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Oppimisratkaisut vuosiseminaari 2012 systeemiset oppimisratkaisut 11.1.2012

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Multifly tekes päivä 20120111-pdf

  1. 1. TEKES LEARNING SOLUTIONS / FUTURE LEARNING FINLAND – AVIATION TRAINING CLUSTER Multifly™ Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL)Tekes/FLF 11.1.2012 Case Multifly™ Timo Honkavaara 1
  2. 2. Case Multifly™ - Learning solutions partnership programme • FLF Aviation Training Cluster • What is Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) • International pilot training market • What is Multifly™ MPL-training solution • Case RussiaTekes/FLF 11.1.2012 Case Multifly™ Timo Honkavaara 2
  3. 3. FLF Aviation Training Cluster Partners • Finnair Flight Academy Oy • Patria Pilot Training Oy • Suomen Ilmailuopisto Oy • Prewise Oy • Copter Safety Oy • Co-operation with other schools, universities, researchers and small/midsize companies – psychology (human performance, pedagogies) – economy, environment (economic flying) – business administration (aviation business management)Tekes/FLF 11.1.2012 Case Multifly™ Timo Honkavaara 3
  4. 4. Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) The Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) allows a pilot to have the same privileges of a co-pilot in commercial air transportation on multi-crew airplanes. Essentially, the specialized training incorporates flight deck integration and crew techniques from the very beginning. The ab-initio, competency based MPL curriculum integrates Crew Resource Management as well as Threat and Error Management skills throughout training. In addition, it provides for greater use of flight simulators that enables the incorporation of scenario based training. MPL program is divided into four training phases; - Total theoretical knowledge course at least 750 hours - Total flying training course at least 240 hoursTekes/FLF 11.1.2012 Case Multifly™ Timo Honkavaara 4
  5. 5. MPL Phase 1 - Core Specific basic single pilot training • Crew Resource Management • VFR Cross-country • Solo flight • Basic instrument flight • Principles of flight • Cockpit procedures • Night flight • Upset recovery • Produced by Patria Pilot Training, SIO, PrewiseTekes/FLF 11.1.2012 Case Multifly™ Timo Honkavaara 5
  6. 6. MPL Phase 2 - Basic Introduction of multi-crew operations and instrument flight • Crew Resource Management • PF/PNF complement • Instrument flight • IFR cross country • Produced by Patria Pilot Training, Finnair Flight Academy, PrewiseTekes/FLF 11.1.2012 Case Multifly™ Timo Honkavaara 6
  7. 7. MPL Phase 3 - Intermediate Application of multi-crew operations in a high performance multi-engine turbine aeroplane • Crew Resource Management • Line Oriented Flight Training • Normal procedures • Ab-normal procedures • Multi-crew operations • Instrument flight • Produced by Finnair Flight Academy, PrewiseTekes/FLF 11.1.2012 Case Multifly™ Timo Honkavaara 7
  8. 8. MPL Phase 4 -Advanced Type rating training within an airline oriented environment • Crew Resource Management • Line Oriented Flight Training • All weather operations • Normal procedures • Ab-normal procedures • Landing training (with an aeroplane) • Produced by Finnair Flight Academy, PrewiseTekes/FLF 11.1.2012 Case Multifly Timo Honkavaara 8
  9. 9. International market and Multifly™ export target Pilots Training Training Shortage needed needs capacity 2030 Africa 55 932 3 814 1 010 2 804 APAC 229 676 13 983 4 935 9 048 Europe 262 329 15 552 7 955 7 597 MEA 39 246 2 458 860 1 598 Source: ICAO Global and Regional Forecasts / 2010-2030 Target – Multifly™ Year 2014 2015 2016 2017 Turnover, € 8.100.000 8.100.000 8.200.000 9.000.000 Export, € 8.100.000 8.100.000 8.200.000 8.200.000Tekes/FLF 11.1.2012 Case Multifly Timo Honkavaara 9
  10. 10. International MPL Market – Case Russia • ―According to the representative of the Ministry of Transport, the pilots are studying for too long at the moment and it costs the state a lot of money. That is why the officials have taken a decision to approve the implementation of MPL program in Russia (Multi-Crew Pilot License — the training of pilots as a part of numerous crew), developed by the ICAO’s specialists.‖ • ―Consequently, the training of a pilot may be completed in 18 months, and he would be able to use the specific aircraft type. This program will be implemented in Russia since September, the Ministry of Transport assures.‖ Source: 11.1.2012 Case Multifly Timo Honkavaara 10
  11. 11. Multifly™Multi-Crew Pilot Licensing (MPL)for Airlines Flying underRussian Aviation RegulationYou lead. We teach. 11
  12. 12. Looking for operational savings?• Non-optimal flying habits add up to 2-8% of operating costs (IATA)• Economics of flying is not as important issue in pilot training as it should beWhat if your pilot training could guarantee better operational efficiency?Lower your operating costs by 1%. 12
  13. 13. What are your key economical benefits?1. Considerable savings in operational costs2. Enough pilots to keep the utilization rate of your fleet up3. Less flight crew turnover when using MPL4. Access to modern training facilities and e-learning with no investment 13
  14. 14. What are your key training benefits?1. Full and real-time control of all training service results2. Committed pilots specifically trained for your fleet and company policies3. Access to modern training facilities and e-learning with no investment4. MPL Phase 1-2 training by an ATO with considerable experience with Russian students.5. MPL Phase 3-4 training by an airline company with operating experience in your operating area and conditions6. Upset recovery as an unique training feature 14
  15. 15. What makes us different?1. All our instructors have extensive operational experience2. Unlike other training agencies, we will take responsibility of your economical and standard operational procedures3. Training by an airline company with operating experience in Russia4. We are experts in flying in northern conditions5. Flight training in glass cockpit environment from the first flight hour6. Finnair and Patria are both known for their high training standards7. We will appoint a project captain for your airline 15
  16. 16. Our guarantee, what does it mean?We will train you top notch MPL pilots in just 20 months,according to your company requirements.There will be no extra charge, if more training is required forthe participant to complete the MPL syllabus. 16
  17. 17. Thank you!For more information contact:Tero ArraCaptain, Head of TrainingFinnair Flight Academy LtdMobile: +358 50 393 4788tero.arra@finnair.comTimo HonkavaaraCaptain, Senior Project ManagerFinnair Flight Academy LtdMobile: +358 40 546 5346timo.honkavaara@finnair.comMikko ParonenAccountable ManagerPatria Pilot Training OyMobile: +358 40 869 3113mikko.paronen@patria.fiFollow the Multifly™ story on 17