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All hands February 2016


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Most of the slides from our recent Allhands meeting

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All hands February 2016

  1. 1. All Hands Meeting February 2016
  2. 2. New faces! • Andy and Tore joined in July and October • John works with Linda on Case studies • Elle (Marketing) joins us in San Francisco • Lucas (UI/UX) starts in Berlin next week • Two new staff babies!
  3. 3. Special project #1 • Cléa joins us as part-time illustrator to help us with our website and application • It’s an experiment, we’ve never worked like this • Let’s try to make our website reflect our company and product a lot better!
  4. 4. Special project #2 • Our “Mission and Values” discussion has been on hold for too long • I met with Marc-Pierre last week, a friend of Linda’s, who helps clients with internal and external positioning • 3rd party who can engage 1:1 with all staff, solicit what everyone wants independently and confidentially
  5. 5. Finance
  6. 6. Customers vs Revenues $0 $225000 $450000 $675000 $900000 0 150 300 450 600 750 Q2 Q3 ’12 Q4 Q1 ‘13 Q2 ’13 Q3 Q4 Q1’14 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1’15 Q2 Q3 Q4 $rev 65k 40k 72k 140k 193k 257k 283k 320k 402k 432k 564k 790k 645k 641k 817k #cust 32 50 73 111 145 195 230 285 350 419 445 520 600 640 670 Q3 was no fun, but Q4 was pretty decent again
  7. 7. MRR growth Customer growth has stalled while MRR keeps
 growing: We sign up less churn-prone tiny customers (good) 
 but the stalling customer growth is a concern of course
  8. 8. Outlook • Last year’s revenue growth: 70% • Jan 2016 was 40% better than Jan 2015 • Current 52 week window: $3m! • Currently 690 customers! • Goal for 2016: $4.5m+ revenue. Possible but tough! • If we make $5m I’ll throw an SI party in Sydney :)
  9. 9. Donations • We donated $60k to charities!
  10. 10. Customer Success
  11. 11. Yay to Tore and Andy Tore is ‘the glue guy’ of the team here and is now smashing tickets to free time for Scott and James Andy rocks the Europe time zone, is the absolute ticket killer, sends out invoices and leads the concierge call
  12. 12. Strengthened collaboration between devs and CS
  13. 13. Re-connecting with customers • Sharing roadmap, asking for needs and collecting feedback from important customers – ongoing • Many face to face visits in Berlin, Paris, Melbourne, Sydney, New York and of course San Francisco
  14. 14. Overview since last All hands • 1164 new accounts! • Onboarded 190 new customers! • 4993 Freshdesk tickets! Per day 5.65 0.92 24.2 Per working day 7.92 1.29 33.97 It’s been 206 days, 147 working days since our last All Hands
  15. 15. NPS survey update Feb 7th 2016 (February numbers too early to tell!)
  16. 16. Other current projects • Andy to help out even more with billing • Tore to take on the concierge role • James is working on Analysis for Freshdesk tickets and NPS score • Scott is restructuring videos and recording tons • We’re still continuing to call our top customers • We’re all part of feature developments
  17. 17. Challenges remaining • Roadmap discussion • Dedication to projects next to day to day stuff • Hiring Customer Success in Sydney • Migration to Highrise • Growth structure of our team and efforts
  18. 18. Marketing
  19. 19. Achievements since last All Hands • Attended many HR conferences and events including HR tech Europe and the US, HRevolution and many smaller gigs • Working with John on case studies and overall tone of our website • Recruitment: Hired and are in the process of on boarding Elle! It’s not stopping here
  20. 20. Elle’s 90 day plan • First to understand our tool and the HR space. Do help :) • Understanding our client and their needs • PR, blogging, event organising and shouting out the goodness • Internal Marketing – let’s share and celebrate more! • Kick starting a proper Marketing engine
  21. 21. In the pipeline so far
  22. 22. DisruptHR Boston Silver sponsorship – March 31st
  23. 23. 5km Fun Run, Cambridge Silver sponsorship – April 10th
  24. 24. Startup Institute NYC 1 year partnership – recruiting and networking
  25. 25. Dev Team Update
  26. 26. Green Outlaw Techno Subteam structure
  27. 27. Recent Launches
  28. 28. Legend • Year of the manager • General awesomeness • HR/Admin YotM! GA HR
  29. 29. Archive Cycles HR
  30. 30. Slack integration YotM!
  31. 31. Objectives: Key Results GA
  32. 32. Multipraise GA
  33. 33. And more! • Calendar integration • Customisable Exports • PDF export: No more need for Dropbox account • Apply ratings from overview HR
  34. 34. Features in progress
  35. 35. • Unfortunately the “features in progress” are not something we can share right now, check our newsletter in a few weeks! :)
  36. 36. Features planned Q1/Q2
  37. 37. 2016: Year of the manager • The majority of features must benefit managers! • A large portion of the planned features clearly benefit managers the most, or are specifically made for managers • Many other features are wins for every user - it’s not as obvious but they are part of the YotM strategy too! • Note how few feature in the roadmap are specifically geared towards HR/Admins and offer nothing for managers
  38. 38. Unsolicited Feedback • Give feedback to whomever you like as part of a regular 360 cycle • Our next 360 cycle is due, I want to use this! GA
  39. 39. Activity Stream • Our Slack usage proves that change notifications are crucial - inside SI objectives and messages are used more than before • However, the core tool still doesn’t show what’s happening • We need activity stream, and much better mail updates • Everyone wins, but managers win the most YotM!
  40. 40. Navigation • Initial Collection of ideas started last week • Official Kickoff this week, needs CS person • Not hard from a technical perspective.. • …will require lots of end user research & testing • Launch with Responsive overhaul, Mid March • Everyone wins, but managers win the most YotM!
  41. 41. Overhauled Todo-List • Will look mostly the same as before (but prettier) • In combination with new nav this replaces current dashboard • Moves us much closer to Single-Page-Application, which will improve performance for larger clients • Not a Dashboard 2.0 yet, but getting there! GA
  42. 42. Request Feedback • We’ll add the ability to request feedback anytime from anyone you like • Will be based on regular 360 process, except no manager approval needed, and simplified options • Initial prototype just contained one text field for a question • Final version would allow feedback-forms to be prepopulated by HR (“mark cycles as templates”?) GA
  43. 43. Request Feedback
  44. 44. 360 admin improvements • 360 feature remains too complicated • Initial meeting in December, need to resume discussion • Goals discussed: Easier cycle setup, managers can set up 360s, improved overviews, respond to 360s, make 360s results more actionable, 360 about non-person HR
  45. 45. Managers to set up cycles • Key “year of the manager” feature • it enables in-time structured feedback • But first the basics have to improve (see previous slide) YotM!
  46. 46. Respond to 360s/PR • The objectives commenting functionality & stream is great (especially in combination with Slack!) • We need this for Reviews and 360s too - ability to collaborate as managers, ability to respond and inquire for reviewee GA YotM!
  47. 47. UI/UX • Far too many inconsistencies • So much room for improvement • Example: Permissions on messages and objectives should be similar, and awesome • We’ll need another task force :) GA
  48. 48. Deeper Slack integration • We already use it internally, but not enough. • Ideas: “/note”, “/message”, “/request” • Add more notification: New 360 available, Nudges etc • Possibly some admin functionality: Bounced mails, imported users etc YotM!
  49. 49. HipChat • 70% of our clients use HipChat, and the trend isn’t changing YotM!
  50. 50. Review Bouquet • The new form creation for 360s is very flexible, reviews now feel very clunky in comparison • We should make it easier to create more engaging forms, without making forms too complex • This is a huge topic, may not ship in Q2 but we should start working on it! GA
  51. 51. Special project #3? • Let’s communicate better by also sending developers to San Francisco • We’re thinking of sending Sebastian plus one more to SF in April to June • Details have to get worked on, but might be perfect for the 1:1 support story
  52. 52. In summary
  53. 53. In summary • Q3 was tough, but it’s been a great Q4 • 2016 starts well, the product pipeline is filled and marketing is getting ready • Let’s keep the momentum and kick some butt!
  54. 54. Questions & Answers