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Pepperweed Federal Overview


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Pepperweed Consulting provides enterprise software solutions to both governmental and federal agencies. GSA Certified, Pepperweed provides software infrastructure and integrates an IT value chain.

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Pepperweed Federal Overview

  1. 1. Pepperweed Federal Overview The Vision: An Integrated Pepperweed Federal: IT Value Chain A trusted partner in building Civilian, military and intelligence agencies your IT Value Chain rely on their IT to deliver value in enabling Enter Pepperweed Federal, with 14 years of each agency to meet their mission. To ac- experience in over 2500 implementations complish this, your IT team works hard to across all areas of Federal IT infrastructure. create the value-added services to meet a Pepperweed Federal is an IT Integration company and trusted partner that can assess, Strategy & Program Management architect, specify, implement and support the products and services needed to integrate Procure & Manage Assets IT technology silos into a smoothly operating Business Accounting & Financial Management Business IT Value Chain. Needs Outcomes We understand that project timelines need to Create Deploy Operate Service be short; agencies need to be able to deliver Applications Applications Applications Applications higher-quality services faster, security is & & & & Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure paramount and risks need to be minimized. To help you realize the value of your IT The Integrated IT Value Chain investments, we bring together partner variety of specific agency needs then manage technology centered on HP business Pepperweed Federal those services through their entire lifecycle. technology optimization (BTO) products, with Benefits In essence, you are creating an IT Value Chain Pepperweed Federal’s highly experienced that takes agency needs as inputs and trans- US-based services and support personnel and • Deliver New Value-Creating IT Services forms them into specific agency outcomes, enrich the combination with Pepperweed’s no different than manufacturing takes in raw Evolution IP. • Reduce IT Project Risk materials and generates products. • Lower IT’s Total Cost of Ownership IT Infrastructure software vendors have spent • Support for Secure IT billions of dollars to assemble the technology Partner Infrastructures components needed to enable, deploy, and Technology People operate each step in the IT Value Chain. While Evolution Solutions vendors like HP now have complete suites across the IT Value Chain, your environments today are still a mix of multi-vendor technol- ogy silos that lack integration and disrupt the flow of your IT Value Chain. Integrating Evolution IP these technology silos requires deep product knowledge, best practices, skills, processes and experience working in multi-vendor IT Pepperweed Federal works environments within a range of government agencies. with your IT organizations to move from disparate technology silos to an integrated IT Value Chain.
  2. 2. Pepperweed HP BTO Evolution Solutions Federal Client Sampling Each one of our solutions is targeted at solving specific problems faced by IT organizations in Delivering Evolution-based building IT Value Chains. To deliver on your specific requirements in the shortest time possible, solutions at a range with minimal risk and costs, our solutions combine: of agencies Partner Technology US Senate As an HP Software Platinum partner we leverage Partner NASA HP’s broad and deep BTO software suite as a core com- E Technology Missile Defense Agency ponent of our Federal solutions. We then add selected E Defense Information products and technology from other partners such as • Assess • Systems Agency xMatters, Integrien, and VMware. With deep experience • Roadmap • • Specify • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp in multi-vendor IT environments, we craft the right set • Deliver • of products to meet your agency’s specific requirements • US Army and budget. • USMC People – Services US Air Force FBI With more technical certifications than any other HP Software partner, and other certifications such as ITIL GSA v3, our people are experienced and trained to design, implement and integrate our solutions into your multi- vendor environment. Each of our US-based consultants Partner tap into our knowledge, defined processes and experi- People Evolution IP Technology gained over 14 years and over 2500 implementa- ence Enrichment Services Support tions ensuring each project is on time, on budget and • Assessment • HP Certified • Assess • Delivery Kits • Design Support • Roadmap delivers the desired value. Custom Scripts • Technology PartnersSpecify • • Multi-Vendor Integration • Integration • Expert • Implementation Administration • Deliver People – Support • Custom Configuration • Testing • Service Paks • Best Practices • Training With customer satisfactionSoftware • rates consistently over 90% and customer retention rates over 98%, Pepperweed Federal’s award winning HP Certified Support Center can fully support your installed HP products. With every support call, you immediately speak to a US based, senior level support engineer, with no administrative interme- diaries, who already understands your environment and has deep experience with the software you are using. Evolution IP Partner Evolution IP Technology Enriching our partner technology and people, Pepper- Enrichment Servi weed’s Evolution IP is the glueAssess • that binds everything • Delivery Kits • Asses • Design together. Whether it’s specificRoadmapkits, workflows, • delivery • Custom Scripts • Integr ©Pepperweed Consulting LLC, 2010 All rights reserved. • Specify software components or pre-built integrations into other • Multi-Vendor Integration • Implem • Testin vendor products, Evolution IP DeliverPepperweed Federal • allows • Custom Configuration • Trainin • Best Practices to implement projects faster, with less risk and ensure • Software everything integrates into your existing environment. GSA Schedule Pepperweed’s Information Technology Schedule 70 number is GS-35F-0349S. Pepperweed Federal can address the needs of the government IT community through the following Special Item Numbers (SINs): 132-33: Perpetual Software License. 132-34: Software Maintenance. 132-51: Information Technology Services. Pepperweed Federal • 1603 Carmody Court • Sewickley, PA 15143 • E-mail: • Telephone: 888.229.0145 • Fax: 412.291.3014 • All trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.