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Green shipping technology_tidetech_presentation


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How next generation met-ocean data can save shipping companies up to 12% in fuel consumption and reduce global carbon emissions from shipping

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Green shipping technology_tidetech_presentation

  1. 1. Beyond weather routingHow next generation oceanographic data canimprove voyage optimisation andperformance, www.tidetech.orgPenny HaireManaging Director, Tidetech
  2. 2. About Us – key activities• Specialists in oceanographicmodelling, data acquisition,evaluation and application• Ex UK Government researchScientists with professional mariners• Accurate, validated tidal and oceancurrents, plus mesoscalemeteorology, waves and SST data• Global Data Coverage• Focus on commercial shippingTidetech products overviewPlease click on image to view video
  3. 3. Who are we dealing with?Customers• Americas Cup• Volvo Ocean Race• 2012 Olympics (AustralianTeam)• Carnival Cruise Lines• Brittany Ferries• Inter-Islander Ferries NZ• Star CruisesPartners• ENIRAM• NAPA• Sam Electronics– More on the way
  4. 4. Tidetech Coverage – Tidal ModelsWorld Background map courtesy of C-MAP and Expedition Marine
  5. 5. Coverage – English ChannelOfficial data vs Tidetech DataBackground chart courtesy of C-MAP and Expedition MarineTidetech
  6. 6. Coverage – Singapore / Malacca StraitsOfficial data vs Tidetech DataBackground chart courtesy of C-MAP and Expedition MarineTidetech
  7. 7. Coverage – China SeaOfficial data vs Tidetech DataBackground images courtesy of UKHO, C-MAP and Expedition MarineTidetech
  8. 8. Coverage –San FranciscoOfficial data vs Tidetech DataBackground images courtesy of NOAA, C-MAP and Expedition MarineTidetech
  9. 9. Accuracy with High ResolutionSan Francisco 100m model
  10. 10. AccuracyOfficial Data vs Tidetech – Tidal CurrentsPlease click on image to view video
  11. 11. Application in the real worldTidal Data
  12. 12. 1. Passage Optimisation – Integration with planning softwarePlease click on image to view video
  13. 13. Passage Optimisation – English ChannelPlease click on image to view video
  14. 14. 2. Star Cruises – integration with NAPA systems.Complete voyage optimisationImages courtesy of NAPA Voyage Optimisation and Star Cruises
  15. 15. Indicative Benefit Analysis (per mth)Unit Saving Vessel Speed IFO Cost (ton) Projected Saving(fuel only)1% 18kn $USD 600 $14,800Assumptions Ship - 8,000 TEU ContainerConsumption - 105 t per day @ 18knIFO - $USD 600 per tonSteaming Days - 23.5 per mth (280 per annum)
  16. 16. Cost / Benefit AnalysisOur experience is showing an on average between 1 – 5%fuel saving over timeUnit SavingIFO Only Saving($USD)Tidetech Data Cost($USD per vessel /mth) Net Benefit1% $14,800 $100 $14,7002% $29,600 $100 $29,5003% $44,400 $100 $44,3004% $59,200 $100 $59,1005% $74,000 $100 $73,900
  17. 17. 3. Simplest Option – Web viewerPlease click on image to view video
  18. 18. Min timeMax time60 mins difference = 11% saving4. Timetable planning – Brittany Ferries
  19. 19. Dynamic DataMeteorologyOcean CurrentsSea Surface TemperatureSpecial Purpose Data– Salinity, Chlorophyll etc
  20. 20. Ocean Currents
  21. 21. Ocean Surface currents - traditional viewPilot Chart reproducedcourtesy of NOAA
  22. 22. The Reality – Ocean ReanalysisSource – NASA / MITPlease click on image to view video
  23. 23. Ocean Current Forecasts:How accurate are they?14th April 2013Background chart courtesy of C-MAP and Expedition Marine
  24. 24. Application in the real worldOcean Current Data
  25. 25. 3) Carnival Cruise Lines USA StudyBackground chart courtesy of C-MAP and Expedition Marine
  26. 26. Carnival Cruise Line Time savings3.1%3.3%
  27. 27. Integration with ECDIS for CarnivalCourtesy SAM Electronics / LG
  28. 28. All Data TypesIntegration / Implementation Options• Direct– Online viewer– Raw data for your internaluse– Customised solutions• via third party– ECDIS– Complete voyageoptimisation (NAPA,ENIRAM)– Weather Routing provider– Performance monitoring
  29. 29. Products and Indicative PricingStandard Data Set– Global coverage– Tidal Currents – 1 monthprediction– Ocean Currents - 7 dayforecast– Waves – 7 day forecast– Wind / MSLP – 7 day forecast– Sea Surface Temperature$USD 100 per vessel / monthShoreside use – flat fee bynegotiation
  30. 30. How can YOU use Tidetech?Existing solutions areavailable via our partners(NAPA, ENIRAM etc)Direct SupplyWe can provide Tidetechthrough our onlineviewer for Ship or Shore-side applicationVia ECDIS orSolutionproviderIntroduce us to yoursolution / equipmentproviderWe can integrate our datawith your ship-borne or shore-side systemsCONTACT US
  31. 31. For Product Catalogue and CoveragePlease visit us at