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Holiday Book Gift Guide 2013

Books make perfect holiday gifts. They’re easy to wrap, and more fun to open than a gift card.

If you don’t see the right gift above, browse through our gift guides by category here:

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Happy Holiday from Penguin Random House!

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Holiday Book Gift Guide 2013

  1. 1. Holiday Gift Guide : WHO ARE YOU SHOPPING FOR? An epic new series n: Le a n I Anything but the facts Signature The o A Constella t Wisdom of Ty t& The Lowland The W i b t Film by Nigh M sha Pessl ari y an Herm Koch The Dinner amore Row Syc With P.I. Kinsey Millhone for Waste d W Is With CIA-analystturned-President Jack Ryan mand Author om by ity C Wo Dad Is Fat b y rry Night b Sta y own ble D by M ou Fi Larger than life Close to home John Grisham by zen Mi Mas t T i ein he Mountains dt by With Jake Brigance, Esq. ue Grafton by S Tom Clan c An Takedown T Mickey Spillane y Wil d D Worl d n rti n gt es: A Rock & Tal rra y Ma on k ss o Story f the H he t The Bat esbo Jo N haled Hos s by K nty by Janet E we ovich van ion by Fannie un Off the New Jersey turnpike Jhumpa Lahir by i s ook iebe iel L rman an roy Con tion’s Last Re Sta Days at Memo ve Hemingway With a Norwegian detective r Z by Max Br Wa oed: A Nove l Ech Set in 1940s America Cronkite n Lannister b rio Spanning time and place Equipped with comedic mystery l Things by f Al l by Sheri Fin ria Hailing from Casterly Rock Among the undead an Body by D um Santini by Pat of b mena y Anth no Biologically speaking If it’s thicker than water bie Macom b Deb eorge R.R. Ma yG hn Hellema n d Jo ya von Bre m y An iet Cooking b Sov of Vital Phe ion er Halperin a n ark Nash am Back in the USSR As debut Coming out of D.C. l Life by Grah Rol gg Fla -Girl Filling All As returning favorite With a little romance Gaffigan Jim As set to music ng the Art of eri Do Kingsolver h zabet Gilber Eli And want to keep it light n Helleman Joh Who only want the truth er by R.J. Pala nd Nichola s Who opt for a fictitious escape cio Lost Thin g In the style of... Halperin and rk wn le Do by Ma ub by ies My Next of Kin and Friends Standing out y Cynthia Voi sb of ok Presidential politics tor Who se r Doc Tween Blending in W Gender politics n , W o rk a ome n g ber The Fault Book club Wish by Lori as Characters blending in or standing out? r Max: The Bo ste Green hn i The Kids rt Eve A Christ m Steelhea r ur Stars by Jo nO ggs Bri How the G r An epic new love story A traditional, roasted chestnut The The Death Office Secret Santa he Will to Lea dt as by Dr. Seu stm Toddler n h Stole Chri inc Nothing but the facts and... Water cooler y Sheryl Sand Teen in need of… erson nd A classic in the making y Brandon Sa tb db What kind of holiday story do you want to read to them?