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This Week in HR – People Management (to 4 March)


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This Week in HR – People Management (to 4 March)

  1. 1.  Get HR news, comment and jobs daily by email. Sign up at This week in HR A round-up of the top HR and management stories Week ending Friday 4 March 2011 Follow us on… …and SlideShareGovernment clears upconfusion over DRA LINKS The government has amended  Draft regulations move goalposts on DRA abolition controversial draft regulations People Management governing the end of the default retirement age (DRA), after employers and legal experts had voiced concerns about its impact. The initial draft regulations laid before Parliament last month said that only people who would turn 65 between 6 April and 30 September of this yearcould be forcibly retired, suggesting that those aged 65 or over before 6April were already protected. However, the draft has now been revised toconfirm that employers can lawfully retire any employee who is already 65or will turn 65 on or before 30 September 2011.Read the full story at calls for shake-up of vocational education  Review of vocational education - The Wolf ReportRead the full story at government should give more funding to employer-led apprenticeshipsand training and take it away from vocational qualifications that offer nothingto the employability of young people, a report has recommended. The WolfReport criticised the system of vocational education for having “perverseincentives” which steer colleges and learners into qualifications that “havelittle or no value”.Police to face pay cuts, warns home secretary  Police pay reviewRead the full story at to police pay are “unavoidable” if further job losses in the country’s forcesare to be averted, according to the home secretary, Theresa May. In order toprotect front-line services but give taxpayers a “fair deal”, the policing billmust be reduced, she told a meeting of chief constables. Three-quarters of thepolice budget – £11 billion – is spent on pay, and the government is planning tocut its funding for forces by 20 per cent by 2015.Civil service recruitment freeze extended  Sir Gus O’Donnell: Job applicants swamp civil serviceRead the full story at BBC government has announced an extension to the temporary recruitmentfreeze for the civil service that was put in place last May. Restrictions on fillingempty posts, originally set to end with the 2010/11 financial year, will nowcontinue subject to an ongoing review, potentially lasting until the end of thespending review period in 2015. Extending the block on hiring is part ofbroader efforts to curb spending and save an additional £3 billion by the end ofthis financial year, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said.ECJ decision on insurance hits pension annuities  Equality Act 2010 - what it means for HRRead the full story at People Management European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision on gender discrimination in thepricing of insurance will be detrimental to people’s pension income inretirement, experts say. The insurance industry has traditionally used theassumption that women live longer than men to inform the size of annuitythat people can buy with their pension savings when they retire. But thispractice has been ruled discriminatory by the court, which also rejected the ☛ MORE NEWS ON NEXT PAGEpractice of pricing car insurance according to gender risk factors.
  2. 2. ☛ PEOPLE MANAGEMENT ‘THIS WEEK IN HR’ CONTINUED... LINKSComment: Accountability can get women on boards  Equality Act 2010 - what it means for HRRead the full story at People Management to the Davies report, Fiona Cannon, diversity and inclusiondirector of Lloyds Banking Group, says that active sponsorship of potentialfemale leaders, together with making firms accountable for their genderbalance, are the ways to get more women into top positions.Comment: Managing an age-diverse workforce  Legislative timetable – what’s new in the lawRead the full story at People Management Brown writes that the abolition of the default retirement age willrequire much more of employers than merely complying with legislation –they will have to get better at workforce planning, communication andperformance management.GSK to pay tuition fees for graduate recruits  KPMG offers to pay school leavers’ tuition fees Read the full story at People Management GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has pledged to reimburse the full tuition fees of its future graduate trainees, in response to next year’s tripling of university charges. The initiative could cost the pharmaceutical giant up to £3 million per year, as it recruits between 50 and 100 graduates annually, who will have paid as much as £27,000 each inuncapped tuition fees from 2012. Payments to reimburse the cost of tuition feeswill be made once recruits have entered full employment, and on thecondition they remain with GSK for two years.HSBC reveals numbers of top earning staff  HSBC becomes first bank to detail pay for top earners payRead the full story at The Telegraph has published revealing data for the earnings of its top executives under newdisclosure rules imposed in Hong Kong. The bank reported that globally more than250 of its staff earn more than £1 million, while more than a third of staff (89)taking home this amount were based in the UK. Globally, the five highest paidindividuals earned a combined £34.3 million including pensions and bonuses.Report casts doubt on shared services savings  Shared Necessities: The next generation of shared servicesRead the full story at New Local Government Network planning to share back-office services, including HR, to achieve largebudget cuts have been challenged by a report that suggests savings will be aslittle as 3.6 per cent. The report, Shared Necessities: the next generation ofshared services, said that even if back-office shared services achieved“maximum efficiency”, savings would only amount to 3.6 per cent. It addedthat a more realistic figure for potential savings was half that, or 1.8 per cent.Pfizer leaders challenged over site closure  Cameron kept in dark over Pfizer closureRead the full story at Financial Times’s top executives have been forced to defend to MPs the pharmaceuticalcompany’s decision to shut its research and development site in Sandwich.At a meeting of the Science and Technology Committee on Monday, MPsraised concerns about the government’s late notification of the move and alack of alternative options to the Kent closure, which will cost up to 2,400jobs. But bosses denied claims that severance pay for those affected by theclosure was being cut from its current level. Standard severance pay wouldremain at three-and-a half weeks per year of service, although an employeeconsultation about the redundancies was still ongoing. People Management is Check out the latest Use our classified guide the official magazine of vacancies, sign-up for job to identify suppliers of the Chartered Institute of details by email, upload your HR goods and services Personnel and Development CV and get careers advice © People Management is published on behalf of the CIPD by Personnel Publications Ltd, 17-18 Britton Street, London EC1M 5TP subscriptions Magazine 020 8950 9117 CIPD members 020 8612 6208 editorial General 020 7324 2729 News 020 7324 2729 PM Online 020 7324 2733 Email