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Silliman U. Scouting Centennial 1922-2022

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Silliman U. Scouting Centennial 1922-2022

  2. 2. Scout Movement • Scout Movement is a movement that aims to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, that they may play constructive roles in society, with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills. • During the first half of the 20th century, the movement grew to encompass three major age groups for boys (Kab Scout, Boy Scout, Rover Scout) and, in 1910, a new organization, Girl Guides, was created for girls (Brownie Guide, Girl Guide and Girl Scout, Ranger Guide). It is one of several worldwide youth organizations.
  3. 3. Scouting Historical Background Robert Baden-Powell • In 1906 and 1907 Robert Baden-Powell, a lieutenant general in the British Army, wrote a book for boys about reconnaissance and scouting. Baden-Powell wrote Scouting for Boys (London, 1908), based on his earlier books about military scouting, with influence and support of Frederick Russell Burnham (Chief of Scouts in British Africa)
  5. 5. Laura & David Hibbard
  6. 6. Early History • Troop 8 of Silliman Institute, Boy Scouts of America had the distinction of being the oldest Troop in the Boy Scouts in the Philippines with a continuous charter. There were other such troop in existence before Troop 8 but it did not continue. The only Troop of the Boy Scouts in the Philippine Islands which has a longer continuous record of registrations is Troop 1, composed of American boys connected with the American- European Y.M.C.A. in Manila. Troop 8 was registered by the writer in Silliman Institute in 1922 and received its charter from New York (Boy Scout Council, ed.) in January 1923, since that time it has registered every year. It was not until the coming of Mr. Farlan as Scout Executive in 1924 or 1925 that the work was officially organized and spread generally over the Islands.
  7. 7. Scouting Pioneer in Dumaguete Pastor Paul Doltz, scouting pioneer • Troop 8 was organized by Dr. Paul Doltz with the New York Boy Scout Council in 1922 which is the first Boy Scout troop in the Visayas. • Then Mr. William Guy was the first registered as the scoutmaster.
  8. 8. Pioneer Scouts • The first Scoutmaster was the writer. Mr. Icamen was Asst. S.M. and some of the charter members were : • Jose Icard • Thomas Ghent • Conrado Bonifacio • Anastacio Maravilla • Sulpicio Logud • Engracio Escobar • Carlos Bill Raymond • Elias Day, Paul • Maxwell Hanlin, • Jose Utzurrum • Jose Andrada (First Commodore of the Philippine Navy • Luis Ruiz • Francis Short • John Spring.
  9. 9. Troop 8 Officers with Carlos Bill Raymond
  10. 10. First Boy Scout troop in the Visayas
  11. 11. • The next Scoutmaster was Juan Uriate, who did a great deal for the troop, having had previous scouting experience in Cagayan, Misamis, before he came to Silliman. Mr. Manuel Cordero succeeded Mr Uriate and Mr. Layumas followed him being turn succeeded by Mr. Romeo Atienza (from San Carlos, Negros Occ, ed.). Mr Atienza secured his scouting training in Troop 8 and has become one of the best Scoutmasters in the Islands, being at present active in Union High School scout work in Manila, where he is taking his medical course. Early Scoutmaster in Silliman
  12. 12. 1931 Scouting Bindoy Villanueva Cup • At the field meet in Oriental Negros in 1931, when there were eleven troops competing with over 200 scouts in line, Troop 8 won the beautiful Villanueva Cup, donated by Senator Herminigildo Teves Villanueva.
  14. 14. Scouting Progress in 1927 • In 1927 another Troop - No. 47 was organized through the efforts of Dr. James Chapman, largely among the boys of the Elementary Department. In 1928, the present Scout Hut was erected. This hut is also used by the three other troops in Dumaguete. the (Negros Oriental) HIgh School Troop No. 214, (Dumaguete) Elementary Troop No. 169 and (Negros Oriental) Trade School Troop 205 ( Now NORSU).
  15. 15. Scouting Pioneer in Dumaguete Dr. James Chapman • He was the one who included Environmental Advocacy in Boy Scout • and encouraged to planted more tree in the forest in Negros • Pioneer Scout master in Silliman University in 1927
  16. 16. Post War Era Postal Stamp 1923-1948
  17. 17. Scoutmaster Vicente Lauron Layumas • A.A.’28 In 1925 he earned his Eagle Scout rank at Silliman's Troop 8 and was urged by SM Paul Doltz to serve as SM for Troops 1,2,3,4 of the Dumaguete Public Schools. He hails from San Carlos City Negros Occ.
  18. 18. POST- LIBERATION PERIOD Scouting History in Negros Oriental
  19. 19. The first boy to earn his Eagle rank, who completed the requirements for this rank at age 14 • Eagle Scout Carlos L. Madrazo Jr, former PL, SPL Troop 37 and Troop 6, SUHS, Assistant District Commissioner, Thunderbird District, Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America.
  20. 20. EAGLE SCOUTS FRATERNITYPHILIPPINES, 1954 Taken during the First National Scouts Jamboree at Balara, Quezon City. There are two Madrazos in this photo. Carl Madrazo Jr from Negros Oriental Boy Scout Council leftmost on the second row and Rodolfo M Madrazo, second most from the right with whiteT-shirt 2nd row from Zamboanga Boy Scout Council. Nilo Caballes, Negros Oriental Council Executive is number 7 on the second row.
  21. 21. Dr. Henry Mack –Eagle Scout &Sea Scout Advocate • Dr.Mack first introduced the Sea Scouting in Dumaguete and Silliman University in 1950s • Pioneer Members Ireneo Gaudiel Jr.,Cornelio B. Veruasa,Jose Jacinto ,Cesar Villanueva,Dimping Pua Yeoman,Eleuterio C. Dumugho,Eladio C. Macasieb
  22. 22. BSP Charter of Negros Oriental
  23. 23. 1963 World Jamboree
  24. 24. 1963 Delegate Scouters from the Philippines
  25. 25. 1963
  26. 26. Jose Fermin “Jojo” Magbanua • All 63 passengers of the United Arab Airlines flight died in the crash on July 28, 1963. Jojo was only 14 years old. He represented Troop 37 of the Silliman University High School and the Negros Oriental- Siquijor Boy Scouts Council in the jamboree. He was the only Visayan delegate.
  27. 27. Philippine Contingent 1963
  28. 28. Scout Jojo Magbanua God & Country Awardee Posthumous
  29. 29. Street in Quezon City name after Scout Jojo Magbanua
  31. 31. Asia Pacific Jamboree in 1973-1974 • The Asia-Pacific Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement has run or sponsored region- wide Asia-Pacific Scout Jamborees in its member countries, originally known as Pan- Pacific Jamborees
  33. 33. Boy Scouts Leadership in Negros Oriental 1990s
  34. 34. Renaissance Man of Scouting Movement in Silliman University & Father of the Silliman Rover Scout Circle 01 Hon. Judge Rafael Cresencio C. Tan, Jr. • Hon. Judge Tan, is the 2015 'Chief Justice Cayetano Arellano Awardee for Judicial Excellence'. This alumnus (SU AB,LlB,MPA) has been in Silliman University as Military Science Instructor, Department of Military Science and Tactics since the 1970s until now as the Asst. Commandant, SU ROTC Unit, and Rover Scout Adviser and BSP Second Vice Chairman Negros Oriental Siquijor Council .
  35. 35. Rover Scout History of Dumaguete • Rover Scouts Circle 01 of Silliman University ROTC afflicted to the Boy Scouts of the Philippines Negros Oriental Council started in 1993 to trained young college students to be a responsible citizens and developed their skills in leadership and organizing for our community . • Rover Scout Circle 01 was a registered as a campus civic organization in the Council of Student Organizations of the Silliman University Student Government • Rover Scout Circle 01 activities including Feeding Program, Clean up, Tree Planting, Leadership development, Youth Program, Heritage & Local History Awareness, First Aid, Community Service, Gift giving every December in the Hospital , Environment Awareness, Church Involvement and Basic Mountaineering
  36. 36. First Batch with Atty Dax Montealegre,Albie Tamayo Marco and RAE "AER-BOY" ESPANCHO
  37. 37. Silliman University Rover Circle 01- Pioneering Batch. Founded in 1993
  38. 38. Atty Dax Montealegre, RPT Rover Scout logo • Pioneer Troop leader of the Silliman University Rover Scout Circle 01 • Montealegre is also Eagle Scout rank of the Negros Occ Council .At present he is now a city councilor of his hometown Canlaon City Negros Oriental
  39. 39. BSP PROVICIAL JAMBOREE - San Jose, Negros Oriental 1995
  40. 40. During the Japan Rover Moot and the Asia Pacific Rover Moot.
  41. 41. Rover Scout Basic Mountaineering
  42. 42. 1998 Volunteer in Habitat for Humanity
  43. 43. Community Service
  44. 44. Rover Scout Batch 1998
  45. 45. Rover Scout 1999
  46. 46. Batch 1999 Scout :Josefino T. Larena Jr.
  47. 47. Investiture Ceremony Venue • Silliman Church • Chapel of the Evangel
  48. 48. • Most of the Rover Scouts Circle 01 batches are very successful in their field of Endeavour's such as Medical Doctor, Lawyer, University Professor, Banker, Businessmen, Pilot, Dive master, Professional Tour Guide, Farmer, Government Service, Civic Leader, Engineers, Public Service and Working abroad .
  49. 49. Pioneer Rover Scout in the Visayas • We own it to Hon. Judge Rafael Cresencio C. Tan, Jr. for the kind of training and leadership he has given to us . • Thank you so much To God be our Glory
  51. 51. Silliman Scouting Pride in the BSP Council Alex Rey Pal Atty. Alexander Romeo Geopano Amor
  52. 52. Senior Scouts of the Outfit 37 joined the 26thAsia-Pacific Jamboree last December 26, 2010 to January 3, 2011.
  53. 53. 26th Asia-Pacific Jamboree last December 26, 2010 to January 3, 2011
  54. 54. CWTS – Rover Scouting
  55. 55. Investiture Ceremony
  56. 56. Coastal Clean Up
  57. 57. Semaphore flag signals
  58. 58. Street Clean Up
  59. 59. Knot making in Rover Scout
  60. 60. Philippine Scouting Centennial Jamboree
  61. 61. 99 years of Silliman U. Church with the Boys Scouts from Grade School to College
  62. 62. John Lemuel L. Chiu • 2013 A fourth year student from the High School Department was one of the Philippine delegates to the 30th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Jamboree held last month at Kirara-hama in Yamaguchi City, Japan. John Lemuel L. Chiu represented the country after undergoing a screening process undertaken by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP). In the Regional Search for Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Chiu ranked Top 5. This year's jamboree was themed “Wa — A Spirit of Unity” and hosted by the Scout Association of Japan
  63. 63. Scout Jojo Magbanua Day
  65. 65. God & Country Award Rover Scout Cezar G. Lopez of Silliman University
  66. 66. Pioneer Batch SHS Rover Scout 2019
  67. 67. Prof. Phitz Jaculbe Enojo • Coordinator of the Silliman University Scouting Movement
  68. 68. Centennial Logo