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Historia de Bais


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A tribute to our beloved Hometown Bais City

The History of Bais City

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Historia de Bais

  1. 1. Historia de Bais Sr. Josefino Tulabing Larena y Villanueva ,AB,CPS,MPA
  2. 2. Map
  3. 3. Bais City
  4. 4. Government Bais City Seal Mercy Teves Goñi Mayor of Bais City
  5. 5. The Sugar Industry since 1850s • Photo by Jojo T. Larena
  6. 6. Presidencia de Bais • Photo by : Kenzo G. Laxina
  7. 7. Sugar Baron Pioneer The man sitting in the center is Joaquin Montenegro, one of the very first pioneers of Negros. picture taken in 1890 Photo by Miguel Alvarez Tan Bindo Villanueva
  8. 8. Casa Rubio ( Casa Larena) 1790 • Casa Rubio ( Now Casa Larena) was built in 1790 by the Spanish Architect Danilo Castillo- Montegrande but the interior was made by local carpenter. The house was owned by Don RODRIGO Antonio Camilo Rubio this was a gift to his second wife Doña Ma Lourdes “ Canuta” Villacampa Rubio. Largely patterned after the residences of Europeans at first,the Spaniards in particular,most of these houses are rectangular with spacious rooms for large family. The gate entrance hallway ( ZAGUAN)usually leads to the patio and the ground floor of the stone room, stable, coaches and servants quarters were located.
  9. 9. Negros Revolution Pres. Demetrio Larena Gen. Sergio Lopez Sinco
  10. 10. UCCP Town Church • One of the oldest Protestant church in Negros Oriental • The Larena ,Rubio ,Somoza, Villanueva and the Cabanag Clan pioneer members in this Church • Doña Josefina Villacampa Rubio Larena donated the lot of the present church • UCCP Bais Church historical landmark of Bais 100 YEARS CENTENNIAL
  11. 11. American Period Leonardo Teves Villanueva • It was during the American regime that the Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes under the Department of Interior was created, for the purpose of helping the ICCs/IPs, who were then referred to as the non- Christian tribes. Subsequently, to give it more power, it was elevated to an independent body-the Commission on National Integration (CNI).
  12. 12. Government Service Enrique Cayetano Teves Villanueva • Mayor of Bais 1914-1916 • Gov. of Negros Oriental 1916-1925 • Congressman 1925-1931 • Founder of the City Peace & Order Council
  13. 13. Government Service
  14. 14. Bais Students in Silliman Institute
  15. 15. Sugar & More
  16. 16. Philippine Aviation History
  17. 17. 1926 SHA
  18. 18. Bais Society
  19. 19. Japanese Occupation
  20. 20. Post War Period
  21. 21. Post –War Education • Prof. Leoncio B. Tulabing BSE,MA • World War II Veterans • Has been a School Principal for 5 schools in Bais City • District Supervisor of Tanjay ,Bais & Mabinay • Baisanon Stamp Collector
  22. 22. Sugar Lamb School Students
  23. 23. Charter • On September 9, 1968, Bais was converted into a chartered city by virtue of Republic Act No. 5444. Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos personally proclaimed Bais a city when he visited Bais on September 7, 1968.
  24. 24. Pasko de Bais a tradition since 1948
  25. 25. Tradition of Baisanon life 1960s
  26. 26. New Year's Eve Party at the Casa Grande, Central Azucarera de Bais (probably around the 1960's)
  27. 27. Josefino Villanueva Larena & Leonaga Tulabing Larena wedding 1965
  28. 28. Governors 1950s-1990s
  29. 29. 1970s Literature & Visual Arts Josefa Villanueva Perez • Writer • Visual Artist ( Painting) • Family Historian • Book Know your City • Book Know your Province • Genealogy
  30. 30. 1980S Era of Good Friendship
  31. 31. 1990s Era of Culture & Tourism
  32. 32. Tourism Development La Planta Hotel City Fountain
  33. 33. 1994 Started the Tourism Industry in Bais City Teonnette Real First Tourism officer Rowena Blanca Merto pioneer Tour Guide
  34. 34. Dolphin & Whale Watching
  35. 35. Bais Bay Dolphin Watching and Manjuyod Sand Bar are the famous destinations in Negros Oriental that go together
  36. 36. HERITAGE DESTINATION La Campaña de Familia Villanueva Casa la Familia Rubio /Larena
  37. 37. Karen Villanueva Era LIBERAL Party Mayor Karen Villanueva youngest mayor of the Philippines during her time
  38. 38. Mercedes Era Merci is for Education Merci is People & Culture
  39. 39. Mercedes Era Merci for Children Welfare
  40. 40. Villanueva Clan
  41. 41. Somoza & Rubio Clan
  42. 42. Pinili Clan of Bais City & Negros
  43. 43. Villacampa Clan
  44. 44. Baena & Gomez Clan
  45. 45. Gonzales la Familia
  46. 46. Teves Clan
  47. 47. Bouffard Clan of Bais City
  48. 48. Montenegro Clan
  49. 49. Abilla Clan
  50. 50. Laxina Clan
  51. 51. Lola Consay Sibala
  52. 52. Kuratsa de Negros- Folk Dance Bais City • The Kuratsa is a Filipino traditional Dance of Courtship where the male approaches and courts a lady in a form of a dance. It depicts the courtship between the rooster and the hen. The Kuratsa is the dance of courtship from the Visayas region of the Philippines. At barrio fiestas, the Kuratsa serves as the traditional courtship dance . The dance is performed in three parts, with three different rhythms. The dancing couple starts the performance with a ballroom waltz. Then the music shifts to a faster beat for the "chasing" scene, in which the female dancer flees and the male pusues her all across the dance floor. The tempo picks up even more for the final part, in which the chase ends with a furiously flirtatious scene. The female is won over, and the male imitates a flamboyant bird in a mating dance. It is believed to have been introduced by Mexican Soldiers and Trades when Negros had a military and administrative post in the Island
  53. 53. Hudyaka sa Bais since 1990
  54. 54. Young Visual Artists Icon of Bais Emmylou Villanueva Paulio Violeta Trina Celdran Montenegro.
  55. 55. Bais City Center of Arts & Culture
  56. 56. People of Arts
  57. 57. 2015
  58. 58. Baisanons with a good Smile
  59. 59. A tribute to a Noble Baisanons Josefino Vicente Villanueva Larena Leonaga Hermoso Tulabing
  60. 60. Thank you so much • Penn Larena & Joseleo “Jojo” Larena • Brian Mosquera Villanueva • Serafin “Nito “D.Teves III • Kenzo G. Laxina • Empalz Art Studio • Atty .Alex A. Villanueva • Rosario Irene Abilla Cabanban Page • Ron Jacob Calumpang • Baena La Familia • Pinili Clan Association
  61. 61. Thank you so much • Michael Ocampo • Empalz Creation • Janusch Jonathan D. Abilla • Stella Marie Villanueva Llera • Frances Strong Cecilio • Melanie Gonzalez-Baena Löfgren • St. Paul University Dumaguete • Silliman University • National Historical Commission of the Philippines
  62. 62. Thank you so much • Mic Villanueva • Laxina Clan • Jose Luis Bouffard Arnaiz • Jose Rafael Mar • Dr. Nanen Pinili de Mira & Nila de Mira Roxas Rizalino Jose Abilla Cabanban • Miguel Montenegro Alvarez • Karen F. Villanueva • Dumaguete
  63. 63. Te amamos Bais City
  64. 64. Todo nuestro amor a Dios bendiga nuestra ciudad
  65. 65. Bienvenido la Ciudad de Bais
  66. 66. A Dios sea nuestra gloria