Acc4300 7 learning unit language teaching materials and resources


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Acc4300 7 learning unit language teaching materials and resources

  2. 2.  The intrinsic value to the prospective ESL teacher of the exampled ESL resource materials seen below, and presented here from two internet ESL resource sites, is left to the reader.  The highly specialized educational material that the ESL teacher is able to derived from his/her major degree, and the various teaching/learning/lecture methodologies assimilated during its accomplishment are invaluable innate resources in themselves, that have fortuitously turned the prospective TESOL teacher into a veritable mine of usable ESL materials. And, the greater life’s experience has been for the prospective ESL teacher, the broader the spectrum of innate usable ESL teaching resources.  Resources are prerequisite in order that the ESL teacher maintains a constant updating of usable material for the ESL classroom.
  3. 3.  There are literally thousands of free down-loadable resource materials, from myriad internet sites, for both teachers and students that fall into several categories, e.g. at ; www.British it is possible to download lesson plans, grammar resources, interactive testing programs for student participation, forums about teaching Preschool, K1- K12 and adult student levels, alongside ever upgraded teaching resources.  Preschool to K1-k12 Grade levels of ESL Teacher resources can also be found on the internet at“resources ESL teachers”.
  4. 4.  With the early childhood student levels ESL teachers need to be fully prepared to take up all challenges that early childhood teaching presents because, arguably, preschoolers, and K1-K2 kindergarten students through to K1-K8.are some of the most competitive and determined L2 students they are likely to encounter. The TESOL 111 and TESOL 1V teacher training course units currently being offered by Australia City College (ACC) are designed to provide student TESOL teachers with teaching technique, classroom management skills, and sound ESL teaching approaches for these highly complex early L2 student levels.
  5. 5.  Here below are some of examples from two early childhood ESL resource supply sites: http;//; and http;//
  6. 6. is an example of a well presented ESL teacher's resource web site, with good colorful examples of “ready to go” freely down- loadable/printable ESL teaching resources, designed especially for preschoolers and K1- K8 student levels. mes-english can be found at google/ The teacher’s resource material for Phonics 1 and Phonics 2 is sorted into Preschool, and Kindergarten teaching levels, together with intentional learning outcomes.
  7. 7. The teacher’s resource material for Phonics 1 and Phonics 2 is sorted into Preschool, and Kindergarten teaching levels, together with intentional learning outcomes., Phonics worksheets ~ by level
  8. 8.  Preschool printable worksheets cover: • print awareness, • 26 letters of the alphabet, • upper and lower case letters, • beginning of phonemes, • Hand writing • trace letters  First grade phonics worksheets Level 1 Reviewing short vowels Reviewing Consonants S Blends, SW, SP, SN, ST Digraphs,ch,sh,wh,th,ph Soft C & G
  9. 9.  First grade phonics worksheets, Level 2 These work sheets will develop: R Consonant Blends Long vs. Short a, Silent E Vowel digraphs ay,ai,ee,ea Long vs, Short I, Silent E  Second grade phonics Worksheets, Level 1 These work sheets will develop: Long vs,Short O, Silent E Vowel digraphs oa, ow, ou, ui, ue Special Vowels and Dipthongs, aw ew, oi, ov
  10. 10.  Other teaching resources that make MES-English a “worth visiting site” are: printable flash cards, worksheet templates, MES-games MES-English Forums MES-Phonics Projects and lesson plans, Worksheets A Language Resource Room with a list active teacher resource web sites
  11. 11.  The site has many more discoverable teacher resources, so have a look and bookmark this valuable ESL teacher resource site.
  12. 12.  http://www.kizclub/activities/mini/3.pdf is a down- loadable activity sheet that will help first time ESL teachers to get a start on searching for other usable first class resources.  Text books Text books are imperative requisites as ESL teaching resources, and over the years they increase in number hugely. The ACC TESOL teacher training course staff will introduce prospective TESOL teachers to the most current and up to date text books available to ensure that they have a solid and reliable foundation of ESL resources.
  13. 13.  Classroom resources Classroom resources are the entire compliment of usable accessories available to the teacher. In the ESL classroom available resources can vary greatly. The imperatives are: a chalk, or white board, for writing up notes, vocabulary, word family games, interactive games, (Hangman), student reading and visual effects etc.. a CD player for listening tests, stories, general listening, topics for debate, vocabulary etc.. ESL teacher’s own laptop (a must item have for teacher homework and reports). A desktop computer with CD burner, DVD blue ray play back facility, USB ports
  14. 14. Large video screen Video projector for films, video role plays, news programs OHP Soft pin boards for classroom activity displays, (pictures and collages), homework postings and general notices. White board with colour pens Chalk board with chalk supply book with answer keys.
  15. 15. Pencils, paper, erasers, coloured crayons, paper clips etc.. Magnetic board and magnetic buttons to pin up graphic paper displays Classroom resources cupboard. Coursework classroom texts, a teacher’s text with answer keys, and a copy of the student’s “homework book”.
  16. 16.  A great deal of resources surround us in our everyday lives. Some of these are: Books Organizations: Periodicals Internet Resources: Libraries and Archives: Places: People: Computer Software: Adapted from Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom, by Winebrenner, S, © 2001.
  17. 17.  Unit 4300-7 Learning unit: Language teaching materials and resources is a light overview of ESL resource sites, but I hope the resource sites mentioned below will serve to help newly qualified TESOL ESL teachers begin to discover some of the most valuable L2 teaching materials available outside of the ESL classroom.
  18. 18.  Well, that completes the penultimate introductory unit ACC4300-7 Learning unit: Language teaching materials and resources. Bye! see you in he next and last unit of this introductory series, ACC4300-8 Learning unit: Teaching English in China and Korea and placement.  Web sites: http://www.british