15 Ways To Cure Email Addiction Peggy Duncan Email Overload Expert


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Peggy Duncan, email overload expert offers 15 no-nonsense ways to kick email addiction.

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15 Ways To Cure Email Addiction Peggy Duncan Email Overload Expert

  1. 1. PEGGYDUNCAN.com 15 Ways to Kick Email Addiction www. PEGGYDUNCAN .com
  2. 2. For Full Article www.Suiteminute.com/cure-email-addiction-15-things-to-try/
  3. 3. Clean Out the Mess Stop using your Inbox for storage. Purge, File, Schedule, etc. Keep Your Inbox to One Screen
  4. 4. Shut Computer Down If you’re not working on it, eliminate the temptation.
  5. 5. Don’t Open It First Take it out of Startup so it’s not the first thing you see.
  6. 6. Change Default View Make your default view your Calendar instead of Inbox
  7. 7. Change Auto Options Check email when you decide to, not automatically.
  8. 8. Turn Off the Ding Don’t let the ding distract you.
  9. 9. Cancel All Alerts Set up a routine instead of checking all day long.
  10. 10. Hide Software Make it inconvenient to open the software. No quick access. No Start list, Desktop Shortcut
  11. 11. Use Different Computer Work on one. Check email on another.
  12. 12. Get Rid of PDA Ship 3-day ground to yourself. Life will go on.
  13. 13. Start a Project Take your mind off email.
  14. 14. Break the Habit Concentrate on it. When you start to do it, stop.
  15. 15. Establish a Routine Schedule time to check and stick to it.
  16. 16. Don’t Let Them Ask If Joe asks if you got his email, say “If it didn’t bounce back, I got it.” Keep working.
  17. 17. Get Organized Then you’ll have more time in your day to have fun and forget about email.
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