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Lighting analysis on jay sean music video


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Lighting analysis on jay sean music video

  1. 1. Lighting Analysis on Jay Sean Music Video “Down” Throughout the lighting in the music video changed depending on the tone of lyrics set. The lighting also reflected the tone of the music in the background. Evidence of this is shown at the beginning of the video in which the lighting is dark bluish with a mix of dark violate. Is this particular shot, the lighting was mellow and to a certain degree set the tone to what the music video was going to be like, in the sense that the colours of dark blue and violate, gives a sense of mystery. This also sets a tone of the music video in general. In this particular shot, there is high key lighting focusing on Jay Sean. By having high key lighting focusing on him and having darker lighting around, it highlights that he is the most important person in the music video. You could also say that it promoting him as a new artist by having high key lighting focusing on him.
  2. 2. At this particular bit, jay Sean is reflecting how much affection he has for his girl and what he would do for her an his total affection of her. By having light pink lighting surrounding Jay Sean whilst he is walking, reflects the way he is felling. This is further highlighted by the connotation of the colour pink which is love and this further portrayed by the lyrics in the music video that go along with this theme. In this particular shot lighting, reflects the emotions that both Jay Sean are having in the music video. By having dark blue and black lighting, it makes the moment that they are having very interment. As a result of this, it can be perceived that the lighting creates a veracious emotion as well. The way that it does this is that it makers the audience fellas thought they are not supposed to be there seeing this moment.
  3. 3. Having red lighting all around “Little Wayne”, contradicts the theme of mysterious emotive lighting throughout the music video. The reason why you could say this is because unlike all of the other colours in the music video, the connotations of colour red are lust, danger and controversy and this contradicts the colour scheme evident in the music video before.