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Donate – Help change the world with Charity. Welcome to the world of Donations, and fundraising at donate. We are your first choice for gifting if you wish to donate to charity or make donations online.

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  1. 1. DonateDonate – Help change the world with Charity. Welcome to the world ofDonations, and fundraising at donate. We are your first choice for gifting if youwish to donate to charity or make donations online.We are committed to providing you with the best charities to support and we use aprofessional dynamic fundraising strategy. Free the children - donate join themovement and donate now to create a world free of poverty whether you want tomake a one-time or recurring gift, a planned gift or fundraise at our events.Charitable contributions to the American cancer society donate by gift aiding yourdonations to shelter box. They can reclaim 25p for every 1 you donate fromHMCR. Since 1979, we’ve helped people in the world s toughest places turn thecrises they confront into the opportunities they deserve from a vegetable gardenthat never was.Donate to mercy corps mercy corps donations will go to support our goal ofimproving the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing treatment forcancer please make a donation to the (New Lassie TV Series Fund Raiser) and15% will go to Mercy Corps.They all just a small number of the best Charity foundation we support and deliveroutstanding work on their behalf.Visit here: and support our work and save animals such as dogs, cats, birds, and bigcats and more. Now give a one time gift, give monthly, donate your car, and plan abequest: find a way to help animals that works for you. Susan g komen for the curehas donated to the American cancer society and joined the fight against canceryour charitable contribution support is part of our mission to save lives andeliminate suffering.Donate: national ms society donates imagine life without breast cancer where yourmother, daughter, sister or friend doesn’t have to worry if she will be the one-in-eight women diagnosed with a terminal disease.
  2. 2. Donate to amnesty international and support our work to protect human rightsaround the world your contributions will make a real difference and help usdemand.Also at present we have three new charity causes we recommended you support asthey all are giving 15% of their donations to Oxfam, Water Aid and WWF, soplease be king to visit the url’s below and make a donation to one of the greatcauses.Help with IVF treatmentIVF Treatment Required - We need help to help raise funds to pay for IVF treatment. We havebeen trying to have a child for the last 8 years without success and now this is our last hope.Visit here tor read more and make a donation: bring my Lassie backHello every one, my name is pen; recently I was abroad in Australia doing somecharity work on my work gap year.However whilst out there my beautiful pet dog Lassie got lost in which I had to leavehim behind. However he has been kept safe in a dog’s home in which they havecharged £15 per day to keep him.Visit here tor read more and make a donation: Lassie TV Series Fund RaiserI am a managing director of the new TV series (Lassie), you may remember the TVseries which started in the 30s and ran until the 80s.
  3. 3. Well I have good news; we are planning on retuning with a new series in 2014 butneed to raise (£30000) to complete the final episodes.Visit here tor read more and make a donation: the rest of our sponsored sites belowAlso Visit: Visit: free calls, broadband and texts, Visit: Pro Flight Simulator, Visit: Best Forex tools, Visit: Visit (Super Buy Sell Profit) the best online book store in the world (Find Me A Book). Here you willfind millions of books to choose from.Visit the link here: http://www.findmeabook.yolasite.comBuy your favourite books from Find Me A Book:
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