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People Discovery: For the Lonely or the Friendly


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39% of Americans spend more time socializing online than face-to-face. As friendships themselves increasingly migrate online, it’s only natural that friendship-making will too. People discovery applications all vie to be the best place to meet new people, as Jon Swartz said, “It's digital Darwinism at warp speed.”

These networks must solve not only how to create online friendships, but also can they blur the offline and online worlds to turn online friends into in-real-life friends? These apps attempt to answer how technology can replicate “the spark” – that moment of meeting someone special, and how these meetings can translate into real friendships.

Few in-person encounters are utterly random: there is usually a shared interest or commonality that brings them together. Join MeetMe, Badoo, and Tagged as they discuss loneliness, engineering serendipity, and how online encounters can become offline friendships for the masses.

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People Discovery: For the Lonely or the Friendly

  1. 1. People Discovery: For the Lonely or the Friendly?"In an era of social discovery and the urgency of now, those who dont adapt quickly will perish. Its digital Darwinism at warp speed.” – Jon Swartz, USA Today 1
  2. 2. What is People Discovery? The Reimagination of the Bar or Club It’s a place where members can go meet new people and just hang out 2
  3. 3. Four Categories of Social Networking 3
  4. 4. People Discovery Has Its Own Social GraphMore than 70% of MeetMe members have less than 10% overlap between their Facebook and MeetMe friends.Source: MeetMe Survey. June 2012. 6,754 responses. 4
  5. 5. People Discovery is BIG People are social, and one of the core uses of the Internet since its inception has been to make new friends. As friendships themselves increasingly migrate online, it’s only natural that friendship making will too. MeetMe & Tagged are Badoo has more than top 10 social media 150M members properties in the US!1 globally!1comScore US. June 2012 by page views. 5
  6. 6. How Big is Social (People) Discovery?
  7. 7. Moderator: Jon Swartz, USA Today Jon Swartz, USA TODAY’s award-winning technology reporter and Pulitzer Prize nominee, covers Silicon Valley trends, social media and profiles CEOs. A high-tech journalist since 1987, Swartz has written for Forbes, The (London) Independent, London Times, San Francisco Chronicle and New Orleans Times-Picayune. He has won numerous journalism awards and is a two-time finalist for the Loebs, the Pulitzers of business reporting. He has been nominated four times for the Pulitzer Prize. Swartz is co-author of Zero Day Threat: The Shocking Truth of How Banks and Credit Bureaus Help Cyber Crooks Steal Your Money and Identity and author of Young Wealth. Swartz appears regularly on NBC-Bay Areas Press: Here technology show. 7
  8. 8. Company Profile: MeetMe Geoff Cook – Co-founded myYearbook in 2005. The company rebranded to MeetMe in June 2012, and is based in New Hope, PA. #1 most visited social network for meeting new people in the US. #3 social network and #18 most trafficked site in the US by page views.1 1.6+ billion page views per month. Comparable web page views to Twitter in the US. Growth in mobile applications – now 60% of daily logins compared to 2% in 2010. #1 Top-Grossing Social App on Android.2 MeetMe is the public market leader in social discovery.1 comscore US, June. 2012: MeetMe vs. Tagged and Badoo.2 Google Play Top Grossing Social Apps on 5/18/12. 8
  9. 9. Company Profile: Tagged Greg Tseng: Greg Tseng co-founded Tagged in 2004 and has served as CEO since its inception. He has been a driving force in creating with his co-founder and friend, Johann Schleier-Smith. 300,000,000 registered members on Tagged and wholly owned hi5. 100,000 new friend connections monthly. Available in 200+ countries in 20+ languages. 3rd Largest Social Network in the US by visits.1 2nd only to Facebook in loyalty and engagement.2 Profitable since 2008.1Total USA Visits January 2012 Hitwise2Visits per Visitor comScore December 2011 9
  10. 10. Check Out the Panel to Learn Do people really need more friends? Aren’t real life friends enough? Who needs to make friends online? Isn’t people discovery synonymous with dating? What does "engineering serendipity” mean, and how do these platforms do it? So you’re “friends” online, now what? Is this a true friend? How do you blur the online and offline worlds to cement these new friendships? Where is people discovery headed? Hyperlocal? Video? Games? Interests? Algorithms and compatibility? 10