10 Reasons You Could be a Recruiter


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Often times, those who are successful in recruiting have just "fallen into it". With 40+ years of combined recuriting experience we've identified 10 traits that most successful recruiters have in common. In fact, you might have the majority of those traits yourself and if you do - then consider recruiting as a career!

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10 Reasons You Could be a Recruiter

  1. 10 you could be a …and not even know it
  2. 1 YOU ARE A PEOPLE PERSON This might sound clichéd but yes, you love working with people. In recruiting, that enjoyment is a must. We work with clients, candidates, colleagues and the community on a daily basis. People are literally our business. 2 I ‘m a people Wow, and to think all this person! time you thought you were a cat person!
  3. 2You aredeterminedNo one is completely fearless and life isanything but a smooth ride, but becauseyou love being in the driver’s seat andmaking a difference, you can move pastthe challenges that might come your way.
  4. The perfect combination. If you love coming up with your own ideas and feel you have a creative approach to problem and solution solving, then call us…maybe?
  5. 4 you trust your intuition There is always a level of intuition and gut feeling that is used in business.Yours has served you well in the past and youtrust it to guide you when BOOK OF INTUITION you need it.
  6. 5 You areconfidentYou know what you’recapable of and you knowwho you are. Yourconfidence allows you tomake meaningfulconnections and importantdecisions. You don’t getintimidated easily.
  7. I really like how Outlookkeeps track of my lifefor me.It’s nice to know that 6 you lovesomeone out thereseems to really get me. Time management is your middle name. Recruiting is a fast paced business with multiple priorities and your love of organization and skills with managing your time will be a nice fit with us.
  8. 7Sometimes common sense doesn’tseem all that…common.We can take this for granted butcommon sense is an important aspectof business.You can see the details, from small tolarge but you also know that if youcan’t solve something on your own,common sense dictates reaching outto get help from others.
  9. 8 business development You loveRecruiting firms are typicallysales environments so if youlove sales and buildingrelationships then recruitingcould be for you.Recruiters are skilled atbusiness development andbuilding client partnerships.We listen closely to what ourclient’s needs really are.
  10. Y ou’ve got a knack forYou understand how business operates andwhat it takes to make (and keep) a businesssuccessful. P&L, budgets, staff, businessoperations…you know how the dots connectand love connecting them for others.
  11. You really dig networking and building relationshipsYou already are apeople person, sobuilding relationships,getting out in thebusiness communityand talking to people isjust something you donaturally.
  12. . If you’ve identified with all 10 then you could be what we are looking for in a recruiter . get in touch to find out more about a recruiting career with us, our team and why we love what we do so much. www.peoplefirsthr.com 204.940.3983 recruiting@peoplefirsthr.com EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF PEOPLERight now we are only recruiting in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but with plans to expand, you never know when we could be looking in other provinces.