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Small Business Benefits Landscape Infographic


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PeopleKeep worked with over 400 small businesses to assess their use of and priorities for employee benefits in 2019 and 2020.

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Small Business Benefits Landscape Infographic

  1. 1. The top five reasons employers selected a health reimbursement arrangement include “It’s the right thing to do.” Small Business Benefits Landscape The data from this study were sourced by a June 2019 online survey of 400 U.S.-based qualified small employers (1-49 employees) who were currently offering a QSEHRA to employees. This research was generated by PeopleKeep. Copyright © Inc. 2019. PeoplekeepⓇ is a registered trademark of Peoplekeep, Inc. Learn more at How are small businesses thinking about, prioritizing, and budgeting for health and non-health benefits in 2019? 21.6% It’s the right thing to do 21.6% Group insurance is too expensive 20.1% Overall employee retention 12.2% Overall employee recruiting 6.9% Retain one or two existing employees 41.8% Increase wages 17.6% Increase health reimbursement allowance 14.0% Add another benefit 15.9% Add retirement benefit 5.3% Increase retirement benefit 5.3% Contribute to employees' health savings accounts Top priorities for small businesses that anticipate having extra budget are increasing wages (41.8%) and increasing health reimbursement allowances (17.6%). 27.7% reimburse cell phone expenses 13.4% reimburse for commuter / transit expenses 61.0% reimburse for professional development / continuing education expenses In addition to health benefits, small business employers are reimbursing other expenses... of small businesses are prioritizing increasing benefits in the next 12 months. 1 in 10 have already planned increases. Over half see benefits increases as likely to occur. of small businesses do not plan on increasing benefits in the next 12 months. 47.6% cited lack of budget 23.8% recently made increases 21% don’t think this is necessary 7.7% cited other reasons