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How to borrow materials from other libraries within the University of Wisconsin system.

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Ub callslip

  1. 1. How to Order a Book from Another UW System Library Using the UW-Manitowoc Library Catalog
  2. 2. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for—book, DVD, CD--if it’s on a library shelf, you use the catalog to find it
  3. 3. Step One: Go to the UW- Manitowoc Library Home Page Find the link to the library from the main UW-Manitowoc home page OR Type the URL into your browser’s address box http://www.manitowoc.uwc.edu/library/ OR Use a search engine to search for “UW-Manitowoc Library”
  4. 4. The next step is to select the “Books, You’ll CDs, DVDs” link on the Library home page.
  5. 5. And this is it—the library catalog. We’re at the advanced search tab, but it’s cool. If you ever need help, you know who to ask, right? The librarian. More info ahead.
  6. 6. One of three results is possible from a catalog search Search for item in the library catalog Is it at another Is it at UW- of the UW Is it not Manitowoc? Colleges available at all? libraries? Go to the More Find the item Libraries tab Request it on the shelf and search again
  7. 7. Let’s search for something. Then we’ll find out if it’s here or at another library. Search by title, author, keyword, subject, or call number (if you know it). Limit the search to Manitowoc by scrolling down the above menu bar in order to see what is available here only. Set no limits to explore the collections of the other UW Colleges libraries in addition to Manitowoc’s.
  8. 8. Hi. Lady AND gaga is a keyword search. Just type in your words and put the word AND in- between them. Then search.
  9. 9. Look here—UW- Manitowoc has “The Fame” on CD. We rock!
  10. 10. I’m not much of a Gaga fan. Country music is what I like. So I’m redoing the search and mixing it up this time, searching by author, not keyword. Just for fun. ;)
  11. 11. She’s one of the first authors listed. Go for it!
  12. 12. The CD is at Marinette and I know exactly what to do. I select the “Request this item” button above.
  13. 13. I keep my student ID handy for moments like this. I haven’t memorized my barcode number yet. Just fill in the blanks with your student ID number and last name. Ha! I have!
  14. 14. Go ahead. Select OK.
  15. 15. Now I’ll select UW- Manitowoc as my pickup location, put my barcode number in again, and submit the request. It takes half a minute.
  16. 16. And that’s all you need to do for now. You’ll get an email notice when your request arrives at the library. Bring your student ID with you when you come to pick it up.
  17. 17. I’ve stumped the system. My title is not available— anywhere! See, no hits listed.
  18. 18. It’s cool. I just click on the “More Libraries” button.
  19. 19. Select All UW System/ Universal Borrowing Libraries and hit “Connect”
  20. 20. Redo your search and click on “Search”
  21. 21. At the time of the search, this book is available at seven different UW libraries. Select “Show”
  22. 22. Two records are shown. Note that one is checked out (#2). Click on the title for #1, which is available.
  23. 23. A list of holdings appears at the bottom of the record. To order one, click on the “Request this item” button found at the top
  24. 24. Insert your barcode number and last name. Click Login.
  25. 25. Select “OK.”
  26. 26. Use the drop- down menu to select a library to order from. Put in your barcode # (again). Don’t forget to pick out campus location: UW- Manitowoc! Submit your request.
  27. 27. An email will be sent to your campus address when the item arrives in the library. Bring your ID and ask for it at the circulation desk. Expect it in 2-5 days. The process will get easier the more often you do it. So use it! Order And ask for help whatever you can, whenever you need whenever you like. it. 