15 questions great job candidates ask


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15 questions great job candidates ask

  1. 1. Total Access Club Career Confidential Coaching Club with Peggy McKee
  2. 2. Today’s AgendaPresentation – 15 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask Questions & Answers – Live Feedback – How to Contact UsAccessing this Webinar – The Archives
  3. 3. Great Candidates Questions provide information about Always Ask the company and the opportunity. Questions Questions show Questions help the you’ve done candidate your homework determine if the and you are a job is the right fit! strategic thinker.
  4. 4. With that in mind, here are 15 great questionsyou should askin your next job interview.
  5. 5. #1 – Why is this position open?• Provides Information That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else – Maybe the Last Employee Was a Poor Performer – Maybe the Last Employee Was Promoted
  6. 6. #2 – How long was the last person in this position?Their answer tells Hereyou the turnover Todayrate for this job.• You should ask “Why?” – Performance Issue – Fit Issue Gone – Other Issue Tomorrow
  7. 7. #3 – What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days?Great candidates hit the ground running!
  8. 8. #3 – What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days?• Employers Are Excited About – Employees That Understand Money – Employees That Solve Problems• This Allows You To – Ease Your Way into Showing Them Your 30-60-90-Day Plan
  9. 9. #4 – What would a successful first year in this position look like?• This should tell you… – Their Goals – Their Performance Indicators• This Tells Them… – You Care About Long Term Success
  10. 10. #5 – What are the common traits of your top performers in this role?• Hiring Managers Love This Question – Signal That You Care About Being Outstanding• This is Really a Question of Fit – Do You Fit – Can You Succeed There• Values You Can Sell to
  11. 11. #6 – What are the biggest challenges of this position?• Your Focus is – Not on the Paycheck – Overcoming Obstacles – On Becoming Successful
  12. 12. #7 – How would you describe a typical day on the job?• Their Answer Gives You… – Tremendous Insight• Their Answer Gives You Sell… – Big Clues• Their Answer Gives You Sell… – Clues to SELL Yourself Sell…
  13. 13. #8 – What do employees do in their spare time? • Another Question of Fit – Will You Fit the Culture? Maybe the interviewer will say, “What spare time?” and you’ll have a pretty clear idea that you won’t have any either.
  14. 14. #9 – What things really drive results in this company?• This is a Strategic Question This candidate thinks• You Have Heard of the 80/20 Rule • Strategically – 20% Effort Produces 80% of Results • Cares About Productivity • Focuses on Results• Makes a Big Impression on the Interviewer
  15. 15. #10 – How do you plan to deal with X?• Pre-interview Research – Address Challenges of the Industry – SWOT Analysis Looks at • Strengths • Weaknesses, • Opportunities, and • Threats
  16. 16. #10 – How do you plan to deal with X?Lets Them Know… • You Have Done Your Homework • You are a Strategic ThinkerLets You Know • Insight into the Future of the Company
  17. 17. #11 – How would you describe your management style?• Management Style – How Do They Interact With Employees – How Do They React to Mistakes Can you work with this person?
  18. 18. #12 – What do you like about working for this company?• Uncover the Perks – Cooperative Culture! – Develop Their People! – Gym! You gain insight – Childcare! into the what’s – Profit-sharing! important to this person.
  19. 19. #13– What do you see as my strengths and weaknesses as a candidate?• You Learn… – What He Really Thinks of You A Signal• He Learns… – You Are Self-Aware – You Are Able to Take Criticism – You Are Confident
  20. 20. You will play up your strengths, address issues, correct misinformation, and tell him why that weakness won’t be an obstacle.
  21. 21. #14– Are you confident that I am someone who can meet the challenges of this position? This is a tough, tough question to ask. But you have to do it!
  22. 22. #14– Are you confident that I am someone who can meet the challenges of this position? • Uncover Their Doubts • Address Their Doubts
  23. 23. #15 – When can I expect to hear from you?• Hiring Managers Expect You to Ask If you don’t ask• It Will Ease Your Mind• Now You Know What to they’ll assume Expect you don’t want• You Know When You Should Call the job.
  24. 24. You’ll ask greatquestions that help you knock their socks off!
  25. 25. 15 Questions Great Job Candidates AskAsk Questions!!!!Asking Questions Lets You Know: Company Information & Opportunities If There is Misinformation If You Fit How to Sell YourselfAsking Questions Lets Them Know: You Think Strategically You Understand Money You Care About Productivity You Care About Results You Do Your Homework You Are A GREAT Fit!
  26. 26. Best of Luck!
  27. 27. Q & A with Peggy McKee (LIVE)
  28. 28. Wed love to have your input!All feedback from this call and all questions for future calls should be emailed to: Peggy@CareerConfidential.com
  29. 29. Accessing Webinars Webinars are available on the Career Confidential Coaching Club website: www.CareerConfidential.com/members/ As long as you are a member of the club you will be able toaccess any of the webinars that have been presented during the time you were a member.
  30. 30. Thank you for attending!