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  2. 2.  Spyware programs have a tendency to hide as cookie or temporary internet files Broad Definition -Software that is installed on my PC without my full understanding and permission Narrow Definition -Software that specifically tracks my personal information without my full understanding and permission
  3. 3. SPYWARE ENTRY Advertising companies uses spyware to “mine data” to further help them advertise better. Uses your Internet connection and reports statistical data about you and your surfing habits a 3rd party Violating your privacy. And is a completely LEGAL program!
  4. 4.  Spyware  Virus Program  File Commercial  Academic Revenue  Fame Dynamic but  Replication stationary  Destructive Consume Resources Sometimes Wanted  Never Desired VS
  5. 5.  1 in 5 got attacked electronically -Down from 35% in 2005 Virus and Worm infection most common attack More public sector attack reports than private sector Of those reporting trojan/rootkitattack 60% were public sector and 40% were private sector
  6. 6.  61%of all PCs scanned had Spyware (down from 80% in 2004 study) 96%of PC users are aware of Spyware The average PC has 93 Spyware componentson it. 54%of infected users were unaware of the Spyware found on their machines (down from 89% in 2004 study) 95%of infected users did not give permission for the software identified to be installed on their machines 20%of calls to Dell’s helpdesk are Spyware related (source: Dell) Microsoft estimates that 50%of all PC crashes are a result of Spyware (Source:InformationWeek April 26, 2004)
  7. 7.  Adware is created by real businesses -They have business plans, sophisticated development groups, and venture capital -They generate revenue Spyware is created by real businesses (and sometimes.. organized crime) -They have business plans, and sophisticated development groups -They generate revenue Competition! They all want your desktop.
  8. 8.  Personal Identifiable Information collection -Identity theft = revenue Personal Information collection -Surfing habits = revenue Click-through revenue Software Sales revenue SPAM propagation -Sales Revenue The bottom line is the bottom line $$$.
  9. 9.  Adware BHO Keylogger Hijacker -Browser -Homepage -Errors -Typo-Squatting Rogue Anti-Spyware Dialer Tracking Cookie Ransomware
  10. 10.  Social Engineering -Free giveaways of bundled apps -Deceptive installations Drive-by-Download -WMF exploit -CreateTextRangeexploit -Hostile ActiveX or Javascript Trojan Install Search Engine Results/ Sponsored Ads
  11. 11.  Continuous popups Persistent change in your homepage. Slower computer processing, takes the computer longer to process or startup.
  12. 12.  Internet browser does not start up. Parts of your computer you cannot access without freezing. Major core data is lost or changed.
  13. 13.  Polymorphism No-uninstall Active Defense with Reinstallation Rootkit Brand Obscurity Security Product Disabling
  14. 14.  Cool WebSearch Spy Sherriff via WMF Exploit Create TextRange Exploit Code Crypt. Aand Ransom.A Social Engineering TypoSquatting
  15. 15.  Preventing spyware from getting onto your computer is your first step!  Do not download unnecessary software from the internet, especially free ones because they most likely have spyware inside them.  If a download screen appears, asking you to confirm your download, click no if you not trying to install anything.  Avoid clicking advertised popups especially ones that mention “free” stuff if possible.
  16. 16.  Technical Recommendations  Some adware/spyware files like to hide in the temporary internet folders.  Disable saving of temporary files by going to Program Files, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files Settings, Check Never under “Check for Newer Version of Stored Pages”.  Constantly delete old temporary files and cookies by going to Program Files, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, Internet Options, Delete Cookies and Delete Temporary Files.  Remember though, adware and spyware can be tricky, no matter how cautious you are, there are bound to be adware or spyware programs that install into your computer.  Always constantly scan your computer for adware and spyware and keep your Adware/Spyware killer programs fully updated at all times.
  17. 17.  Recommended Spyware/ Adware Killers without any restraints  The “Tri-Killer” combination:  Ad-aware 6.0 Professional Edition: Primary scanner  Spy-sweeper paid version: Primary scanner and use their immune guards.  Spybot Free Edition: Scan for any spyware Spy-Sweeper may have missed. Recommended Spyware/ Adware Killers with a price restraints  Ad-aware 6.0 Free Edition: Primary Scanner  Spy-Sweeper paid version: Primary Scanner  Spybot Free Edition: Scan for any spyware Spy-Sweeper may have missed Recommended Spyware/ Adware Killers with a time restraints (not recommended)  Ad-aware 6.0 Free Edition: Primary Scanner: Fast Scan Mode  Spybot Free Edition:  Suggestion: Spyware/ Adware killers are suppose to take time to scan, if you have time restraints, turn on the scanners, leave them running and go do something.