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Penguin Windows: New windows can improve your home’s comfort, value
and appearance. But the windows you select can make a big difference in what kind of return you get on your investment. How do you begin to find the right window
for your home when they all appear to be so similar?

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Penguin Windows Brochure

  1. 1. beauty Guaranteed Performance Window Systems comfort security
  2. 2. The beauty is in the details . . . Fusion-welded strength. New windows can improve your home’s comfort, value and appearance. But the windows you select can make R-Core® insulated frames and sash. a big difference in what kind of return you get on your investment. How do you begin to find the right window for your home when they all appear to be so similar? Economy models may seem fine at first glance, but once you know what to look for in a window, you’ll see InterForce IITM fiberglass- what a big difference the little details can make. reinforced sash meeting rails. Penguin windows are custom made to the exact specifications of your home for better-performing, better-looking results, with no unsightly gaps to patch and paint. Our windows feature state-of-the-art materials, precision engineering and proven construction methods, Warm-edge Intercept® spacer. for windows that last a lifetime. HALLMARK Fiberbeam sill reinforcement. 2
  3. 3. Choose your level of comfort. Premium quality materials for a lifetime of hassle-free performance. Not all vinyl windows are created equal. Low-grade PVC can bend, bow and discolor. That’s why Penguin windows are made from our high quality New GenerationTM vinyl-the For optimal thermal performance, Penguin strongest, most advanced material we could find. Specially formulated uiPVC (polyvinyl offers five grades of insulating glass: chloride), New Generation vinyl withstands harsh weather and wear-and-tear better, The Hi R+Plus glass system has one lite of soft coat, with through-and-through color to resist the appearance of scratching and look like 7/8” single-surface multilayer vacuum-deposition new for years to come. Low-E insulated glass unit with argon gas. Fiberbeam™ with I-Beam Construction Maxuus, Maxuus 5 glass system has two lites of Each Penguin double-hung sill is reinforced with Fiberbeam™ Reinforcement Low-E glass and an insulation chamber of argon with I-Beam Construction. Designed to resist wind velocity pressures of 75 pounds or krypton gas. 7/8” dual-surface multilayer per square foot (equal to a wind load of 170 miles per hour) this technology provides vacuum-deposition Low-E insulated glass units added durability and strength to the sill of the window. The extra rigid sill maintains make these windows more than four times as its weather seal with the sash to keep out air and water in even the most ferocious energy efficient than single glass. hurricane wind conditions. Fiberbeam reinforcements are also included in Penguin The Penguin window was designed with Quality in Mind, but don’t just take picture windows and sliding windows. For added strength the reinforcement our word on it, let the product certification speak for itself. Maxuus 7.6 glass system delivers high perfor- is used in the sill and head of these windows. Penguin windows with a Low-E argon or krypton glass package meet mance with triple pane combining two panes of The Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR requirements for your region. The Superior manufacturing methods ensure superior strength. multilayered vacuum-deposition Low-E insulating ENERGY STAR Window Program is a voluntary partnership between the U.S. glass with an interior glass substrate and two Most windows are held together with staples or screws and caulk that can loosen Department of Energy and participating window manufacturers. ENERGY STAR insulating chambers of argon gas. The result or weaken over time. But Penguin sashes and frames are pinch fusion welded — performance requirements are tailored to fit the energy needs of the country’s is an insulated glass unit that is nearly six times an advanced technique that permanently fuses all four sides together into a single 4 different regions — Northern, North/Central, South/Central and Southern more energy efficient than single glass. weather-tight unit, guaranteed to stay strong and square for the life of the window. states. Your investment in ENERGY STAR windows will pay for itself over time, And instead of metal reinforcements which conduct heat and cold, Penguin and then the savings is money in the bank every year! Maxuus 10 glass system delivers the ultimate double-hung windows feature InterForce IITM high-performance internal fiberglass energy system with triple pane combining Penguin windows ... good for you, good for your home and good for reinforcements for added strength, security and energy efficiency. two panes of multilayered vacuum-deposition the environment. Low-E insulating glass with an interior glass Independent tests prove Penguin windows perform significantly better substrate and two insulating chambers of than the industry standard for vinyl insulating glass windows and much krypton gas. The result is an insulated glass better than many wood or vinyl brands. That’s because every Penguin Our windows are constructed with rugged, maintenance-free unit that is ten times more energy efficient New Generation uiPVC. Unlike wood or metal windows window features the very best in thermal efficiency technology, including: than single glass. which can stick, swell, deteriorate, pit or rot, Penguin windows will look like new year after year. Patented* R-Core® insulation Penguin windows are entirely pinch fusion welded – both PINCH The R-factor (insulation value) per Glass Comparison – Center of Glass – U-Factor Comparison of Window Frame Materials sashes and mainframes. We weld vinyl sections together linear inch of a Penguin window (per linear inch) to create a solid, one piece unit that won’t come loose or Single glass 1.04 weaken over the years. frame is seven times greater than that R-Core® Polyurethane Insulation Clear insulated glass; 7/8” overall thickness 7.14 of an ordinary vinyl frame. The secret Corrosion and Ultra Violet resistant coating featured on all Wood is our patented R-Core insulation – Hard-coat (pyrolitic) Low-E insulated glass casement window hardware keeping it beautiful for the life Solid Vinyl of your window. a high-density solid-polyurethane Soft-coat (sputter) Low-E insulated glass Steel insulation, like the kind used in many In addition to our thermally superior vinyl, Penguin window Penguin Hi R+Plus refrigerator and freezer doors. Aluminum .49 mainframes are filled with patented* R-Core. This high- 1.25 Penguin Maxuus 7.6* density, solid-polyurethane insulation increases both thermal .36 *U.S. Patent Number 4,516,356 performance and sound deadening properties. .30 Penguin Maxuus 10* Figures courtesy of Insulation Enterprises .26 Less than 1 and manufacturer testing. Higher R-factor Warm-edge Intercept ® .18 Each Penguin double-hung sill is reinforced with Fiberbeam™ .12 means less energy loss. Reinforcement with I-Beam Construction. Designed to resist glass spacer system wind velocity pressures of 75 pounds per square foot. This The lower the U-factor, the greater the insulation value. R-Value is the inverse (R=I/U) of the U-Factor. This advanced insulated glass spacer system virtually eliminates cold-spot corners, technology provides added durability and strength to the sill of Center of glass factors calculated per windows 5.2 simulation software (LBNL-Lawrence Berkley National Laboratories). the window. frost, fog and condensation. Like all spacers, it works by maintaining a consistent *Triple glaze is not available in all sizes. GLW provides double Low-E with argon for color matching on large sizes. Picture window used for comparison. space between the two panes of glass to interrupt the natural flow of heat to cold. A unique U-shaped channel separates the two panes of Unlike other spacers, Intercept is a continuous U-shaped channel that flexes as the glass and interrupts the natural air flow from heat to cold glass expands and contracts. The result is a stronger, more energy-efficient insulated making Penguin windows one of the most energy-efficient Glass Comparison – Total Unit of Glass – U-Factor windows on today’s market. glass unit and a reliable seal for the life of the window. Single glass Clear insulated glass; 7/8” overall thickness Our double-hung windows feature InterForce II™ internal Penguin Glass Systems fiberglass reinforced meeting rails for unsurpassed strength Hard-coat (pyrolitic) Low-E insulated glass .84 and durability. Penguin windows feature the very best in thermal efficiency technology and your Soft-coat (sputter) Low-E insulated glass choice of five grades of insulating glass packages for optimal performance. Penguin Hi R+Plus Each system incorporates either argon (40%** denser than air) or krypton Penguin Maxuus 7.6* (190%** denser than air). These safe, naturally occurring gases help to block .49 .39 Penguin Maxuus 10* the transfer of heat better than air which increases energy efficiency, adds .35 .29 protection from the sun’s damaging rays, and helps to deaden sound. .23 .19 **Figures courtesy of Linde Gas, Inc. The lower the U-factor, the greater the insulation value. R-Value is the inverse (R=I/U) of the U-Factor. Total unit of glass factors calculated per windows 5.2 simulation software (LBNL-Lawrence Berkley National Laboratories). *Triple glaze is not available in all sizes. GLW provides double Low-E with argon for color matching on large sizes. Picture window used for comparison. 3
  4. 4. Lifetime Plus Warranty Guaranteed for as long as you own your home. And beyond. What good is a warranty if it’s full of exemp- tions, exclusions and pro-rated fees? The makers of Penguin windows believe so strongly in the durability of our products that we back the entire window unit with a hassle-free guarantee –including an unprecedented lifetime non-prorated seal failure and glass breakage warranty. It’s called our “Lifetime Plus” warranty. It covers everything from the frame, sash and glass to seals, hardware and screens for as long as you own your home. It’s our way of proving to homeowners that as a longstanding and respected leader in this industry, we have absolute confidence in our products. And it’s transferable to the next homeowner when you decide to sell — helping you protect your investment by increasing your home’s value. Offered by a high quality, customer focused dealer network, Penguin is the product of choice for many homeowners across the country. Combining the best product with quality installation and consistent customer service is the cornerstone of the Penguin product offering. So if you decide Penguin is right for your home, you can rest assured that you will get the best of all three. Penguin windows are manufactured by Great Lakes Window, Inc., a part of the PlyGem Industries family, which is a large manufacturer of building products in the North American market. With that kind of solid financial base, you can rest assured that we’ll be around to honor your warranty claim-if you ever need to make one. See printed warranty for complete details. Penguin windows are made in the U.S.A. 4
  5. 5. Double-Hung Painstaking attention to detail resembles the traditional look of handcrafted wood Flush-mounted cam- action locks combine windows, from coved molding and with narrow W i n d o w s sight-lines to glazing bead to narrow sight lines. make this an exceptionally beautiful window. Greater comfort. Security is an open For decades, double-hung windows have Lower energy costs. and shut case. been the style of choice in homes across Fusion-welded frame and Our balance and lock sash and InterForce IITM system is computer fiberglass reinforced calibrated to guarantee the U.S. Today this classic window remains meeting rails provide a a lifetime of worry-free lifetime of unsurpassed operation. Flush mounted the standard for the vast majority of strength. R-CoreTM polyure- cam-action locks and InterForceII® dual thane fill and heavy-duty concealed tilt latches fiberglass-reinforced replacement window projects. While the weatherstripping dramati- provide unobtrusive sash meeting cally reduce heat transfer security when windows rails. and air infiltration for are closed. Ventilation limit appearance of double-hung exceptional thermal locks provide extra peace- performance and reduced of-mind when windows are windows has not changed energy costs. Sloped sill partially open. keeps wetness out without dramatically over the years, Free up more unsightly weep holes. free time. Customize your level their construction, durability With maintenance free of thermal protection. uiPVC construction, there’s and energy efficiency have. With three grades of multi- never a need to caulk or layer vacuum-deposition paint. Optional Easy-Clean softcoat low-E glass to glass needs cleaning half DVLTM limit-lock allows P e n g u i n o ff e r s d i s c e r n i n g choose from, there’s one as often and with half the windows to be vented to fit your needs. And all effort. And say goodbye to without sacrificing homeowners the ability to windows come standard those unsteady ladders. security. Passes with a full 7/8” InterceptTM With tilt-in sashes, you can forced entry maintain the traditional look glass spacer for protection wash all your windows and resistance against cold corners and even remove your screens Grade 10.* condensation. from inside. of double-hung windows while enjoying all the benefits modern technology has to offer. Contoured “wave” handle for practical beauty. Double-hung These mulled double-hung windows feature windows feature Golden tilt-in sashes to Oak woodgrain and Regal allow safe, easy Prairie glass. cleaning. *Passes ASTM F 588-97 (Grade 10) forced entry resistance. 5
  6. 6. Casement & Awning W i n d o w s Premium uiPVC vinyl construction, R-Core Undeniably distinctive. Unmistakably helps you love your casement insulation and fiberglass reinforcements European. Irresistibly charming. Many windows all year round. Designed ensure strong, dependable performance. homes just wouldn’t look the same for beauty and energy efficiency, Improved manufacturing techniques, without the romantic touch of case- Penguin casement windows are a advanced glass and glazings, and an ment windows. While well-loved for great addition to the contemporary innovative spacer system provide their looks, casement and traditional homes optimum thermal efficiency. windows of years past alike. With clean lines and Tilt-in sashes make cleaning fast, were notoriously poor large viewing areas case- safe and simple. Best of all, performers when it came ment windows are great Penguin double-hung windows to keeping out cold, for letting in the outdoors. are available with a variety wind and rain. Not so And with our multi-point of decorator glass options, with Penguin casement locking system and air- exterior and interior colors and awning windows. tight weatherstripping, and woodgrain finishes — to Combining old world your Penguin windows create a custom look for your custom charm with modern day are sure to keep you secure made windows. durability and energy and comfortable, keeping efficiency, Penguin the outdoors . . . outdoors. Unobstructed clean lock Our optional fold down handles are the perfect solution. 6
  7. 7. Accent on aesthetics. Our carefully crafted casements feature a sculpted frame and coved glazing bead for a truly authentic look. Narrow site lines provide the largest possible viewing area. Combine single-, twin-, triple- and quad-continuous mainframe styles, plus both operating and fixed units for complete design flexibility. Naturally superior hardware. Penguin casement windows feature E-GardTM hard- ware. E-Gard resists chemicals, corrosion and UV rays to retain its strength and beauty for the life of your window. And unlike other kinds of hardware, its environmentally friendly manufacturing process doesn’t consume or create hazardous materials. We have a lock on security features. Our easy-to-reach multi-point locking system secures at critical points along the window jamb-all with a single locking handle. An interior glazing bead enhances security by deterring glass removal from outside the home, and provides a waterproof seal to help protect the insulating glass. Design drama without the drafts. Unlike your old casement windows, ours feature high-density R-Core insulation in the frame for extra protection against heat transfer; a full 7/8” Intercept glass spacer and heavy-duty weatherstripping protect against air infiltration; and with three grades of high performance soft-coat Low-E glass to choose from, you can select your level of comfort. Casement and awning window single-lever locking mechanism.
  8. 8. This single frame twin casement window features Colonial Cherry woodgrain and emerald green Sheffeld designer glass for added distinction. 7
  9. 9. 8
  10. 10. The window worthy of the view beyond it. Frame that fabulous view with the warm look of real wood. Choose stain-grade wood in oak or birch for the head, seat and jambs. Coved beading and a carefully sculpted frame match perfectly, providing the authentic detailing you demand. Our bay and bow windows are available with casement and double-hung window styles. Oak Birch* A decorating idea you’ll warm up to. Enjoy lower energy bills-even with larger windows, thanks to our R-Core insulation, Intercept glass spacer and Low-E glass. Special insulation along mulling points adds warmth, while operat- ing casement windows seal tight for protection against air infiltration. Your home never had it so easy. Solid uiPVC construction keeps your bay or bow windows looking brand new with no painting or scraping. Casement hardware lets you adjust operating windows to clean both interior and exterior from inside your home. Security is a beautiful thing. For added security, our easy- to-reach multi-point casement locking system locks securely in several places along the window jamb. For ease of use, the entire system is activated by a single handle. Colonial Cherry bay window featuring Star-beveled leaded designer glass for traditional beauty (left). Beautiful bow window featuring Williamsburg Colonial grids (right). *Standard 10 11
  11. 11. Garden Bay & Bow W i n d o w s Take your place in the sun. premium quality Whether your Select the windows that fit your home and style. Our traditional materials, superior con- dream landscape is your garden window features a cross bar between the top and front glass struction and energy-efficient garden, the forest, a river, or the panels. For optimal energy efficiency we recommend an optional insu- features, it’s easy to enjoy the beauty 18th hole, some views just beg to lated seat. And if DuPont Corian® is currently a part of your homes of the great out- be seen. When décor, or if it is currently on your wish list, why not choose from our six colors available for your new doors without paying a standard window garden window. to heat and cool it. doesn’t do justice Options for clearly superior glass. Or leave the scenery in to your surround- Glass is even more important in a garden window. Our multi-layer the background and ings, Penguin vacuum-deposition soft-coat Low-E glass series offers you the perfect level of thermal protection. turn the window bay or bow Built for lifelong strength itself into a dazzling focal point windows can provide the and beauty. Every garden window frame is with our decorative glass sweeping panoramic view made of extra thick uiPVC and fusion-welded for added durability. options described they deserve. With With your choice of white, camel or earthtone colors throughout, there’s on page 15. P e n g u i n ’s no painting or scraping, ever. And stainless steel hinges never rust so they’ll always look like new. We believe in shelf-help. Our garden windows feature an interior shelf perfect for your plants. Shelves are tempered glass on units under 50” wide; coated wire shelves are included on larger units. Enjoy a breath of fresh air. Multi-point locking Casement-style side lites allow for hardware is featured ventilation and feature our easy-to- This traditional garden window features a Dusk on bay and bow operate, easy-to-reach multi-point Corian seat (above). This garden window features casement locking system. a Cameo White Corian seat (right). windows. 9 12
  12. 12. Sliding & End Vent European In-Swing Sliding Windows W i n d o w s Two more reasons to love them. Picture perfect design. State-of-the-art operating hardware allows Penguin Narrow sight lines maximize European In-Swing Sliding Windows to either glide or your viewing area while swing open. a sculpted glazing bead carefully replicates the look You’ll find in-swinging sashes to be both charming and of authentic wood windows. functional, providing large, unobstructed views, maximum For extra character, add one ventilation and easy cleaning. Friction locks provide of our designer glass or safety and security by preventing unwanted sash decorative grid options in movement. your choice of popular colors. Lock in a sense of security. Every window over 26” high features two heavy-duty sash cam locks. An interior glazing bead adds another layer of protection, sealing out water, and making glass difficult to remove from outside the home. We go to extremes, so your energy bills don’t. Enjoy optimal thermal performance from our combination of energy-smart features, including R-Core insulation in the frame, Intercept insulated glass spacer system and extra- thick weatherstripping to protect against air infiltration, and your choice of glass from our high performance multi-layer vacuum-deposition soft-coat Low-E glass series. These white sliding The European-style tilt-in feature makes it especially easy to clean windows feature matching the outside of your windows. Colonial grids. 13
  13. 13. Premier Luxury Performance D o o r s No matter what size or style home you live in, there’s a Love the look of picture Premier door for you. A choice of 5, 6 and 8-foot two- windows, but not the restric- panel widths, 9 and 12-foot three-panel widths, or 10, 12 tions of an inoperable unit? and 16-foot four panel widths plus a wide selection of Sliding windows let you frame designer glass styles let you create the prefect door your view beautifully while down to the smallest detail. retaining the ability to let in Weathers the elements better. fresh air. Or, if you prefer to Unlike older patio doors, Premier patio doors are weathertight and energy efficient. Heavy-duty weatherstripping bring even more of the out- seal out drafts for year-round comfort. And with full one-inch thick insulating glass, in your choice of three grades from doors inside, choose a garden our multi-layer vacuum-deposition soft-coat Low-E glass series, a dramatic doorway doesn’t have to mean dramatic window. Letting in sunlight energy bills. Beautifully safe and secure. on four sides, it’s like a Our unique three-point locking system provides greater protection against mini-greenhouse. The perfect forced entry. The locking system engages at critical points along the way to grow and show your jamb when the door is closed and pulls the panel up tight to the jamb for a favorite plants. feeling of complete security and peace of mind. For extra convenience, opt for our solid brass keylock and use your sliding patio door as your primary entrance. Designed for your busy life. This Premier Luxury A tandem roller system spreads the door’s weight over Door features Golden two rollers at once, eliminating flat spots and making our Oak woodgrain, and patio doors super easy to slide-no matter how many Williamsburg Colonial times they’re opened and closed. A heavy-duty fiberglass sill provides superior strength, resists frost grids and our optional and condensation and enables easier door operation. keylock in Classic Classic Brass* Satin Chrome Oil Rubbed Brass And a textured polyurethane surface provides anti-skid Brass. protection for sure footing every step of the way. *Classic Brass handle is standard on Earthtone and woodgrain finishes. Classic Brass handle Distinctive Style. Choose from our matching Classic, Narrow Brass, Williamsburg, or Georgian styles. Or for an elegant Optional footbolt lock twist choose one of our beautiful Regal V-groove for added security glass options. with the ability to lock when partially open. 14
  14. 14. Features & Options Penguin windows are more than custom-made to size; they’re custom-made to style as well. We provide a palette of popular frame colors and glass options – you provide the inspiration. Mix and match frame colors to complement your interior and exterior décor, and select from a variety of decorative glass options ranging from distinctive to dramatic. After all, they’re your windows. Interior Exterior Exterior Interior Interior Exterior How do you see them? Creamy Camel Creamy Camel Creamy Camel White White White Customize your Distinctively beautiful. windows-inside and out. Surprisingly practical. Earthtone Earthtone Earthtone Penguin windows and doors are If you love the traditional look of Golden Oak Woodgrain Colonial Cherry Woodgrain Natural Oak Woodgrain available in six colors and natural- multi-paned windows, but hate the Interior Exterior Interior Exterior Exterior Interior looking woodgrain finishes. To best work traditionally involved in clean- complement your home’s décor, ing them, you’re in luck. Penguin Penguin windows can be manufac- offers a number of glass styles with Creamy Camel Creamy Camel Camel tured in any combination of interior integral grids-decorative muntins White White and exterior colors, unless otherwise mounted between two panes of indicated. Bay and bow windows insulating glass for easy cleaning. Earthtone Sandstone Earthtone also feature stained-grade birch or Choose from Beveled-leaded, oak on the head, seat and jambs, Classic, Narrow Brass, Williamsburg Colonial White Woodgrain Creamy White Camel which can be stained or painted or Georgian Colonial styles. Or, for a as desired. contemporary twist on this perennial favorite, choose one of our beautiful Regal V-groove cut glass grids. And you don’t have to trade aesthetics for thermal performance. Each of our decorative glass styles com- bines elegant detailing with full insulating glass energy efficiency. Georgian Colonial Williamsburg Colonial Narrow Brass Classic Colonial Classic Perimeter Classic Diamond Regal Perimeter Regal Colonial Colors are reproduced as accurately as printer technology allows. Please see your authorized Penguin representative for actual samples. Regal Florentine Regal Prairie Regal Florentine Elongated 15
  15. 15. 12303 Cyrus Way Mukilteo, WA 98275 1.800.272.8420 2007 Penguin WindowsTM, a Great Lakes Window product. R-Core and Hi R+Plus® are registered trademarks and FiberbeamTM, and InterforceIITM are trademarks of Great Lakes Window, Inc. InterceptTM is a trademark of PPG Industries. Corian is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont DeNemours Co. DVLTM is a registered trademark of Ashland Products. Specifications subject to change without notice. 2/07 MB76001 FCP