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Introducing Peerbelt, Your Personal Custom Search Engine


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Search engines are the primary mode of navigating the internet, but they've made things a little difficult. Advertisers get in the way of the content you're really looking for. Bookmarking those important websites that catch your interest has become a chore. Looking through your history to find something you forgot to bookmark is a headache.

With Peerbelt, the new Safari and Google Chrome browser extension, all of that becomes simple, intuitive, and satisfying. Scroll through a visual timeline of your browsing history to find things more easily. Manage your bookmarks more efficiently. Immediately see what sites you've already seen on search engines, so that you save time when you're repeating an old search.

Best of all, Peerbelt blocks advertisers from influencing your search results, and your history data is stored on your computer. Your data is your own.

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Introducing Peerbelt, Your Personal Custom Search Engine

  1. 1. introducing: peerbelt. your personal search engine!
  2. 2. reclaim the searchsearch engines havebecome the popularmode of internettransportation. butmost people are atthe mercy of thesearch engine, theadvertisers involved,and short-termmemory.take it back!
  3. 3. results: unfilteredwithout a searchengine app, mostsearch engines filterresults based onwhat their advertisersthink you to want tosee. peerbelt putsyou back in control ofwhat you see online.
  4. 4. better than bookmarksmanaging bookmarksis a chore. youvealready made theeffort to single outthe sites you like;organizing thosesites never feelsworth the hassle.with Chrome browserapp like peerbelt,bookmarks are easyand intuitive.
  5. 5. a visual timelinewhats more,peerbelts visualinterface makes iteasy for you to dig upsomething you forgotto bookmark. nomore milling throughwebsite after websitein search of the oneyou need! a newsearch engine just foryour history!
  6. 6. better than bookmarkshow many timeshave you searchedthe same thing onGoogle? peerbeltcuts out the time youspend retreading oldground by helpfullypointing out sitesyouve visitedalready.
  7. 7. we designed peerbelt with the user in mind. too manybrowser tools clutter your search bar, defeating thepurpose of simplicity, instead of bringing you a morerelevant and customized internet experience. peerbelttakes out the clutter and works seamlessly with all majorsearch engines. it doesn’t require a subscription or theuse of a complicated does it work?
  8. 8. once installed, all you have to do is add peerbelt and hitthe Tab key prior to searching. this will turn your searchfrom a traditional search to a peerbelt archival search.when you run a peerbelt search you are not simplysearching your cookies and web history. peerbelt uses aunique, patented algorithm to bring up your most relevantpast web pages. there is no need to “like” or bookmarksomething, peerbelt automatically records and ranks yourweb activity. you can set up filters and take yourcustomized results one step further. peerbelt does thearchiving, all you have to do is search and do i start?
  9. 9. all the information peerbelt records is stored on yourcomputer. It is not shared with marketers or used togenerate ads. All you have to do is download and installpeerbelt. try our free tool today and start enjoying theinternet on your terms!what about my privacy?
  10. 10. click the logo to get started!FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BLOG