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Costumer Decision Journay of xiaomi


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Published in: Marketing
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Costumer Decision Journay of xiaomi

  1. 1. The CDJ of Xiaomi How to convey our love to Mi fans
  2. 2. Awareness Mi fans create the Mi phones. Let’s do it together. Mi fans, you are the boss. Facebook, Twitter,Instagram. (Indiegogo, Kickstarter) The Work Diary and process is transparent. Release the work team to social medias to response fans’ questions and opinions.
  3. 3. Active Evaluation High function, low price. It’s a phone for friends not business. Facebook,Twitter,Youtube, Instagram. To show the data to Mi fans, how Xiaomi’s function is beteer than other brands, but the price is lower. Get Mi fans involved in work team’s nomal life. Hold Mi fan’ s hands to go foward together.
  4. 4. Post Purchase Experience Mi fans funfest(celebration). All loves Xiaomi and Xiaomi loves all. Steve Jobs is god, Lei Jun is only a human. The work team and founders of Xiaomi will have fun with Mi fans together. Mi fans, let’s enjoy the music,food, and shows together.
  5. 5. Thank you