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Swapnalipi productions ppt

  1. 1. Lucku Kicku Checku
  2. 2. The Show This is an interactive game show with an exciting opportunity to win about Rs. 9,999,999 rupees in principle for every episode by the participants. The format is simple, and the skill set necessary is basic, allowing for participation of almost anybody. The gross duration of the show is one hour
  3. 3. People and participants This is an anchor-presented show. The anchor is helped by a model manning the bank counter, an invited celebrity guest. The celebrity guest will be drawn from various walks of life like cinema, sports, politics, etc. Each episode will see four participants.
  4. 4. Celebrity role At the outset, the celebrity is asked to enter a number not less than of seven digits on a huge cheque presented to him, which is the number the participants seek to guess by the end of the game show. The celebrity will be actively involved in providing hints and interacting with the participants.
  5. 5. Helping beauties The bank teller counter is manned by a beautiful model, who announces the score and aggregate after each round. A model will be present to communicate messages, and hints, which are privy to a particular participant based on his wins.
  6. 6. Show Format The show will have various rounds, each involving performing a task or answering questions. At the end of each round, the winning participant gets a hint about the digit in the particular place value, from the celebrity and gets to guess the number. The correctly guessed amount will be credited to the participant in the particular place value.
  7. 7. Show Format Upon failure of the first participant to guess the number correctly, the chance is passed on to the second best and so on. Conclusion of first round will see the number in units’ place value guessed, second hundreds’, third thousands’, fourth ten thousands’. The fifth and sixth rounds will see the lakhs’ and ten lakhs’ place values guessed.
  8. 8. Rounds Exciting ideas for interesting rounds have been designed, from among which, rounds in varying number can be incorporated according to the constraints of time. The rounds can be broadly classified as funny tasks and quiz.
  9. 9. Rounds #1 Rapid fire question-answer #2 A Paragraph is displayed on a digital screen. A frequently recurring word/ words have to be omitted while reading, without uttering the word. #3 Several objects are placed at a distance of about 1 cm directly before the eyes and the participant asked to guess the object placed.
  10. 10. Rounds #4 A basketball hoop is placed in the set and each participant is asked to shoot the basketball into the hoop to score a point. Of course, there is a catch. The participant has to wear binoculars while he is at it. Variants of this idea will be incorporated to avoid monotony and make it more interesting.
  11. 11. Rounds #5 Questionnaire #6 buzzer round (questionnaire) #7 buzzer round (questionnaire) The sixth and seventh rounds will eliminate any knowledge gap differential among the participants and will have simple questions with only the buzzer being the deciding factor.
  12. 12. Example Let us say the celebrity entered a number 2,324,597. This translates to potential winnings of twenty three lakh, twenty four thousand five hundred and ninety seven. First round will requires 7 to be guessed, second 9, and so on. In the third round, a participant who has not scored yet can guess 5 to get a credit of 597 in his a/c, even as the other participants have 97 and 7 in their respective accounts.
  13. 13. The Kick of the LOTTERY The instinct for guessing and enjoying the thrill of winning is the basis for lottery as an unquestioned global phenomenon. Translating this into a television format ensures a continuous and exciting entertainment avenue.