Liberia, Guanacaste, Panama And Nicaragua , Airport Code And Ground Transportation


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Liberia, Guanacaste, Panama And Nicaragua , Airport Code And Ground Transportation

  1. 1. Liberia, Guanacaste, Panama And Nicaragua , Airport Code AndGround TransportationThe Guanacaste costa rica international airport that is twelve kilometers west from the city of Liberiahas the airport code associated with LIR. This rule is helpful for finding flights that travel to thisparticular airport, including american Airlines, Delta and U. S. Airways.This airport has the longest airstrip in all of Costa Rica. Sometimes you will see big cargo planesclinching on the runway. Youll find AWACS planes that are stationed here and huge military planesland there occasionally.The airport , also known as Daniel Oduber International Airport, is named after Daniel Oduber Quiroswho was chief executive of Costa Rica via 1974-1978. The new modern facility was built to bothmodernize the particular facility and acknowledge the increasing quantity of international flights to theregion. The beaches for the Pacific Ocean are a main attraction, but youll find volcanoes that are inthe area as well.Location of the airport. The airport is 15 minutes away from the city of Liberia and 30 minutes viaPlaya Coco. Its one of the two access and exit items for international flights in Costa Rica, the otherbeing in Alejuela -- San Jose is 220 kilometers south west. The airport code for your San Jose area isSJO.It doesnt expense anything to get into the continent , but there is a leaving tax that needs to becompensated before you leave the country. You spend it ($26.00 ) at the airport prior to getting to thecounter and check in your baggage. They dont take colones, but they will take cards.Transportation from the airport. if you want to leave the airport cheaply , you can take a coach.Public buses from Liberia and to Tamarindo and Playa Hermosa stop in front from the terminal every30 minutes to an hour. The majority of the passengers in the coach are Ticos who work at the airportand live in the outlying areas.When you leave the airport, you will be solicited by minicab drivers. The cabs can charge as much as15-20,000 mil in colones, depending on what you can do to negotiate. Prearranged shuttles fromhotels are often used.There are several car rental agencies around the airport, such as some of the well-knowninternational companies like Hertz, country wide ,Thrifty and budget. They have shuttles on theagencies like they certainly in other countries.The period is usually the same time set for Central common Time in the United States. There is nodaylight savings period here, as the sunshine more or less rises at 5:30 am and sunset comes aboutat 5:40 PM. When it is sunny days Savings Time in the particular U. S., time in Costa Rica is similartime as hill Daylight Savings period.Also as being a cultural note, Costa Ricans have a various sense of time. It is a polite way of sayingthat they usually arrive late to whatever sessions they may have. Youll find exceptions, however. So ,maybe you may make your travel arrangements to that your ground transport gets there a little
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