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Strategic Insights Study Marketing Strategy Sample


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Penton Digital Research Strategic Insights Study Marketing Strategy Sample

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Strategic Insights Study Marketing Strategy Sample

  1. 1. Strategic Insights Study Client XYZ | October 1 – December 31, 2013 Client XYZ Building a Marketing & Engagement Roadmap
  2. 2. Additional Marketing Opportunities
  3. 3. | 3 Client XYZ SEO Recommendations Website Crawler Errors 1031 140 38 24 11 9 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Missing Meta Description Tag Duplicate Page Title Duplicate Page Content Title Element Too Long (> 70 characters) Too Many On-Page Links 4XX (Client Error) Missing Meta Description Tag Duplicate Page Title Duplicate Page Content Title Element Too Long (> 70 characters) Too Many On-Page Links 4XX (Client Error) Errors and Warnings 1031 140 38 24 11 9
  4. 4. | 4 Client XYZ SEO Recommendations Meta Data Display Example Title within character length but no descriptors that could be useful in organic search Complete lack of meta description or keywords that could be used to find the site through organic search results Acceptable number of on-page links Header Title is H2, rather than H1, and doesn’t include any descriptors or words that could be considered useful for organic search
  5. 5. | 5 Definitions: Root Domains – The domain name you need to register with a TLD extension. Examples: *.Client * Subdomains – The “third level” domain name that is free to create under another owned root domain. Examples: Cleanseries.Client Subfolders – The folders within a root domain address. Example: Client Competitor Search engines use various metrics to determine website credibility and relevance. Metrics applied to pages of a website are things such as PageRank. Thoughout years of experience, observation and testing, SEO experts have observed some steady patterns of behavior including the following: • Individual pages benefit from being on power subdomains and root domains. • Individual subdomain pages DO NOT always inherit the positive metrics and ranking ability of other pages within a root domain. • Some subdomains GET NO BENEFIT from the root domain they’re on. • Individual subfolder pages DO appear to receive all the benefits of the root domain and behave remarkably similarly, no matter what subfolder under a given subdomain they are on. Client XYZ SEO Recommendations Subdomain vs. Subfolders Strategy Recommendations
  6. 6. | 6 Client XYZ SEO Recommendations Root Domain/Folder Structure Example – Competitor 1 Competitor 1 employs a single domain brand strategy with multiple subfolders, which creates a consistent URL structure for all high level categories and products on its website: http://www.Competitor Competitor 1’ single domain strategy, paired with multiple subfolders, give priority pages sitelinks in short tail keyword searches such as “Competitor 1”. Top Organic Listing Sitelinks
  7. 7. Amazon and Google Product OptimizationTips to optimize for Amazon and Google as well as a product listing example
  8. 8. | 8 Amazon Product Optimization New Product Example Client XYZ is not currently utilizing Amazon as a sales platform, but this is how one of their products would appear should they decide to use product feeds outside of their own site. Properly sized image File name is proper length and includes research approved keywords Allows for reviews and rating of products Overview of product includes important and engaging bullet points
  9. 9. | 9 Google Product Optimization Current Product Example Sold by third party retailers rather than directly from Client XYZ Some description but none that coincide with descriptors from the Client XYZ site and no relevant, research approved keyword that can be used for organic search
  10. 10. | 10 Google Product Optimization Product Example Description fits within limits and includes research approved keywords Product sold via Client XYZ site rather than a third party retailer Title fits within character limits and includes research approved keywords
  11. 11. Thank You Krista Montes de Oca Senior Strategic Insights Analyst (571) 388-5016 Jen Cintora Social Media Coordinator (970) 203-2855 Julia Niiro Practice Lead, Business & Social Strategy (970) 203-2839