Ao4 part 3 - flyer


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How to create a simple flyer in Publisher

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Ao4 part 3 - flyer

  1. 1. Mrs K Evans AO4 – Part 3 - FlyerCreate your flyer in publisher using one of the pre-set templates and then change itto match your business card. Your your flyer should include – • Information about the open day • Graphics from the internet • Drawn shapes • One piece of clipartPrint your flyerIn your Word report – in the AO4 sectionAdd details of where you got your graphics (example in the flyer above there weregraphics drawn using graphics tools, taken from the internet & clipart). Make sureyou have screenshots of you spell checking all three documents. 1 /mnt/temp/oo/20120622075252/ao4-part3-flyer-120622025250-phpapp01.doc