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Cincinnati Catfishing Bait


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Cincinnati Catfishing Bait

  1. 1. Cincinnati Catfishing BaitSome of the lures I have used for used for CATFISHing here about the Ohio River are , chicken liver,minnows, shrimp, Spam, french Fries and more.Fresh chicken liver works more effectively than frozen liver organ that has thawed out there. It doesget gnaws however, cats peck at it so by the time you choose up the rod theyve cleaned the bait offthe catch. My experience is the fish swallows the actual bait more frequently than getting absolutelyhooked. The biggest drawback will be keeping the bait on the hook whenever casting from thefinancial institution. Trying to get a long cast with poultry liver is very challenging. It seems like halfthe time the liver will certainly just fly off the actual hook with virtually any forceful cast. That is noproblem if you are fishing from a boat, simply flip it out and feed it collection so the current may take itaway from the boat for you.Spam can get bites but is even tougher to cast from your bank. Three out of four cast is able to seethe bait move flying in the atmosphere before the line strikes the water.Shrimp can be useful for it does have a scent to it and keeps on the hook whenever casting from thefinancial institution. You normally have in order to get the shrimp when its on sale and deep freeze it.Then have it out the night before a person fish to allow it thaw out.Minnows are good for there are so many fish that will nourish on them beside catfish. So even if thefelines are not biting you have access to a perch, striped bass , stripper or a whitened bass.Yes! i did say French fries as bait! we have caught channel felines up river and right in the downtownCincinnati area on french FRIES. I did examine posting from a person that caught the large Flatheadabout fries by one of the restaurants on the river in Newport Ky. Any fast food spot that sells friesworks. If possible select some up whenever heading to your area so they are about the warm side.That allows the grease to have into the water to produce a scent trail less difficult.I had positive results in February 04 using chunks associated with steak for bait. I caught 8-10bluecats with it, biggest being 13 pounds. It did not matter whether it was raw or even grilled withflavoring. So if you have some scratches left over from a cookout just put it in a small freezer bag. Ifyou have a friend that works in a restaurant which has steak, ask them to create up doggie tote ofscraps for you personally. It stays about the hook very well whenever casting and the bass have ahard time just pecking it off the catch. All of those eight bass were hooked, not one swallowed it.Therefore i was able to released them to grow bigger for the next season.This earlier summer I was able to use a casting web to get some gizzard and thinfin shad for bait.These fish die extremely quickly. So I simply cut them upward for bait. Skipjack is a great bait if youreable to get them. Around Cincinnati they can be caught over a rod and reel in the drop. Other thanthat the just place I know for skipjack year round is the power plant at Aberdeen Ohio. We have somefrozen cut skipjack from previous Fall to start off this season.July 19 the year 2003 I caught a couple of Channel Cats about 2 1/2 weight. Using the skin throughfried chicken. This says on the catch for casting o.K. Had 3 other bites however they stripped off thebait. Im not sure if huge cats bite onto it. Just started utilizing it today. So when your folks are done
  2. 2. eating their own chicken dinner put the scraps of skin in a small zip secure bag in the deep freeze tillyou go fishing.ALso learnd within July 2003 through another Catfisherman about Chicken nuggets for bait. He hadbeen telling me about it a couple period this summer. The other 7 days I saw your pet actually catchthe 5 lb. ROute cat out of the river using chicken nuggets. He turn to me personally and said that wasthe smallest one of your day. He had landed 5 other cats before that morning and released them. Hehad stopped at burger king and picked up the 6 nugget serving that morning. He was quoted sayinghe has used some other companies nuggets before.I hope you get a chance to try out some of these lures this season. Tight traces and plenty of actionsto all!Norb Wormaldretiring in Costa Rica