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Tom Bowman Bbc.Com

Habari Digital Media Symposium

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Tom Bowman Bbc.Com

  1. 1. What’s new, for us and for you Tom Bowman VP, Strategy & Operations March 2009
  2. 2. Contents • The World is Changing Technology moves faster than ever Some things to watch for • – A Progress Report A note on us Since our .com commercial launch Content, Audience, Technology Mobile • Right Here, Right Now For you
  3. 3. The world is changing.
  4. 4. Yesterday’s market leaders are failing.
  5. 5. And the US centric global view is out of date.
  6. 6. ‘A few years ago I wouldn’t have even thought of using the internet for news never mind the mobile, now I’m using the mobile all the time.’
  7. 7. Moore’s Law remains Key Intel co-founder Gordon Moore: the number of transistors on a circuit board doubles every two years • 1971 – 2,300 transistors on a CPU • 2008 – 2,000,000,000 transistors on a CPU • This impacts processing speed, memory capacity, number of pixels in a digital camera, size of device – everything! 7
  8. 8. Look what is in the pipeline HP announces Flexible Screens on the horizon Jan 09 Wired 8
  9. 9. Look what is in the pipeline Computers that can see • Number plate spotting • Collision prevention • Quality control • Ad Targeting • Age recognition March 09 The Economist 9
  10. 10. Look what is in the pipeline Wireless Charging • Electromagnetic Induction March 09 The Economist 10
  11. 11. Ad Trends to Watch: Mobile Applications Location based Apps • Trapster •iNap Operating Systems • Cab4Me • Shopsavvy • Google Earth Devices • Locale Networks App Stores • Apple • Nokia • Google 2009 • Blackberry • WiMax starts to arrive • Microsoft • Netbooks and Smart phones 11
  12. 12. Ad Trends to Watch: Mobile African Mobile Factbook 2007 12
  13. 13. Ad Trends to Watch: Mobile African Mobile Factbook 2007 13
  14. 14. Marketing Innovation too March 09 14
  15. 15. Ad Trends to Watch: Online Video 15
  16. 16. There has never been a greater need There has never been a greater need for a for a fiercely independent voice in fiercely independent voice in world news. world news. has won numerous accolades, has Agenda over 3 million pages of content and attracts over 30 million of the most influential decision Challenging the status quo makers in the market Challenging the world. This traditionaudience over to mobile and Our challenger carries Our responsive environment increasingly it includes video Creating global media properties for clients
  17. 17. A Progress Report 18
  18. 18. Run Video 19
  19. 19. BBC Worldwide – this is what we do Magazines Sales & Distribution Home Entertainment Global Brands Channels Digital Media Content & Production
  20. 20. What is
  21. 21. New Content
  22. 22. New - Localisation / Personalisation
  23. 23. – Breadth of Coverage
  24. 24. Online Video Ads – now business as usual 25
  25. 25. Some Good Business Done 26
  26. 26. Banners supported the campaign
  27. 27. We rank highly in external audience studies Affluent Influential Travellers Technological Investors Digital Active News Concerned Cultured Environmental Quirky Nielsen @Plan, EMS Digital etc
  28. 28. Audience 6. 1. Mild Worldly Mainstreamers Wise 2. 5. Open Family Optimists Focussed 3. 4. Curious Cultured Connecteds Contenteds Source: The futures company
  29. 29. Audience 1. 6. Worldly Mild Wise Mainstreamers 2. 5. Open Family Optimists Focussed 3. 4. Curious Connecteds Cultured Contenteds Source: The futures company
  30. 30. 1. Worldly Wise Older, successful and wealthy. Liberal, engaged, opinion formers, they are competitive intellectuals who are into news, current affairs & politics
  31. 31. 2. Curious Connecteds Young, tech savvy and ambitious, they are interested in travel and what’s going on in the world
  32. 32. 4. Cultured Contenteds Materially satisfied individuals who are interested in science & technology, environmental issues
  33. 33. Reaching the BBC audience on the move
  34. 34. Where were you? 35
  35. 35. Our Mobile site is 10 years old Our Commercial Operation is 10 days old 36
  36. 36. Mobile serves many needs Quick Fix On the Go Short and succinct news hit News Fix Provision of content when not Ability to keep up with latest near alternative news sources events Feel in the know and in touch with the world Role of mobile news services Time Filler Catch Up Making use of spare time Catch up on latest news headlines, results and weather Detail Compliment Pick and chose topics and read some Additional source from a trusted in depth provider- part of the repertoire accessed through the week
  37. 37. BBC Mobile attracts highly loyal users % of sessions which logged on directly to BBC Mobile site vs % of users who came through a referrer The majority of 84% Direct entry users of BBC Mobile came to the site directly - either through it being Referral 15% book marked, entry accessed directly or set as a homepage/ Search 1% engine entry Source Omniture December 2008 Global ex UK
  38. 38. Audiences receptive to mobile advertising % of media consumers who agree 35 “I’m tempted to buy products I’ve seen advertised” 30 25 TV ia a io es s et or er em ad ed rn do in ap te az R in m ut sp In C ag O ile ew M ob N M Source: TGI M:Metrics 2008 – Base: All GB adults (aged 15+)
  39. 39. BBC Mobile Content • • Sport BBC Mobile Homepage • Top Stories • Football • News • Cricket • Top Stories • Rugby Union • Business • Rugby League • Politics • Tennis • Health • Golf • Education • Motorsport • Science & Environment • Athletics • Technology • Snooker • Entertainment • Horseracing • Cycling • Weather* • Boxing *Launch date TBC
  40. 40. XHTML formats: Homepage News Sport Weather* *Weather to be commercialised at later date
  41. 41. Right Here, Right Now Opportunities 42
  42. 42. Content Sponsorship – Homepage Example Ad Buyout In Association branding
  43. 43. Creative ad format examples: Expandable MPU Selection of videos to view Wallpaper to download N.B Content dependent on rights
  44. 44. Creative ad format examples: Interaction within ad format Video content N.B Content dependent on rights Widget
  45. 45. The Lions Tour 30th May – 4th July 2009
  46. 46. Countdown to The Lions Tour BBC World News will create a Countdown Clock to the start of The Lions Tour. It will countdown the days, hours and minutes to the start of each match. A 15” spot specially created by BBC World News’ creative team incorporating the sponsor’s logo. To maximise air time exposure the client can run an adjacent 30” spot Scheduled for two weeks prior to the event, (5 per day) 70 x 15” countdown clocks 70 x adjacent 30” spots Example creative: Hublot Countdown Clock to Euro 2008
  47. 47. Lions Tour Coverage on • will have journalists reporting live from the tournament from the 10th June with background coverage starting on the 28th May. • The tournament it will dominate the Rugby Union Index during this period with multimedia coverage. • Coverage to include: – Live text commentary of every game. – Match previews and reports. – Quotes from players and fans. – Latest injury news. – Photo galleries from the event. – Comment from users on 606 – Blogs from journalists in South Africa* – Laws, equipment & skills archive. *TBC
  48. 48. Mock Ups Leaderboard MPU
  49. 49. Match schedule • Match 1 30 May Highveld XV Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg • Match 2 3 June Golden Lions Coca-Cola Park, Johannesburg • Match 3 6 June Free State Cheetahs Vodacom Park, Bloemfontein • Match 4 10 June Natal Sharks ABSA Stadium, Durban • Match 5 13 June Western Province Newlands, Cape Town • Match 6 16 June Coastal XV Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth • Test Match 1 20 June First Test ABSA Stadium, Durban • Match 7 23 June Emerging Springboks Newlands, Cape Town • Test Match 2 27 June Second Test Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria • Test Match 3 4 July Third Test Coca-Cola Park, Johannesburg
  50. 50.