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Search vs.research pptx


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Search vs.research pptx

  1. 1. SEARCH VS. RESEARCH Search Research Explore To find something Scholarly (academic) investigation or inquiry To study thoroughly planned Tools Key word “Internet” Search Tools Research Databases Advanced “Internet” Search E-books Print books
  2. 2. SEARCH VS. RESEARCH Use “Search” knowledge above mentioned to Plan and Organize Research 1. 2. 3. 4. Plan..What you will search (search terms) Plan & Organize..where you will search (sources) Evaluation of Sources Advanced Search w/ limiters.
  3. 3. SEARCH2.0 Paperless RSS –Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication. Search should feed you Paperli, Scoopit, Feedly, Issuu Googlereader/Google Alerts EBSCO/Gale RSS feed Google Alert
  4. 4. SEARCH IS MORE THAN A KEY WORD SEARCH IN GOOGLE Advanced Google Search Advanced Image search Creative Commons