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Introduction to Umbraco


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Introduction to web site development with Umbraco

Published in: Technology
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Introduction to Umbraco

  1. 1. Web Site with Umbracoin 60 minutesGiuseppe Marchi Miro RadenovicDev4Side S.r.l. Dev4Side S.r.l.SharePoint MVP MCPD, MCTS,
  2. 2. Sponsor
  3. 3. Agenda• Umbraco vs All• Installation• Umbraco theory• An Umbraco website in.... X minutes 
  4. 4. What a CMS does?• A content management system (CMS) allows publishing, editing, and modifying content as well as site maintenance from a central page• Bla bla…• Bla bla blaaa!• Everything is cool.. but.. what about customizations?
  5. 5. You need a CMS for what?• Create complex web application• Reuse tools in a simple and flexible way• Easly Deploy, Run, and Debug• Work as a developer
  6. 6. Think Umbraco as a…or even better.. a friendly framework fordevelopers!
  7. 7. demoEnough talking...Show me UMBRACO !
  8. 8. Umbraco theory: Document types• Let’s start from the problem: build the news feature to your site.• Problems?
  9. 9. Customize your web application 1 • Tables in db 2 • Push/pull data UMBRACO DOCUMENT 3 • CRUD Forms TYPE 4 • Render
  10. 10. Umbraco theory: Document types• Database abstraction• CRUD forms• Display data into pages
  11. 11. demoWTF is a document type?
  12. 12. How Umbraco renders documenttypes? With PAGES ! Document Type Template Properties HTML + Place Holders Page web
  13. 13. How Umbraco renders documenttypes? With Macros! Document Type Properties Page web Macros
  14. 14. Umbraco theory: Macros UMBRACO MACRO USER XSLT RAZOR CONTROLS
  15. 15. Umbraco theory: Macros XSLT Transformation UMBRACO .NET Object NODES HTML Model + ASP.NET Controls for web pageIn XML format RAZOR View Engine
  16. 16. Comparison chart XSLT User Control Razor LogicGraphics
  17. 17. demoCode for Coders
  18. 18. THX 
  19. 19. Valutazione – Codice -> CMS2