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Google doc

  1. 1. Mrs Evans Word Processing When you are using Google Drive a word processed document is simply called a document. A                              Google document is a standard, simplified word processor without too many advanced features.                        Not having the DTP features means less confusing menu’s and a simplified interface. There are a                              load of templates already written to help you with more complex documents such as ­ ● Letters ● Invoices ● Resume ● Recipe You need to be very careful when you use the templates, they are usually a bit American, the Americans don’t do things “properly”. Left Middle Right For general typing Titles Addresses A margin Sub heading Headers 1. Images can’t be pasted easily 2. You can search from in a document1 3. It’s just simpler I found it easy to start a document in Word because…….I found it hard to format the document because….. I found it easy to start a document in Google Drive because…… I found it hard to format because …… I prefer ………. because………. 1 You are using a Google product ­ of course you can search! 1