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Los alumnos de 6º A se presentan en inglés. Presentación elaborada conjuntamente en Googledocs.

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Our class

  1. 1. Let's introduce ourselves Our English class
  2. 2. Hello!!!!! My name is María del Rocío  I am short  I am not rich I love the wii I hate Maths.
  3. 3. Hello!!! My name is Mónica. I 'm eleven years old. I 'm from Sevilla. My favourite colours are blue and pink. I 'm short.  I 'm not ugly. My favourite subject is English. My best friends are Paula and Ana. I love  dogs.
  4. 4. Hello!!! My name is MºMar.I'm eleven years  old.I'm  from Spain. My favourite colour is  pink.My hair is  black and long. I'm tall.I am not short.I like pears. I don't  like cats.I love dogs.I hate apples.
  5. 5. My name is Andrea I'm ten years old . I'm from Spain. My favourite colour is pink. I love  cats. I don't like bananas. I have got a twin sister I'm shy My best friend is MºMar 
  6. 6. My name is Ana I`m eleven years old  I`m from La Puebla del Rio. My favorite colour is purple  I like cats I don`t like horses I love dogs My favorite subject is Language
  7. 7.                       My name is Maria . I´m eleven years  old . I love studying Englishs I`m from Spain. My favourite singer is Hannah  Montana.I am short , I am not nervous I like swimming , I dont like playing football.
  8. 8. Hello¡¡ My name is Antonio.Im eleven years old.Im from Sevilla. I love Maths.I am not lazy.I am tall.My favourite football team is  Barcelona
  9. 9. Hello! My name is Alejandro. I'm from La Puebla del Rio. I'm nervous. I love playing football. I hate Maths and I love Science. My favourite football team BETIS. I like cars.
  10. 10.   Hello! My name is Lorenzo     I'm eleven years old I'm from La Puebla del Río    I'm nervous but clever   My favourite colours is green My favourite football team is the Real  Betis Balompie My love the cars
  11. 11.                         Hello My name  is Ernesto I´m 12 years old. I´m fran Spain  My favourite colour is yellow  My favourite football team is Sevilla
  12. 12. Hello!  My name is Laura. I'm twelve years old. I'm from Spain. My favourite colour is purple. My hair is long and blonde. I am nice. I am not thin, I am not  lazy, I am not funny. I like eatting icecreams I don't like running.
  13. 13. Hello!! My name is Coraima. My favourite colour is orange. I'm from Almerìa but I live in Sevilla. I'm eleven years old. My favourite pet is  a dog. I like  apples. I don't like  pears. My  football team is Real Betis Balompie.
  14. 14. Hello ¡! My name is José Manuel. I'm eleven years old. I'm from La Puebla del Río. I'm am very nervous . I'm not crazy. I like computers but I love music. I don't like bicycles but I hate running. My favourite football team is Real Betis Balompie and my favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo
  15. 15. Hello!!  My name is Andrea González. I´m  eleven years old. I´m from Puebla del Río. My favourite sinnger is Amaia Montero. I love studying  English. I hate eat inglentil. I am clever and  shy. I´m  not  lazy and silly. I like going to the beach. I  don´t  like  studying.
  16. 16. Hello!!! My name is Miguel.Im from La Puebla del Río.I am tall.My farourite football team is Betis and colour is green.
  17. 17. Hello! My name is Alba.I'm eleven  years old. I'm from Spain.My favourite singer is Hannah Montana.I'm nice.I am not thin.I like apples.I don't  like running.
  18. 18. My name is Paula I'm eleven years old I'm  from La Puebla  del  Río My favourite colour  is red My hair is long and blonde I like  horses I don't  like  dogs My  favourite  teacher  is Pepa  
  19. 19. Hello! My name is Juan Antonio I'm twelve years old I love dogs I love the Bikes the cross I love the cars
  20. 20. Hello!! My name is Alba Maria.I`m twelve years old. I`m from Spain.My favourite colour is purple. My  hair is brown and long. I am nice, Iam not fat,I like eating ice-creams,I don`t like running. My favourite  singers are Andy and Lucas. My favourite pet is cat and dog.          
  21. 21. My name is Antonio. I 'm twelve years old. I 'm from Sevilla. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite subject is computers My best friends are Alejandro Platero and Miguel Ángel.
  22. 22. My name is Ana. I'm teacher at the CEIP San Sebastián.I'm from La Puebla del Río.I like teaching Language.
  23. 23. Hello! My name is Pepa and I am the teacher. I'm from Cádiz but I live in Sevilla.   My favourite colour is red.    I love teaching but I am a little  grumpy