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Black (Still) Matters


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Black consumers have changed, but Black culture and Black consumerism continues to be relevant.

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Black (Still) Matters

  1. 1. BLACK !STILL"MATTERS" The Hunter-Miller Group, Inc.! Recognized Experts in African American Market Research and Consulting! .!
  2. 2. ONE MARKETER’S WORLDVIEW! “For whatever reason, marketers often ! like to focus more on women’s differences,! preferring fine-toothed segmentation and! consumer algorithms that split hairs ! instead of commonalities that can actually ! be marketed to. We think they’re missing ! the forest for the trees”.! - Mary Lou Quinlan" What She’s Not Telling You! 2
  3. 3. WHY MARY LOUMISSED THE TREES!Mary Lou, marketers andsociety believe it is forwardthinking to see beyond ethnicity,race and culture."It is not.! 3
  4. 4. engagement" equals" understanding the culture"Culture plays an important role in howBlack Americans perceive themselves, howothers perceive them, and how they connectwith brands."To reach them, it’s critical to understandwhat matters and what doesn’t withrespect to identity and Black culture. "
  6. 6. •  Black Americans have never been a monolith. But they have never been more different than as they are today." What Mary Lou•  Civil Rights continues to be a dividing line between two mindsets – won’t tell you those who fought for it and those who take it for granted."•  Black Americans are making huge strides in education, politics and business, while balancing their desire to stay connected with Black identity and Black culture."•  “Black today” doesn’t totally define Black Millennials. Most are open and 6! inclusive, yet many still want to congregate in spaces where there are other Black people like them.! 6
  7. 7. •  Being a single Black mom no longer means you are a “bad mom”."•  What Mary Lou are focusing on the importance of good More Black men role modeling and being more involved fathers." won’t tell you•  The Digital Divide is diminishing as Blacks are catching up with Caucasians in online access and surpassed them with mobile."•  There are a zillion successful media platforms created by Blacks for Blacks that support the strong and powerful 7! Black blogosphere." BLACK STILL MATTERS" 7