc
  4. 4. procurement. With the purpose to make their organization more efficient, Fortum Distribution has carried out a large project. This project comprised a number of sub projects in which the consult have participated in varying roles. Project manager during requirement specification and the procurement of an extension to the SCADA control centre. Responsible for the technical infrastructure during the relocation and rebuilding of two computer halls. The contents of these halls was moved and rebuilt in four smaller technique rooms situated in a large rock shelter. This sub project managed the total technical infrastructure including redundant communication net, power supply, ventilation and security. Project manager for the relocation of a smaller control centre. 2004 Technical Investigation. Optimizing of the Energy use. Participated as member of a team that made analyses and suggested changes in order to optimize the energy flow, consumption at Milkos dairy in Bollnäs The project was ordered by Milko, Bollnäs, Sweden 2004 Technical Investigation. Optimizing of the Energy use. Participated in the information gathering and analyze of the energy flow at a water plant in Flen The project was ordered by the municipality of Flen, Sweden 2004 Market survey. Market survey of the suppliers of IT based services. This survey comprise services for real estate, net services and services aimed for the tenants, in al 21 different service categories covering more than 40 suppliers. This was a project for SABO, Stockholm Sweden. 2003 Technical Specialist.ka01s 1999-09-20 Technical support at the procurement of a data acquisition system for a energy management project at Posten (former PTT) in Stockholm, Sweden. CURRICULUM VITAE 4 (5) Per Höjevik PHOJ /home/pptfactory/temp/20101223000222/phojen101223-101222180220-phpapp01.doc
  5. 5. 2002- 2004 Project manager support at a shift of communication technique in a SCADA system. Supported the project leader in the change of communication technique. A project for Fortum Distribution in Karlstad, Sweden 2001-2002 Project manager. Analyze and requirement specification of an information-central based on a DataWarehouse solution. A project for Fortum Generation, Stockholm Sweden 2001 Technical Investigation. Participated as communication specialist in the development of basic data for decision-making in the national contest for licenses for FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) at the Swedish national Post and Telecom agency. Stockholm, Sweden 2000 - 2001 Market analyze of communication services and systems based on satellite communication at a new started company in Stockholm, Sweden 2000 Technical specialist. System analyze, requirement specifications for the procurement of a WAP platform at Telia Mobile, Sweden 2000 Project management, System analyze, requirement specifications for the procurement of a Unified Messaging System at Telia Mobile International Stockholm, Sweden 1999 System design and project management for a web based learning system (E-learning). Tech Communication Karlstad Sweden. 1999 Project management in a project developing a billing system for telecommunication. Soft, Sweden 1998-1999 Project management for a positioning system based on the GSM network. Both a hardware and a software project. Unwire, Stockholm, Swedenka01s 1999-09-20 CURRICULUM VITAE 5 (5) Per Höjevik PHOJ /home/pptfactory/temp/20101223000222/phojen101223-101222180220-phpapp01.doc