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“My favorite item(s) that were added to our home are the
Photos courtesy of By Desgin Interiors Inc. 281.587.8755

A variety of hard surfaces can be applied
in unique ways in order to create
additional interest in a room. BDI
was able to...
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Houston Design Resources magazine editorial - Peggy Fuller, designer


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Houston Design Resources magazine editorial. Interior design by Peggy Fuller. Author: Larissa Caramanidis of By Design Interiors, Inc.

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Houston Design Resources magazine editorial - Peggy Fuller, designer

  1. 1. “My favorite item(s) that were added to our home are the amazing living room sofas; they are custom made, and the fabrics chosen for them are incredible. I like that they are not only gorgeous, but they are also big and comfy.” M Most of us are not familiar with the language of interior design. Words such Space planning – What is it, and why is it important? Specialty Products&Services as space planning, form, scale, and depth “Jim and I take pleasure in entertaining now sound like a foreign language to anyone because our home feels so spacious and yet that is not a designer. However, “every intimate at the same time. The living room one of us has experienced being in a place and family room areas can be opened up that just feels like ‘home’ from the moment we so our guests can walk around comfortably, walked in. Although we may not be able to and there are plenty of places for people to describe why, we know that it is comfortable, sit and talk. Our designer made sure that or inviting, or simply beautiful,” comments everything fit correctly and coordinated well.” Peggy Fuller, ASID and licensed designer Unknowingly, Mary was describing the #3904, of By Design Interiors, Inc. affects of successful space planning, the first step in a design plan for producing a Given that your home is more than likely room that flows well. the principal investment of your lifetime, the expert advice of a designer is priceless The size of a room and how it is going to be used, along with the amount and size of furnishings going into that room all influence the space plan. Each one of these elements must be considered in order to construct an area that is aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, unused spaces and odd shaped rooms require innovative solutions. A skilled designer can help ensure the efficient and creative use of space within a room. The following are just a few things that the BDI design team did to contribute to the above sentiment of the homeowner: The secret • Custom sofas were arranged within BEFORE the great room to delineate the when it comes to creating an exceptional formal living. interior. As a consumer, it is sensible • The one of a kind iron and glass I to be informed about the products and oversized cocktail table was designed language of services you are purchasing, and knowing to anchor the grouping of furniture the language associated with them is for ease of conversation and to balance invaluable. It is the job of a designer to the dimensions of the grand piano. transform a client’s desires into a plan and • Inside the impressive double front door define how it will be executed. was placed a marble top table with by Larissa Caramanidis detailed scroll work to greet guests. When homeowners, Jim and Mary • A vacant space beneath the winding NTERIOR DESIGN of By Design Interiors Inc. Brenner, hired By Design Interiors, staircase was transformed into a cozy Inc. to redesign their newly purchased corner with the addition of a game Houston home, they were both excited table and chairs. and curious; they did not know what to expect. As their project developed, Pleasingly, Mary states, “There is not one they soon discovered how “the secret person that has come into my home that has language of interior design” would affect not given me a compliment about its beauty.” their home and their lives. 186 Specialty Products & Services Houston Design Resources Issue I 2009 Issue I 2009 Houston Design Resources Specialty Products & Services 187
  2. 2. Photos courtesy of By Desgin Interiors Inc. 281.587.8755 between items within the whole. This • The coordinating buffet was moved deptH – simply means that everything should work to another room and was replaced How is it created? together and fit the space appropriately. with an oversized iron and glass china Depth describes the degree of interest, Therefore, large rooms tend to look cabinet. The curved top mimics the complexity and intensity of something. better with large furniture and more room’s structural arches, and its height Several of the fundamental elements that of it. On the other hand, small rooms produces the illusion of lower ceilings. create depth include color, pattern and are typically more pleasing with smaller • On either side, carved wood pedestals texture. Fabric is the first thing most of pieces that may serve multiple purposes. embellished with rich gold detailing us think of when we hear these words, but When the Brenners moved into their were topped with unique ceramic and they apply to other surfaces, too. Walls, new home, they brought with them brass urns to bring a punch of color to floors, furnishings, window treatments, a dining set that they wanted to keep; that side of the room. and accessories all contribute to the however, it did not look right in the depth of a room. About her favorite space. Soaring ceilings, wood floors, • New host and hostess chairs were added to the ensemble. Painted in a room, Mary says, “I love all the fabrics and the open floor plan contributed to that my designer picked out for my bedroom. the “empty” feeling of the room even distressed black finish and upholstered The window treatments are spectacular; the though it had furnishings in it. Wanting in a vibrant fabric, they provide greater visual impact. bedding is simple yet beautiful, and the wall to maintain the use of sentimental pieces, tapestry that was added to the room gives it a the design team worked together to find • An expansive area rug was selected for lot of depth. I just love my bedroom. It’s my a solution. Several things were done to its interesting pattern and ability to fill favorite place to go and relax.” create warmth and minimize the vast the space appropriately. appearance of the room: • The walls, ceiling, and molding were A cancer survivor, Mary Brenner has painted different shades of gold to founded “jewelry for Hope” as a way warm up the room and produce a BEFORE to raise funds for cancer research. She calming atmosphere in this retreat. often hosts events in her home and is • The matching bedroom furniture was delighted with how well her dining replaced with pieces that are more to room accommodates her efforts. “I have scale. None of the items matched, but a custom jewelry business, and I use they complemented each other, bringing the dining room to display my pieces diversity and intrigue to the space. because they really sparkle in there. That • Custom bedding and window room is spectacular, and it makes my treatments were designed to add an jewelry look ...well ...exquisite.” element of softness. Form and Function – However, as demonstrated in the Brenner • The small wooden box on the coffee can form function? home, form can be incorporated with a table was a simple way to deal with Form is how something looks; function little forethought and ingenuity. While the unsightly necessity of electronic is how it works. Form and function researching and selecting furnishings remotes, and the large colorful trunk work together, and the importance of and other items for this client, Peggy against the wall was able to serve as each are dictated by the intended use carefully considered the lifestyle needs storage for games and toys. of a room as well as the desires of the of the family. It was important to client. A good designer has the ability Mary that every piece be purposeful in As Mary gazed around her family room, to balance both. “The kitchen/family addition to stylish. she commented, “I think it is very important room area is where we spend the most time that you feel comfortable with your designer. together as a family,” explains Mary, “it • The family room sectional was It’s about creating in your home something functions and flows very well...and it’s a chosen in order to accommodate the that will work for you and make you happy, pretty room.” This is a perfect example entire family with plenty of space not your designer. I never felt like Peggy was of how good design impacted this for relaxing. It was constructed with trying to put something in my home that I family in a positive way. fabrics that are high in durability for did not want.” this young, active family. The kitchen and family room are characteristically the most well utilized • The copper top iron based coffee table Scale and proportion – rooms in a home because they are was selected for its stability, unique How do they affect the end result? used by everyone in the family on a appearance, and resiliency to endure Scale is defined as the relative size of an daily basis. As a result, it would seem the various cups, feet, and bottoms item as a part of the whole. Proportion that function takes priority over form. that end up resting on it. is the relationship of size or quantity 188 Specialty Products & Services Houston Design Resources Issue I 2009 189
  3. 3. A variety of hard surfaces can be applied in unique ways in order to create additional interest in a room. BDI was able to transform a cramped and dark closet office into a stunning wine grotto for Mr. Brenner, complete with a cooling system. “My husband Jim really enjoys his wine grotto with the sitting area. It’s great when we are entertaining, and it is his place to get away, too. It really is a neat, neat room.” • Wood, stone, and a ceramic mosaic medallion were combined in a unique way to create a striking end result. • Lighting was strategically placed to showcase the wine collection and create the perfect ambiance. • Accessories were added as the finishing touches to create an authentic feel for the grotto. In addition to being educated, experienced, and talented, a professional designer provides an in-depth knowledge of products, materials, and finishes that is invaluable. Mary Brenner states it best, “I would most definitely recommend using a designer, because they handle everything, right down to the last detail. To me, that is priceless I learned a lot, and it was fun to watch it all come together.” n BEFORE 190