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This week in HR People Management (to 6 May)


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This week in HR People Management (to 6 May)

  1. 1.  Get HR news, comment and jobs daily by email. Sign up at This week in HR A round-up of the top HR and management stories Week ending 6 May 2011PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Follow us on… …and SlideShareChange in temp rulesaffects labour mix LINKS The forthcoming agency workers  regulations (AWR) are an opportunity for companies to reassess their workforce Government guidance: planning, a conference heard on Thursday. Allied Milling and Baking – the maker of Kingsmill and Sunblest – is aiming to “significantly” reduce its reliance on agency staff as a result of the legislation and a review of its resourcing, according to the company’s HR director, Nigel Toon. The regulations – thegovernment published its final guidance today – will come into force this October,and will entitle temporary workers to pay and conditions equal to that of permanentstaff after 12 weeks’ employment.Read the full stoRy at Can we ever cut the front line?  Thousands of nursing jobs ‘at risk from cuts’Read the full stoRy at recently reported the Royal College of Nursing motion of no confidence inhealth secretary Andrew Lansley – that “up to 40,000 NHS posts, half of themdoctors and nurses, could be lost in the proposed reform of the health service”.RCN said that it had “exposed the myth that front-line care and services would beprotected” when in fact the cuts would “have a catastrophic impact on patientsafety and care”. But Iain Mackinnon asks: are they right?Work visa applications fall under new rules  UK Border AgencyRead the full stoRy at’ concerns that immigration visa restrictions for skilled workers wouldstop talent coming to the UK appear to be unfounded, as the first month’sallocation leaves visas going spare. Of the available 4,200 restricted certificates ofsponsorship for skilled workers (as the work visas are known), only 1,028 weretaken up, according to figures from the UK Border Agency.Wage rises hold steady at 2.5 per cent, figures show  Incomes Data ServicesRead the full stoRy at UK pay rises have stabilised at 2.5 per cent, new data has revealed,although the deals lag far behind RPI inflation, which is 5.3 per cent. The latestfigures from Incomes Data Services found that, on average, pay awards hadremained the same in the three months to March 2011.Public service privatisation plans ‘to be scaled back’  Public-sector cuts ‘could create HR outsourcing boom’Read the full stoRy at People Management government has ruled out the “wholesale outsourcing” of public servicesto the private sector, a report by the BBC has claimed. A leaked memoobtained by the corporation said such a move would be politically “unpalatable”,as the coalition embarks on its efficiency drive to transform services and slashpublic spending.Average sickness absence falls  Fit note starts to reduce absence rates at DWPRead the full stoRy at People Management number of sick days the average UK employee is taking has dropped by 1.7 to 5days a year, research has revealed. Furthermore, 45 per cent of employees did nottake any days off sick in 2010, according to the 2011 Sickness Absence Survey frommanufacturers’ organisation the EEF and Westfield Health. ☛ MORE NEWS ON NEXT PAGE
  2. 2. ☛ PEOPLE MANAGEMENT ‘THIS WEEK IN HR’ CONTINUED... LINKSComment: A royal wedding and staff engagement  Engaging for Success: enhancing performance throughRead the full stoRy at employee engagementThe British have always struggled with the notion of heroism, pomp and ceremony. ironic then that, when they embrace the positive qualities of their nationalcharacteristics, they are actually capable of putting on a show without equal.Comment: Happily ever after for the couple?Read the full stoRy at’s already a year since David Cameron and Nick Clegg stood in the rose garden at10 Downing Street to seal their historic political partnership. But with economicand social tension almost certain to intensify in the coming months, the likelihoodis that this political marriage has yet to encounter its most rocky patch.Employee satisfaction hits record low in downturn  Read the full stoRy at A drop in living standards and job security has plunged workplace morale to record lows, according to the latest CIPD quarterly employee survey. The study of 2,000 UK employees found that staff satisfaction, and employee confidence and trust in senior leaders have dipped as economic conditions damage job security and standards of living. Staff satisfaction on the CIPD index – which measures thedifference between positive and negative answers – dropped to +34 from +39 lastquarter. This is the lowest level recorded since the survey started in spring 2009and a large fall from satisfaction scores of +42 just last November.EU ruling could limit sick leave holiday accrual  Employers face additional burden as ECJ grants holidayRead the full stoRy at during sick leaveA European Union ruling is set to clarify the limits of annual holiday rights for staff People Management sick leave, with broad implications for UK employers, law firm Eversheds hassaid. On Wednesday, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) was to decide how longholiday entitlement could continue to be accrued for and carried forward if aworker has been off sick, in the case of KHS AG v Winfried Schulte.‘Embrace change to boost employment for all ages’  Older workers beef up business at McDonald’sRead the full stoRy at People Management and staff must “embrace the changing shape of UK work” to increaseemployment for all ages, the head of the Employers’ Forum on Age (EFA) has toldPM. Denise Keating, chief executive of the EFA, said that the workplace was in themidst of a transition that meant there was “more work to be had”.Hutton: fair pay proposals ‘could extend to private sector’  Fair pay as ‘just desert’ – an interview with Will HuttonRead the full stoRy at People Management video departments have been given until the end of July to suggest howthey would implement the Hutton review on fair pay in the public sector, PeopleManagement has learnt. There are indications that this approach could soon beextended throughout the public sector, and that the government is consideringwhether to apply at least some of Will Hutton’s proposals to the private sectoras well. Use our classified guide People Management is Check out the latest to identify suppliers of the official magazine of vacancies, sign-up for job HR goods and services the Chartered Institute of details by email, upload your Personnel and Development CV and get careers advice © People Management is published on behalf of the CIPD by Personnel Publications Ltd, 17-18 Britton Street, London EC1M 5TP subscriptions Magazine 020 8950 9117 CIPD members 020 8612 6208 editorial General 020 7324 2729 News 020 7324 2729 PM Online 020 7324 2733 Email