PM webinar People Power - Lucile Leclercq slides


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Lucile Leclercq's powerpoint presentation from the June 27 webinar from People Management magazine – People power: Sourcing brilliant ideas using social media.

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PM webinar People Power - Lucile Leclercq slides

  1. 1. Our journey towards social business© Sogeti © Lucile Leclercq
  2. 2. Sogeti Owned by Cap Gemini S.A. (Paris Stock Exchange) IT/technology services provider consulting company 20,000 employees in 15 countries© Sogeti © Lucile Leclercq
  3. 3. TeamPark Our Global Social Collaboration Platform 2008 : Innovation Jam & Selection of IBM Connections 2009 : Launch TeamPark to 20,000 people in 15 countries 2012 : 10,000 users - 64% adoption (97% Nordics - 26% India) 1900 communities, 900 blogs, 5000 wiki pages© Sogeti © Lucile Leclercq
  4. 4. Lucile LECLERC? Global Social Collaboration Driver Driving adoption and usage of the platform for 20,000 people in 15 countries Leading social business transformation Stockholm France years Social Media TeamPark© Sogeti © Lucile Leclercq
  5. 5. Chy D TeamPark The answer to an evolution and a necessity Acceleration of knowledge and information sharing across the globe supported by innovative technologies Business challenges as a global knowledge company geographical expansion globalisation of our services knowledge retention & sharing innovation employee engagement - people centric© Sogeti © Lucile Leclercq
  6. 6. Innovation on TeamPark How does it help us to innovate D Managed Innovation : Innovation Labs - CoE - R&D Communities knowledge sharing from gurus & experts opening our research institute to the whole company collaboration across borders (Centers of Excellence, App Development...) stay in touch with clients expectations and experiences Spontaneous Innovation : Communities per Practice / Solution / Technology professionals reporting needs or issues & brainstorming emergence of new innovators / heroes creation of cross-discipline communities (Mobile Testing, Banking...) gather different networks of people new solutions to proactively respond to client’s needs© Sogeti © Lucile Leclercq
  7. 7. It´s an evolution and not just a tool My job D Leading change Communication Strategy story telling / legitimacy - spreading of the vision - awareness - with Marcoms push adoption Strategic Positioning global & national level - support our business strategy - with top-mgmt Training & Education training sessions and workshops for targeted groups - push usage - with HR focus on mgmt - how to be a social leader & how to handle sensitive situations Community Management mgmt of communities for users - bonding & trust = engagement moderation - push collaboration and networking on the spot© Sogeti © Lucile Leclercq
  8. 8. Remember Chen going for a social collaboration tool Don’t underestimate the scale and depth of the evolution it’s NOT an IT project - it takes time - how we do business / who we are - collaborative spirit = cultural change Secure Leadership & Management Support and Engagement build-up leaders - spread the vision - make sure managers understand their role - coordinate actions Work on Governance before issues pop-up involve legal - do workshops - create processes and guidelines for staff & users Be sure to have a Clear Adoption Strategy & Regular Communications from pre-launch to Year+2 - training is ESSENTIAL - cultural diversity local ambassadors Work ahead on integration & accessibility positioning of the tool - accessibility - SSO - mobile© Sogeti © Lucile Leclercq
  9. 9. LucileLeclercK on Twitter© Sogeti © Lucile Leclercq