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Mobile website what, why, how to create


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Why to create mobile website? How to create mobile website? Is it time already to create a mobile website? Does your business require mobile website? - Get your questions answered here.

Know some interesting facts and figures of mobile website.

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Mobile website what, why, how to create

  1. 1. Web: www.peopleace.comEmail: Call Us: +91 281 2468291
  2. 2. The Significance of theMobile Websites
  3. 3. Between the 2009 and 2011,the Mobile Web Browsing Increased by Whooping 1000%!
  4. 4. Mobile Websites Have Increased from under1% to more than 7% of Market Share in about Two Years
  5. 5. According to 43% People,The Mobile Web is Their Main Way of Accessing Internet
  6. 6. Mobile Web is All Set to Entirely Replacethe Conventional Web Browsing in 2015
  7. 7. Websites that are Specially Designed for the Computers, Wont Fit Mobile Screens
  8. 8. Some of the Web Graphicscan be Too Large to Load for Smart phones
  9. 9. Mobile Phone Users Discard The Web Sites Faster Than The Usual Computer Users
  10. 10. You Will LoseYour Prospective Customerswithout The Mobile - Optimized Website!
  11. 11. Mobile Users Wont Return Even to Your Laptop or Desktop ComputersIn Case, They Had Bad Experience in Mobile with Your Website!
  12. 12. A Mobile Web ExpertMay Produce A Mobile Website For You!
  13. 13. Mobile Web Users Like the Websites Having Your Basic but Most Important Details
  14. 14. Important Details Include:Location Having GPS Navigation
  15. 15. Phone Number with Click-to-Call
  16. 16. Hours of Operation with Easy-to-Read Fonts
  17. 17. Easy Opt-In for Getting Text Offers
  18. 18. A Calendar for Specialized Sales or Events
  19. 19. Photos for Products or Menu Items
  20. 20. How Can A Mobile Websites Aid to Your Business?
  21. 21. With Connecting Your Business toThe New Mobile Customers
  22. 22. The Mobile Websites Are IncreasingBusiness Revenue & Exposure
  23. 23. will Rank YourBusinesses Higher, If You Havea Mobile Website!
  24. 24. Today,All The Business Owners Should Think About Mobile Websites
  25. 25. Are You and Your Business Prepared to Capture Always Ready to Buy‘ Mobile Customers?
  26. 26. If Yes, Then What Are You Waiting for?The Mobile Revolution is on The Roll!
  27. 27. Mobile Devices and Websites are Changing the Web
  28. 28. Contact Us to Know More. And for Those Who Want toCreate A Mobile Websitefor Their Business........
  29. 29. We Make Custom Mobile Websites Our Website Promotes and Reflect Your Business Interests Impress your customers!Make your website look great on mobile + computer. Your Custom Website will make Get a leg up your Competitors Be a winner!
  30. 30. Contact Us to Discuss Your CustomMobile Website RequirementsThank you!PeopleAceOutsourcing Solutions Provider–Web, Mobile, Marketing, BPOCall us at +91 281 2468291Email: info@peopleace.comVisit our website to know moreabout us and our services