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Reading kite


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Reading kite

  1. 1. Reading Kite Lesson Flow Student Book School Subject The colored tab at the top of each unit indicates the school subject the reading passage relates to. Key Pattern Key Pattern shows learners an example of the grammatical focus for each unit. Learners will encounter the key pattern in the reading passage and subsequent activities. Picture Reading Picture Reading requires learners to complete a sentence that refers to the unit picture by filling in a blank. This helps to spark learners’ interest and background knowledge of the topic and gets them to engage with the picture. Warm-up Warm-up introduces learners to six new vocabulary items through a simple activity. The audio CD provides authentic pronunciation of each word or phrase for students to model. Look and Say Look and Say is a pre-reading activity. Learners interact with the illustration for the reading passage. This helps to activate schemata and provide discussion amongst the students. Reading Passage Reading Passage is level-appropriate and presented in a variety of ways. Learners will encounter the key pattern and the new vocabulary items in the text. The audio CD provides learners with the opportunity to listen to the passage.
  2. 2. Workbook A workbook is conveniently embedded in the back of each Student Book for learners to complete in the classroom or at home as homework. Reading Comprehension A helps learners to elicit both the main idea and specific information from the reading passage. B allows learners to organize information in a systematic way for better understanding of the passage. A and B require learners to review the vocabulary items of each unit. In later units, vocabulary items are recycled so that cumulative learning can take place. C requires learners to re-visit the reading passage and ensure understanding. D requires learners to review the key structure in a similar context to how it was presented in the unit. Word Practice Word Practice assesses learners’ understanding of the unit’s vocabulary items. Pattern Practice Pattern Practice allows learners to use and recognize the unit’s key pattern in a similar context to demonstrate understanding.
  3. 3. n e tt n s oC Unit 1 Mom Is the Best Medicine 7 Unit 2 No Talking in the Library 11 Unit 3 Summer Camp 15 Unit 4 Days of the Week 19 Unit 5 Growing Plants 23 Unit 6 Animal Actions 27 Unit 7 Robots Everywhere! 31 Unit 8 The Cold Snowman 35 Social Studies Science
  4. 4. Other Subjects (Music, Art, PE, Math) Unit 9 Bell Song 39 Unit 10 Puppy Puppet 43 Unit 11 The Bike Race 47 Unit 12 Let’s Count! 51 Workbook 55 Word List 86 Scope and Sequence 89
  5. 5. Social Studies Unit 1 Mom Is the Best Medicine Key Pattern I have a cold! Picture Reading The girl is with her _________. Social Studies medicine rest cold throat sore runny nose Look and write. 02Warm-upWarm-up 1 4 2 5 3 6 _______________ ______________________________ _______________ ______________________________ 7
  6. 6. “Cough, cough! Mom, I have a cold!” “Oh, you poor thing! Take some medicine and have a rest.” “Owww! I have a sore throat!” “Oh, no! Have a hot drink.” “Achoo! I have a runny nose!” “Oh, dear! Use this tissue.” Mom gives me a hug. Oh, that feels good! I feel better now. “Thank you, Mom. You are the best medicine!” 03 What do you do when you have a cold? 8
  7. 7. Read and match. a. rest b. a hot drink c. Mom Read and circle. 1 What is the story about? a. a girl with a cold b. a mother with a cold c. a sore throat 2 What is the best medicine? A B Reading Comprehension 3 I have a runny nose. 2 I have a sore throat. 1 I have a cold. Take some medicine.bUse this tissue.a Have a hot drink.c 9
  8. 8. ___________________________________________. 2 ___________________________________________. 1 a cold haveI a sore throathave I Unscramble and write. Pattern Practice Unscramble and write. Word Practice __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 1 4 t o a h r t n e o s n n u r y 2 5 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ d o c l t e r s 3 6 __ __ __ __ r o s e c e i n i m e d 10