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A Guide To Costa Rican Slang


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A Guide To Costa Rican Slang

  1. 1. A Guide To Costa Rican SlangThis is the number 1 phrase you NEED to know when going to Costa Rica. Pura vida literally means"pure life". It is a saying, a custom , its pretty much the countrys motto. It encapsulates not onlyCosta Ricas physical beauty, nevertheless the mindset and lifestyle of Costa Ricans themselves -happy , laid back and appreciative of life and its pleasures.This one Ive already dropped on you. Tico may be the nickname for a Costa Rican. A female editionwould be tica, and also the plural would be ticos. Example of usage: "Soy tico."Costa Rica is not the only country to have a nickname for its individuals. New Zealanders, forinstance , call themselves kiwis, after their countrywide bird.Mae = man, dude, brother. Although this word provides traditionally been utilized by males, femalesare beginning to use it a lot more , too. Some Ticos use mae multiple times in a single sentence ,almost as a filler word, like "such as " in English.Chiva = cool. Most commonly used as a comment "¡Qué chiva!" or even being an adjective.This resembles chiva , and is another way of remarking which something is "great ". However, this ismore commonly used by males, especially in the province associated with Limón. A possibleAmerican slang equivalent could possibly be "awesome", whilst the British slang equal could be"mint" plus a New Zealand jargon equivalent could be "nice as".retiring in Costa Rica