Economic rebirth the end of suffering – what a revolution is.


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The End of Suffering has arrived… if you choose it. It’s time for your Economic Rebirth. Let’s talk about What A Revolution Is.

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Economic rebirth the end of suffering – what a revolution is.

  1. 1. Economic Rebir th: The End ofSuffering – What A Revolution Isby PenniJames | on December 10, 2012The End of Sufferinghas arrived… if you choose it. It’s time for your Economic Rebirth .Let’s talk about What A Revolution Is.Click Below, sign in with your email, and continue the discussion.We’re gonna talk about the three things we need to do to makemoney,and how it works every time.I want to talk to you about something very serious that’s going onright now.People throw this word around ‘Revolution‘ and they say we’re inthe midst of itor we’re on the brink of it.And I think so many people have a wrongimpression of What A Revolution Is ,or they think it means, standing out in the streets,or anarchy, or about raising arms or violence, or starving yourself……or sacrifice.And I want to clarify that’s it’s none of those things.
  2. 2. When I say What A Revolution Iswhat I mean is The End of Suffering.What we are about to encounter is The End ofSuffering.Of course revolutions are always going on,in our minds, and through our conciseness.It’s the very nature of the universe to be constantly revolvingand as it does so spiral horizontally we are also always movingverticallyso that every once in a while a quantum leap takes place.And we dramatically change.That kind of powerful change that I speak ofis about to take place.
  3. 3. I mean an End of the Revolution as we know it.Why do revolutions takeplace?Always to grow to more happiness, more fulfillment,in life, relationships, business, marketing, justice.And as long as the revolution continues, we will still be fighting,we will still be suffering.But something amazing’s about to happen.You’re about to make a powerful breakthrough.You’re about to witness, experience, and be a part of what’s going tobe known as
  4. 4. The End of Suffering.No more standing in the streets if you’ve been protesting,No more suffering what ever that is in your life.The cure is now inside you.You are now aware that there is no more cause to suffer.When the peak of revolution evolves, it reaches a new pointand this is called Rebirth.Rebirth.We are in a phase of Rebirth.Where everything is beauty as is newand we have that awe inside us allthat inspires us with the Presence of Forgiveness and Universal Love.Of course some of us will still be fighting.There will always be those that can’t see the Forgiveness, the Rebirthor Universal Love.And they will try to bring us down. With their sad moods, stress,
  5. 5. outdated dogmatic rules.For some of us, the war has justbegone. The Economic Rebir th!But let me explain to you a new way to fight. A new way to empoweryourself……against these lower frequency agents that attempt to keep usstrapped to the……same principles that have kept us enslaved to the perception of lifewhere there is……suffering.It is not picking up weapons, it is not robbing from the banks, it is nothurting others in any sense at all. That is not What A Revolution Is.And it is not in Hope, it is not in Hope that The End of Sufferingoccurs. Hope that government aid will help us, hope that an employerwill give us benefits or a raise or a sense of security.
  6. 6. It is about one thing.You empowering yourself.You becoming sustainable.You becoming a power of light and life to radiate to this world forothers to enjoy.But what has to happen for this to occur? Economic Rebir th?How can an average person become empowered?And what does that mean?In 1900 90% of the American Population was self employedThey worked for themselves and were independent.Now in 1980 10% of Americans own their own business.Most Americans now work for someone else and depend on them fortheir security.
  7. 7. We went from an Independent Country to a Dependent Country.How many of us, in this community, want to be dependent on others?Aren’t our values, ‘radical selfreliance.’Now this movement….…called The End of SufferingMovement .The Self Empowering Movement.That coincides with the age of consciousevolution,
  8. 8. the age of information,is here for you.It’s not a political movement. It has nothing to do with……republican answers or democratic answers.It has nothing to do with Nationalism against Globalism.Or the East against the west, men vs women, or even……being independent against working communally.Because all these “against,” all these ‘vs.’ imply a struggle,imply suffering.And we are now beyond that .
  9. 9. Recall What A Revolution is?It is The End of Suffering!We are beyond all sides.There is no more suffering,there is no more right and there is no more wrong.There is only rebirth.Economic Rebirth .Rebirth of your power, rebirth of your bliss. Rebirth of your life andliving in love.And it is only this rebirth. Being rebirth. This fertility.This life that is always young.How do we solve this problemof money?How do we get money for ourselves, our community, those we love?How do we get money?If for centuries it seems like the very substance
  10. 10. has surrounded it self in suffering,and getting money has always been the struggle of life……except for those extremely privileged.We can not trow money out the door when we throw out suffering.maybe one day when all there is, is love we can live on that,but now it is NOT money that we must give up along with suffering.Because, here and now, the very loss of money would result insuffering.If we have seen The End of Suffering and we can not get rid ofmoney,then the answer, the revolution that is occurring, the rebirth that weare about to become is and must be our perception of how we viewthe concept of…getting money.There is a new paradigm here. This rebirth, this Economic Rebirthis AS revolutionary,as hunter gathers learning agriculture.
  11. 11. We are no longer products of theindustrialization.We are Freedom.Freedom to share information when we want to, where we want in theworld.Freedom to market what we want, to however many customers wechoose.Freedom to be ourselves and live our lives without being enslaved toa boss behind a desk, physical labor, or any other kind of suffering wewouldn’t want to endure.I want to introduce you to Lawrence Tam. He’s made 100,000 dollarsin 3 months……on the internet. We’re going to show you exactly how he does it.Pay very close attention because we’re going to introduce you to acommunity that I want all of you to be apart of. This isn’t just anothercorporate company, or business opportunity.This is a community that is living the Rebirth of Freedom and creatingthe Economic Rebirth that is this world needs so desperately to bring
  12. 12. The End of Suffering. This community is What A Revolution Is.So now without further adieu I introduce to you Lawrence Tam.Click Below, sign in with your email, and continue the discussion.We’re gonna talk about the three things we need to do to makemoney,and how it works every time.Thank You everyone. Here’s to you’re empowerment.P.S.This was a one of the videos that inspired me.Watch it getpumped up and then click the link above, unless you’re just too readyto get started then please proceed ahead